Art ~ Name this Visionscape

I have been spending a fair amount of time retrieving my heart’s desires. As I forge a new career path ( again), I am driven to resuscitate forgotten longings and dreams from my childhood. Now is truly the time. Now is all there is.

I probably fashioned myself a visual artist before anything else. It may have been in preschool or kindergarten.  Astrology and writing quickly followed, around 1st or 2nd grade. With drawing and painting, it was never about money or status. Just love of beauty. I rarely create this way anymore as I am more motivated to write than draw or paint. But occasionally , the mood hits me.


get-attachment (41)

This crayon piece was created first with my eyes closed. I had a lovely vision and wanted to capture it in form. Like what happens so often in life, the creative process moved me to transform my vision into something slightly different. This was completed over the course of a few weeks. I added the finishing touches earlier today.

I invite you to weigh in.

What do you see in the piece?

What emotions does it evoke in you?

What would you call it?

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East Africa in West Philly ~ Traversing Time and Space

I had a very important meeting today in my old college neighborhood. It is called University City because Drexel University and The University of Pennsylvania are located there. I moved away many years ago, but still have so many fond memories. Sometimes work or a social event will bring me back, but I have not visited in a few years. The last time I was there it was a very sad occasion. I went with a coworker to visit a former client of ours who was receiving hospice care. She died a few days later.  She was not much older than I, but was dying of uterine cancer that was diagnosed way too late. She had schizophrenia and this contributed to her death. Her caretaker did not believe her when she told her she was bleeding. I did all I could to advocate for her, but it was not enough. Her paranoia interfered with her willingness to receive tests and accept care. She was my favorite client and she had an outrageous sense of humor. And what a smile, unforgettable. She also shared my grandmother’s name. She was both delusional and telepathic. Her family said she had the gift of prophecy and she did indeed. She passed about 3 years ago, but her essence is still very much alive.

The meeting I attended was to discuss a research opportunity to work with people who are newly diagnosed as psychotic. This early intervention initiative started in Australia and Europe.  Later on a study was created on the West coast. Now start-ups are developing in Philadelphia and a few other cities in the Eastern United States. This is just the first step. I told the interviewer that I wanted to work with people where there is promise and hope.  She seemed to get it. Now I go on with my life and wait to see what happens.

I could not help but think of my beloved client on the ride home. But I was not going home quite yet. There was a pinball arcade to check out ( only 2 machines). Then I cruised by all the buildings where I once lived. The area has changed, but not really. There are new layers of activity superimposed on the old. I was in need of a lift. Plus I was really hungry. So I went to the Red Sea.

Now it’s called Abyssinia, but to me it will always be the Red Sea. It was about 3 blocks from my very first apartment and I got hooked on their food right away. The website does not show a photo of the food so I will provide one:




This is a mandala of culinary bliss! The beige bread that lines the plate is called injera, a spongy pancake- like creation that is sour and tangy. It soaks up all the flavors and is just incredibly yummy. For more about injera, check out Ka’s post here.  I had a combo which included several meat and veggie dishes with some salad layered on top. It is served with extra injera on the side. You eat your meal with your hands by taking a piece of injera and using it to scoop up the food. I also ordered a Kenyan beer to go with my meal. Ethiopian food is very spicy and the beer helps keep the heat in check.

This is my absolute favorite cuisine. I had my go-to dish ~ doro wat – tender chicken in berbere sauce with a hard-boiled egg. It is truly the circle of life! I also had crunchy collard greens that tasted so fresh, a beef dish, a lamb( goat) curry, a split pea stew and a lentil dish. The veggies are smooth in texture and mild in flavor. The meal is reminiscent of a paint palette and you concoct unique tastes and colors and textures with every bite. The beer I selected seemed unpleasant at first, but after a little while it married with the food and all the flavors cooperated. Salty, bitter, peppery, tangy,dense, clean, complex,creamy, crunchy, fermented, earthy, smooth, acidic, chewy, etc. I was so at ease with this meal. We were one. No other way to explain it.

I gazed around the dining room and remembered my various dinner partners from the past. I could only find a few folks who would try this food with me. One of my most romantic evenings ever was spent here with my ‘soulmate’ on a whim. We drove from my new neighborhood back here just to eat at this restaurant. We fell in love in West Philly, so I guess it was only fitting. I am not sure why this night was so special, but it was. We liked trying new things and reading evocative books and discussing ideas that were nontraditional. We liked adventure and were forever curious.

I wonder why I feel more comfortable with foreign cultures than my own. As I scooped up the stews with my injera, I wondered if I was once Ethiopian. When I was watching Top Model, of all things ,Tyra Banks gave the contestants DNA kits. They will be used to determine everyone’s ethnicity. It amazes me that for $100 you can send your saliva to a lab and in return you can unlock the mysteries of your origins.  I have been wanting to do this for years. It might answer some unresolved questions like why oh why do so many strangers ask me if I am Native American? I would be honored to discover that I have some indigenous blood running through my veins. The test would not determine past lives, but I hope it would help me understand more of my identity, including my foreign food preferences. Mars is in Sagittarius now and it is a fine time to explore what is exotic and unusual.

I hope this post is not too circuitous to understand. Today was an important day for so many reasons, some I have yet to discover. But I wanted to describe my meal while the spices still lingered in my mouth, before the flavors left me. I also wanted to honor the thousands of people who die before their time due to chronic mental illness. Perhaps most of all I wanted to stress that it is never the wrong time to treat your Self to a great meal, a relaxing drive, or a glimpse of an old love.


related post:


image “Plat de cuisine éthiopienne au énélik” via Wikimedia Commons

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My 200th Post ~ Power in Action

200 posts!


WordPress tells me that this will be my 200th post and I am astonished! It is worthy of a celebration. So I say let’s celebrate the power of creation. While Mars is still in Scorpio, power seems to be a timely topic.

I have often contemplated the true meaning of power and the best definition I have is

 to influence


I have given this a tremendous deal of thought and I stand by it for now. I could tell you what I used to associate with power, but I rather not. I am satisfied with my present definition and I think it is helpful as we continue to organize ourselves more as a collective force on this planet.

So now what? Well, the collective will stems from the projections of each individual. OK. So this particular individual meditated tonight and happily got into the flow. Lately I have been noticing and focusing on small but primary green dots while meditating. This practice has been very helpful in keeping me centered and attentive. Tonight I used a ” bonus” meditation from Deepak Chopra and Oprah that arrived in my email today. The theme was power as an element in accessing the flow of life. I found the mantra particularly helpful and I would share it here if it was given in written form.

I was curious to see how the color green comes into play. I did some research and discovered that the color green is associated with the heart chakra. In tonight’s meditation we were attending to the third chakra. This is contained within the solar plexus. The heart chakra is not the seat of power, but it is where creativity reigns. ( Leo reference, yes!)  So perhaps for myself, creative energy leads to power.

While I paid attention to my breath and the mantra, the green dot began to transform before my eyes.  I was watching a movie in my head with my inner eyes and it was peaceful and organic. I saw many flying gentle creatures. They remind me of hypnagogia – visual hallucinations that occur prior to falling asleep.


Some looked like fairies public domain

Others looked like birds

By Emmanuel HEREDIA (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This image was taken with Kirlian photography. It is freaky how close this resembles what I actually saw. These images conjured up the notion of power in action.


What is also curious is that recently I have had dreams on two separate occasions that featured this bright green hue. I wonder how my meditation is influencing my dream life ??

When I reflect on my writing over time, I realize that I receive inspiration from so many sources. Often the impact of other writers is minimized. I want to pay homage to those who have empowered me to write honestly and fearlessly. Some examples include Jung, John Weir Perry, Marianne Williamson, Rumi, Michael Lutin, Edie Weinstein , Jen Elam , Robert Graham, Marcelle Martin , and so many of my blogger community here at WordPress. It is exhilarating to let go of competitive urges ( Mars in Scorpio) and rather give credit to those who enter our orbit. That reminds me of another influence, Pharrell. He speaks often about how the numerous people who supported him and positively influenced him play a major role in his creative artistry and ultimate success.

Inspiration is limitless and I wonder if power is also limitlessly available to human beings? I am not certain, but I will continue to follow the lite in whatever form it takes and see where it leads me.



fairy image ~ wikimedia .org free domain

kirlian image ~ By Emmanuel HEREDIA (Own work)  (], via Wikimedia Commons

header image ~ I, Maf04,  ( , via Wikimedia Commons

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Harvest Moon

Ready for the last SuperMoon? On Monday September 8th we have the Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron. I am feeling lazy (very moon in Pisces) so this won’t be a lengthy, informative astrology post. I will refer you to some great ones at the end, I promise. My interest of late has been to go underground and heal and sit and reflect and dream and purge and release and not use my intellect quite so much.  I have been Chironed so I am stepping up the self-care. Just got the new issue of TMA in the mail with an interview by Robert Hand, oh my! You gotta get this magazine, I am telling you. I may write for them someday, but irregardless, this is the gold standard.



It isn’t officially autumn yet, but we are getting there.  I chose Autumn by Monet because it has such a Piscean feel and a Virgoan touch. What a wonderful representation of the imminent energies !

Amidst all the collective and individual loss and angst, there is magic ever-present and opportunities for alchemy beckon. In fact, I am currently embarking on an adventure that may lead me to use my talents and gifts in a way that was decades in the making. This venture I have been preparing for since my teens. It would not be an exaggeration to say that virtually everything I have lived through has prepared me for this chance to serve with passion and purpose. This possibility is HUGE and quite unexpected, as many of them are. I am mentioning this so you, my readers can keep me in your thoughts and prayers. The Quakers will say To hold in the light. I am asking for help in this fashion, which is quite appropriate for this coming lunation.

By Roadcrusher at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

When I decided to post about this time period, Neil Young immediately came into my consciousness. I am introducing 2 songs for your listening pleasure, bookends for the duality, mutability on which we will embarking shortly.

First is Harvest Moon, so romantic and soulful. It was featured in the film Eat Pray Love, which was among the best scenes in this underwhelming film. Read the book, meet the author, travel to either Italy, India, or Indonesia ( or all 3).  I did and so can you.  India and Bali are still on my list, but Italy, yeah was that a trip of  a lifetime. Trust me, Liz Gilbert is a breath of fresh air and I was enchanted with the idea of her book before it was even popular. And then I read   it. Much later I met her at a book tour in Bryn Mawr, PA and I got to ask her a question. Don’t recall what I asked, but it had to do with spirituality. I am so digressing, and typically I wouldn’t permit it – but Venus is in Virgo and my retrograde Mercury is in the 9th house and my moon is in Gemini and I adore rambling so today I allow it!

Here is the link for Harvest Moon, so precious..

harvest 1

Next there is simply, Harvest, the title song from Neil’s 1972 album Harvest. Neil clearly likes this theme. Boy did I give this record a workout my senior year of high school. And no, I was not a senior in 1972, I am younger than that. For some reason I got hooked that year on this battle- scarred, melancholy, world-weary, uber – melodic collection of classics. This piece is the opposite of romantic ; rather dramatic, sad, painful, and alienating.

While also brilliant and beautiful.

harvest 2

Which do you prefer?


astro resources:

first image ~ – free domain

second image ~ By Roadcrusher at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( , from Wikimedia Commons

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Let them find cake: German Chocolate cake

While I continue to focus on more serious matters, I still enjoy a sweet distraction once in a while. Seashells and their derivatives are popping up all over the place, but for the German chocolate cake, not so much.



One of the reasons I picked this symbol to be included in my Sweet and Salty post is that it is becoming more and more uncommon. I figured that focusing on it would bring my favorite sweet out of retirement and back in circulation.

So I am asking you dear readers to keep your eyes and hearts open. Show me what you find. There is power in numbers, so let’s make this a collective pursuit.

happy hunting,



UPDATE: Shelley at PPT  just had a birthday, happy birthday girl! And guess what cake was served for her celebration today 9-8-14? German Chocolate Cake!!

woohoo, I may be getting warmer :)

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Oh how I love September! The promise of new beginnings, fresh ideas, exciting encounters with future friends …  Much rather go here than discuss how I spent my Summer with Saturn. I am not ready to go there, not yet anyway!


I took these four shots today in my neighborhood.

get-attachment (37)

get-attachment (35)

get-attachment (36)

get-attachment (38)

I enjoy the contrast  between hot and cool, opening and closing, bright and muted, fragrant and decaying, subtle changes between photo 1 and photo 3 ( can you see the differences between the two? do tell!)

Life is all about contrast and context, isn’t it?


Gotta leave you with a song, an oldie but goodie.

guess the song !

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Awards ~ Xmas Bouquet in August, Ajay Style

Miracle Blogger Award

Miracle Blogger Award


Excellence Award

Excellence Award


The Lighthouse Award

The Lighthouse Award

Last Christmas Ajay awarded me four awards to choose for a Christmas Bouquet. I chose 2013 Blog of the Year, The Miracle Blogger Award, The Excellence Award, and The Lighthouse ( or Litehouse)  Award. I acknowledged the Blog of the Year Award when I did my annual review, but saved the other three for later. Of course I did not know that Ajay would be gone by the time I got around to posting.

Jupiter is in the sign of Leo now and is preparing to make a trine to Uranus in Aries. Add some Sag from somewhere and you get a Grand Fire trine. My chart ruler is in Leo and Leo loves awards!

So in honor of Ajay and the applying Jupiter Uranus trine, I am gifting The Miracle, Excellence, and Lighthouse Awards. As Ajay evolved over time, he began to be more loose with his award style. Towards the end he got rid of the rules. Perhaps my rebelliousness rubbed off on him or maybe he just wanted to keep it simple. In any event, I am going to just give bloggers awards without any stipulations and hope the lite will spread.


Miracle Awardees:

These folks have brought miracles into my life and I am not exaggerating one iota.

Donna Cunningham ~ Awesome role model as astrologer, social worker, mystic, writer, blogger, etc. A sincere thank you!

Sindy ~ My life has blossomed in numerous ways since we met and the miracles keep coming forward. Thanks also for uploading the award badges I gave you onto your site. ;)

Amber ~ Your presence has been a blessing to me in more ways than you could ever know. On the surface we may seem very different, but that is an illusion. I have learned so much from you. Keep keeping on.

Shamanic goddess ~ We share something unknowable and beautiful that has been quite joyful and healing. Thank you for being you.


Excellent Awardees:

These folks are masterful at what they do and how they live, authentically.

Debra ~ An expert on introspection, contemplation and expression of her musings on reality a la Hillman and Jung, among others. Plus she has a Gemini moon :)

Monika ~ She does not accept awards but I am still going to sing her praises. If she was alive in the time of Jung and Freud, her writing would be mandatory Psychology 101 reading. She is not just a symbol reader, she’s a symbol Avatar of Sanskrit etymology. And she has a Gemini sun :)

Aleya ~ Her site has the subtitle Wearing her heart on her blog and it does not disappoint. Aleya is genuine, honest and passionate and her writing conveys these qualities throughout every article. She does not accept awards but she does accept people unconditionally, Bravo!

Leafandtwig ~ Talk about excellence. For every  single day since I have followed this blog ( and probably long before) I have been graced with daily photographs and captions that seem to be Divine daily affirmations. How do you do what you do?? The perfect marriage of image and text , simply magical.


Lighthouse Awardees:

These folks are true examples of litebeings in action.

Sue ~ Sue tirelessly shares herself with her readers through her art, writing, poetry, and healing messages. She consistently shares her light with the world and makes our planet a more loving place.

Julie ~ Julie’s kindness, warmth, and optimism are evident in all she shares here at WordPress. She is positive but also willing to discuss how the darkness can be a barrier to light. This is a woman who walks her talk.

Glorialana ~ This sweet soul uses song , symphony, and artistry to motivate and inspire. She takes storytelling to an ethereal level where all is well and the inner children are actively laughing gleefully. She is a treasure.

There are so many others I could include if time and energy permitted. Every day is Christmas in the truest sense of the word when one is as blessed as I with so many magnificent bloggers and blogettes in my circle.

If Ajay is watching, I truly hope he will send me a sign and approve of my choices!




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Sweet and Salty ~ Follow the Trail: Update


Just a quick update on my symbolquest post ~ While no one has been pinning my German chocolate cake pins lately, I found some new ones and added them to pinterest.

There were a few cool seashell developments worth mentioning. Mercurial trick-stress Gneiss over at GMA shared here cool seashell oracle cards with me for a reading here. She does for astrology what Odie of eyesofOdyssseus does for photography and satire. Check her out please! My pal Julie over at peacockseyes was inspired and wrote a starfish article  here. Then I attracted a cool new follower Jamie and decided to follow her back. Guess what her gravatar is? To see the blue cosmic sea spiral in its glory, visit her site here . We discovered more than one synchronicity between us and her blog is wonderful!

Then my awesome Gemini moon sister Amanda at reminded me today that she sent me her beautiful starfish photo via email not too long ago.


photo by amanda at

It isn’t a shell but a few shells are included in the shot. This photo definitely seems linked with the starfish prominently displayed in my original photo on my initial post. Gorgeous shot, don’t ya think? Please check out her scrumptiously surreal articles here.

Clearly the sea creatures are making their presence known :)

This is not a blogging challenge, but that does not mean you cannot blog about your chosen symbols and how they are lighting up your path.

Just sayin’



header courtesy of free domain

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Musings ~ Fresh Start

Today the sun is on my sun/moon midpoint – 1 degree Virgo. According to Dane Rudhyar, here is the interpretation:


KEYNOTE: The capacity to picture to oneself clearly the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation.

This is the first stage of the thirty-first five-fold sequence of symbols and its Keyword is DISCRIMINATION. Implied in discrimination is both analysis and intuition. The mind separates and identifies — and unfortunately often exaggerates — what makes a person or a situation different from another; but the intuitive responses of the whole person to what confronts him or her is also essential, for what matters is not only my or your “difference,” but the place and function this difference occupies in the organic pattern of the evolution of “humanity as a whole,” i.e. of Man.

I think this interpretation is an accurate read on the interplay of my natal sun and moon. Basically, the sun/moon midpoint is the integration or dance between the two luminaries ( lights). As a litebeing, this is a good thing. I have made many friends with birthdays around this time of year, so wishing a wonderful solar return to all of you – past and present. To locate your sun/ moon midpoint, find a reliable astrology software program or consult an astrologer. Or if you have some astrological knowledge, visit this page at and it will produce a midpoint grid for you:

Tomorrow we have a new moon in Virgo. It does not have the best of aspects as it opposes Neptune, but it is a new beginning. I am not doing a new moon post today. For a good one, I choose Emily:


Don’t know about you, but I am in need of a fresh start..




I changed the category selection for all published posts because my old system was a hot mess. Now each post has one category. Hope this will make things more orderly ( Virgo).

Thanks for all the wonderful comments lately, especially after I took a pause from the 9 to 5 experiment. Your commentary is so precious to me. Thanks also for the great response to the Sweet and Salty post. It still amazes me to see what excites people about my writing. This is not an official blogging challenge, but I am curious what people are doing with their symbols. What are your symbols? Are they morphing into signs?  Are you noticing them more places? Where? How? Why?

Once I start to formulate questions, look out! 

get-attachment (21)

So, now what?

Well, I have more award posts that are long overdue, a Collision post that is brewing, several Returning Home posts marinating slowly, something perhaps on how I spent my Summer non-vacation, etc

I also need to heal and let myself BE. This may include art, meditation, sleep, computer games, reading, breathing, dreaming……

Until I post again, I will be looking for seashells and German chocolate cake and catching up with all of you in one form or another.


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Sweet and Salty ~ Follow the Trail

The past few days I have felt led to go through some old training material and reread part of my journal. Some very cool stuff has been resurrected and this feels good!

I found an idea in my journal to designate two symbols as my own signs of being on the “right path.” This idea is not original. I found it on Laurali Star’s former WordPress blog which sadly is no more. Anyway, I identified the two symbols and quickly forgot about the whole thing. Like myself, they are both sweet and salty. Can you guess which is sweet and which is salty?


Drum roll please…….



By Tracy Hunter from Kabul,, Afghanistan (German Chocolate Cake Uploaded by Beria) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

 This is my first symbol. Many readers know I love German chocolate cake. What is very interesting is that my German chocolate cake picture on pinterest has been blowing up lately. I have no idea why it has become so popular, but it did get my attention.

This is my second symbol. I love seashells and once collected them as a hobby.I even have jewelry containing shells. My abalone shell earrings are among my favorites and since I am an earring fanatic, that counts for something.


So what does this mean? I am committed to looking for these signs anywhere and everywhere and I invite you to try this exercise as well. For my blog buddies, if I see these symbols on your blogs, I will point them out. Acknowledgement gives more energy to the process.

I am at a point in my journey where I want to use more of the tools at my disposal. And have fun while doing it.  I believe that I “rediscovered” this idea so I could give it another try.

Are You With Me??


first image by By Tracy Hunter from Kabul,, Afghanistan (German Chocolate Cake Uploaded by Beria) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

second image courtesy of

header courtesy of free domain

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