2014 Wrap- Up Blog Challenge ~ Present Your Gifts, We are good to go!


Can I get a woohoo? Repeat after me, WOOHOO!

Thank you to both Ka and Michael for blessing us with your blogging magic.

Of course, if you still want to join in, I could extend it into January…


Challenge Schedule

Sue 12/8

Tamrah Jo 12/15

Leigh 12/16

Amanda 12/17

Barbara 12/20

Julianne 12/21

Tania 12/22

Sindy 12/23

Michael 12/24

Linda 12/25

Ka 12/26

Pearlgirl 12/27

Jamie 12/28

Glorialana 12/29

Susan 12/30

Shelley 12/31


 Please join us in this end of year wrap up. Last year’s blogging challenge was wonderful. What can we can orchestrate for 2014? Re-blogs and other advertising is appreciated as time is short and there are so many days that are waiting for the right blogger to claim them! We can do this together and make such a difference with our stories.

Please read the details below and contact me in the comments with the date you will be posting. When two or more gather..

love, litebeing


Have you noticed that 2014 is speeding by? Call it the aging process, shifting consciousness, or preoccupation with the big questions, all I know is that before long, the annual blog reviews will be posted and we will be looking at resolutions for 2015 ( maybe).

We had so much fun last year that I am proposing a new blogging challenge here at litebeing chronicles. All WP bloggers are cordially invited.

This one is really simple: Present Your Gifts!


wikiart public domain

What were the gifts of 2014? 



This can be approached in many ways :


Which lessons did you learn?

How did you serve others?

What blessings did you receive?

Was there something you lost that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

Did you receive any “gifts” in terms of powers or skills? 


wikiart public domain

Get the idea. Make this as straightforward or esoteric as you like.  

You are the creator.


The plan is easy: This challenge will take place throughout the month of December. Pick a date by notifying me in  the comments section below and I will keep track of the schedule. Once you post to your blog, link to the challenge 2014 Wrap Up near the beginning of your post. Also link to the next scheduled blogger at the end of your post. I am available for help , don’t let that deter you.   All mediums are acceptable ~ music, art , prose, video, animation, poetry, photography, etc. These are stories that deserve to be celebrated and shared, like brightly decorated presents wrapped in shiny paper and sparkly ribbons. 

By Tanemori (HatenaFotolife) [CC-BY-2.1-jp (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.1/jp/deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons


If you have not participated before in such a venture, you are in for a treat. Take a look at last year’s challenge to see what we created in 2013.

I know that for many of us 2014 was very challenging , with the Grand Cardinal Cross, Uranus-Pluto square, Saturn in Scorpio, Mars retro in Libra, yada yada yada.  I certainly would agree that I have been challenged. But I also was gifted in some extraordinary ways.


How About You?


first 2 images courtesy of wikiart.org, public domain

 3rd image By Tanemori (HatenaFotolife) [CC-BY-2.1-jp (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.1/jp/deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons

last image by Josephine Wall

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Greetings from Bizarro World

These past two weeks have been out of control. Virtually all of the choices and decisions I have made on my own behalf have proven to be faulty. Where have my superpowers gone? I do not have a poorly placed astrological transit on which to deflect responsibility for my current situation. I keep asking myself if Mercury is retrograde in an alternative universe.

I often take solace in a lesson well-learned. While I have learned a few lessons, I feel too fried to appreciate them. For example, my living room has been plagued with  a mysterious dripping water/knocking sound for a few weeks. The intensity and frequency has increased over time and it has become  a new form of cruel and unusual punishment. The noise would disappear when people came to hear it. The wall that it was coming from had no water stains or leaks. I began to wonder if my home was haunted, but it did not seem likely.

Today the mystery was solved and I was not even close to guessing the right answer. My old ( ancient) desktop computer speaker was the culprit. The maintenance people were ready to tear up walls to examine heating pipes and it was a speaker! My intuition must be on vacation in Barbados, because it was the farthest thing from my mind.

On top of that, I totally misjudged one of my neighbors who also is part of the maintenance team. He was kind and generous and did not judge me crazy for hearing intermittent noises that had nothing to do with the building. Where has my ability to read people gone? I really regret not seeing him clearly.

I have been making messes everywhere I go lately, from the bank to the supermarket to the laundry room to the public library.  This morning I made another practical but apparently poor choice that is putting my finances temporarily at risk. I consulted others and took my time with my decision, but in the end it created drama and I am not out of the woods yet.


A Course in Miracles has a famous line that goes like this:

Do you prefer that you be right or happy?

The former leader of my ACIM group would quote this line over and over and it has stayed with me over the years. I often prefer to be right and happy. Today I am wrong and unhappy, but I understand the value of this question. Indulging the ego in its quest to win at all costs is not the way to go. I also suspect that getting to the bottom of everything is also a fruitless pursuit. Many friends over the years have suggested that I just embrace the mystery. I must admit that I love a great mystery and my intense curiosity is one of my main reasons to get up in the morning, so…..

It is quite humbling to be so off of my game without any excuses. I have been sleeping well and the Pluto Uranus square is waning ( for now). I don’t understand what is driving this train. Am I picking up the energies of other beings ( human or otherwise) ? I do say a protection prayer at least once a day. Am I just plain exhausted from a year fraught with challenges and loss? Maybe I am putting too much pressure on myself to find meaning in what may just be a spell of bad luck. I have not neglected my radical gratitude practice and I am spending time in nature on a regular basis. Apparently doing everything right is still wrong sometimes.


Or perhaps this is a typical way to enjoy the holidaze in Bizarro World?


I will share this catchy song with you, but don’t go anywhere. I  do have a few announcements after this musical intermission :




1-Have you been following the 2014 Wrap-up Challenge? Here’s the link to the post with the current line-up here. The blogs have been very moving and quite diverse. I am so pleased that many of the regulars have returned and some new folks have also heeded the call! Please read their stories and be amazed  and inspired. There are still some dates available, so I cordially invite you to collaborate with your WP family in bidding goodbye to 2014.

2-Despite my new residence in Bizarro World, I still can perform dreamwork with a vengeance, read a mean astrology chart ( or a nice one), or see the sugar-plum visions in my head regarding your future.  So if you are curious about my services, now is a great time to get a reading.  I am currently having a special sale for the remainder of 2014. Please visit here for all the details.

3- They say good things come in 3s: The third announcement is that I have a show to plug. My ever-synchronous mind has ascension on the brain. Since I got bit by the ascension bug, I have been looking for more information on-line, at the library, and elsewhere. Well, I discovered there is a 3 part ( get the 3 theme) miniseries on SYFY channel called Ascension that I highly recommend. It kinda just appeared on my cable TV guide. At first I was stunned to see it there. The plot is not what I expected ( par for the course these past few weeks), but it is really unusual and clever and addictive in the best way.

You know we try to keep it positive here at litebeing chronicles, but we also keep it real. I have truly been struggling  lately and welcome prayers, love, Divine light, and positive energy. So I humbly admit that even litebeings can be off of their game and get a bit disoriented and lost. I hinted at this possibility (way back when) on Blog Story.

Thanks for reading and commenting and returning here time and time again, post after post, for close to 2 years.


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I like this so much that I thought ” Oh yeah, let’s reblog! ”
And so I did, courtesy of my bud Sindy Sue.

Originally posted on bluebutterfliesandme:



Katherine Ace

Raise Your Vibrations

By Robin Marvel

OM Times

Your Personal vibration is a lot like your fingerprint; it is unique to you as an individual.  Each moment, we have the opportunity to raise our vibrations, resulting in a healthy mind, body & spirit.  Living a conscious, positive lifestyle will encourage a strong inner core as well as raise your vibrations.  Enhance your life by choosing to experience elevated vibrations.  This will benefit you and all those you come in contact with.

5 Surefire Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

Live in Gratitude

Find something as simple as a plant in your home.  Take some time to appreciate the beauty the plant has added to the room and your life.  This works to shift your attitude because it is impossible to be in a state of gratitude and unhappy at the same time.

Visit/Call a friend who has a…

View original 375 more words

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Wes Annac – 8 Signs You May Be A Mystic – 12-16-14


Are you a mystic? You know if you are, so read on and learn more!
Let’s remember what this season is truly about. I will try harder if you do the same :)

Originally posted on Higher Density Blog:

feature_image_templateWritten by Daniel, Expanded Consciousness, December 15, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/mjo9mcq
Here’s the definition I use for the word “mystic”: a person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.

I understand it’s not a word everyone is familiar with. Buddhism is my path, but it’s not really correct to call it my religion. It’s a mystical path, not a religion. At least, that’s how I see it.

I realized not too long ago that I had a mystical worldview. Mystics have been present throughout human history. Mysticism pre-dates organized religion, but it’s something that has been almost lost in the modern world.

Here are some signs that you may be a mystic like me.

1) Personal connection rather than texts and doctrines.

Mystics want…

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Dynamic December Daze Promotion

get-attachment (71)

litebeing chronicles is all decked out for the season and we aim to spread good cheer. If you are looking for a unique gift for that special someone ( or owe yourself a treat) why don’t you check out my Services page and buy a reading ( or 2 ) ?

With Saturn leaving Scorpio on December 23rd and Uranus squaring Pluto again tomorrow, a personalized reading could really assist you in making the best out of these dynamic and transitory times!

If you book a service ( via Contact page) by the end of 2014, you will receive a 20 percent discount. No limit on the amount or type of services, just book by 12-31-14 EST.

Don’t let the hustle and bustle get you down. We cannot be sold out and all services are custom gift wrapped with love and light!

get-attachment (69)

Season’s Greetings from litebeing chronicles!

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INFJ at the Holidays?

Happy 12-12 everyone! Could not let today pass without some new material, so…

I was ready to dive into an astrology article including Taylor Swift, but she will have to shake it off just a little bit longer. I am sensing a need to write about how to navigate the holiday season with fun and a lot less drama. I have wanted to write about INFJs and HSPs ( Highly Sensitive People) for a while, and this seems to be the perfect time.

wikiart public domain

 Where is the INFJ in this picture?

He or she is probably in the basement or store bathroom with their hands over their ears! The INFJ personality is very sensitive, intuitive, headstrong, and idealistic. This  archetype is also generally quite introverted, perfectionistic, and value-driven. I think the HSP personality is a derivative of the INF ( Introvert Intuitive Feeling) categories in the Myers Briggs system.

As a card-carrying member of both clubs, I can unequivocally say that this time of year can be difficult. While I am still carrying out my radical gratitude practice, I am also aware that taking practical steps towards improved self-care should not be brushed aside. Be grateful that you are swamped with party invitations, but don’t feel obligated to attend all of them.

Here are some helpful tips for INFJs and HSPs and the people who love them. Take them with copious grains of salt and discernment. You will know what works best for you.

1 – Goody – goody, my inner self replies. INFJs love lists, plans and calendars! We are not the most flexible people on the planet and can get stressed out with spontaneous or last-minute changes in plans. It is OK to decline an invitation or suggest a quiet get together after the holidays. Know your limits and respect them.

2 – If you are at a dinner or party with an INFJ or HSP and engage them in small talk or gossip, don’t be surprised if they tune you out or head for the nearest exit. We like to communicate, but we don’t do meaningless chat. Ask us about what we are reading or our favorite causes. Tell us about your hopes and dreams or your ideal travel destination. Don’t bore us with tales about The Housewives of Las Vegas or details on your brother’s latest get rich scheme.

3 – We get overstimulated quickly and crowds make us uneasy. I have learned to pick and choose my social activities wisely. If I find myself in a setting that is too loud or negative or just plain chaotic, I will seek out someone whose company I enjoy and strike up a conversation. If that isn’t possible, I will excuse myself and leave. I am not shy and can easily initiate conversations. INFJs and HSPs are not necessarily shy wallflowers. Where you fit on the continuum will determine how introverted and sensitive you are, and that is often subject to change. Introversion does not imply shyness anyway. It means that we are drained by people. We are energized by going within.  I love interacting with people in real-time, but I need to have some control over my environment and know my limitations.

4 – If you notice you are overindulging in food or alcohol, it may be a sign that you are stuffing your emotions. I have coped with over-stimulation in the past by drinking way too much and I don’t really like to drink! Listen to the messages that your feelings deliver to you instead, and don’t behave in ways that don’t serve you. There is a difference between enjoying holiday treats and self-medicating. If you do not know the difference, get some support so that you can learn what works for you. Ask yourself if it is really worth it to alter your brain chemistry just to be in a room with people.

5 – Sensitive types often react to stress in a variety of ways. We are prone to migraines, digestive issues, and allergies. Some fragrances and noises trigger these reactions. Do not take it personally if we cannot be around your perfume or cigarette smoke or accompany you to a rave at the local warehouse. It isn’t you , it is us. Sensitivity is such a tremendous gift, but it comes with a price.

6 – In this hyper-consumerism culture, the pressure is high to buy, buy, buy. INFJs love to please our loved ones with unique, person-specific gifts. We delight in these details and remember that you adored that one-of- a- kind brooch while window shopping last July. Again, it is important to be kind to yourself. It really is okay if you cannot afford to buy everything for everyone all of the time. We can be so hard on ourselves and that self-criticism can be projected onto others when it gets out of hand. Let yourself off your self-imposed hook. If money is tight or time is limited, use your creativity instead. Bake, sew, knit, draw, or  photograph personal tokens of holiday cheer. It really is the thought that counts at the end of the day. This is why I really prefer Thanksgiving!

7 – Last but not least, feed your soul. HSPs and INFJs really benefit from the following activities: walk in nature, meditate, pray, create art, visit places of beauty, do yoga, take frequent breaks from your routine to just BE, write, play an instrument, read…  The more you love yourself, the better prepared you are to be in the world, but not of the world.

Please let me know if I forgot anything. Fellow INFJs and HSPs, I know you are out there!








Related post: http://litebeing.com/2013/07/02/an-interesting-detailed-description-of-the-infj/

image by wikiart.org, public domain

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Venus Stationing in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto – You and I

I am re-publishing this post because it includes some material on Venus in Capricorn. This is timely in light of Venus entering Capricorn yesterday. Venus is also approaching its meeting with Pluto so the Venus/Pluto themes still apply.  I hope you enjoy it. Comments are always appreciated!

My muse has begun to tap on my shoulder so new material may be arriving shortly..   

  in light, litebeing


Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to my Awakening post. Reading and responding to your comments was very emotionally moving for me. I was going to blog about Venus Retrograde much sooner, but thinking about and finally writing about my spiritual opening consumed all of my psychic energy. So I decided to post now in the wake of the Venus station , which is extremely close to Pluto. While you read this post, I invite you to ponder your experience with the Venus retrograde and current station with Pluto. I was going to title this post “Are We Having Fun Yet?”,  but decided to take a less cynical view. Please let me know if you indeed have been having fun, or perhaps shed a few tears over the past month. I really hope to hear from some of my male readers to get their unique perspectives on this fascinating planetary event.

wikimedia free domain

Venus in Capricorn

Venus ( pictured above) is incredibly beautiful. I would also add that she is incredibly misunderstood. It takes years of living and loving from the heart to really embrace the Venusian energies. I want to start off with my understanding of Venus in Capricorn. When I first began to study horoscopes and interpret charts for others, I was quite fascinated with all the possible Venus placements. I do not think I really understood the value of Venus in Capricorn until recently.  While I do have natal Venus in my 1oth house, it is in Sagittarius. I will get to that later.   Back in 2006, my Sun progressed into Capricorn joining natal Jupiter and Saturn. Now Mercury has also joined this ” motley crew”  to make 4 planets in the land of Saturn. So I now have a better grasp of this magnificent placement.

Venus is Capricorn is not the cold , scheming business woman obsessed with her career and station in life. Oh no, there is much more that lurks in her heart. She loves the fragility and aesthetic pleasure found in form.  She also understands the importance of tempering love with patience and tolerance over time. Love does not usually come easily with this expression of Venus . But there is such appreciation and gratitude for love’s maturation over the course of time. Sometimes she chooses a younger lover, while at other junctures she looks to a more seasoned mate. She understands the value of quality over quantity, classics over trends. She revels in the lessons revealed from history ( or herstory). She finds romantic love to reignite her youth during her golden years, while many of her peers have succumbed to the wrath of old age.


My Venus

My Venus is in Sagittarius in the 1oth house. It is part of an often annoying yod configuration with my Mars in Cancer in the 6th house and my Aquarian Ascendant. It also very closely opposes my Moon in Gemini. Both the rulers of my Sun and Ascendant, Pluto and Uranus are in my 7th house. Venus rules my 8th house with Libra on the 8th house cusp. Pluto is conjunct the North Node. My 7th house ruler is the Sun in Scorpio conjunct Neptune and Mercury Retrograde in the 9th house. To the astrologers who are reading, you know that this equates to one hot mess! This is painfully true. Last night I began to read about Pluto in my newly acquired The Astrology of Fate by the über talented Liz Greene. The revelations I discovered here are extraordinary. Where was this book when I was a young woman? Here are some excerpts on Pluto in the 7th and Pluto/Venus:

Meeting Pluto in the seventh house, for example, mans meeting Moira ( the goddess of Fate) through the “other”.  Divorce is common, as are love triangles, painful rejections, death of a partner, and power battles. The variations are enormous, but the theme is single, relationships are the place where one is subjected to  something far more powerful and inevitable than one’s own will and choices. Sometimes the individual may elect to work with others who are caught up in Pluto’s web… Here we find the doctor, psychoanalyst,the psychiatrist and even the politician.

Pluto introduces Venus to what lies beneath the flowers and elegant gestures of romantic courtship.  The underpinning is not pretty and certainly not fair. Venus- Pluto also has a propensity for sexual triangles. These are neither fair or wished for, but they are a  fact of life. Love may be trans-formative, deepening, numinous, ecstatic and full of meaning and richness; and there is usually a fatality about it.

I always led with my Venus in Sag to the exclusion of Mars in homebody Cancer and Moon in the domestic 4th house. Venus in Sag does not think, it just goes for it! Regardless of all the times I analyzed decisions about romance, in the end my heart always prevailed. Venus in Sagittarius is impulsive, freedom loving, ridiculously idealistic, excitement -seeking and adventurous. When in the 10th house, she looks for romance in her calling, her destiny. Paired with Mars in the 6th, it inevitably leads to love/passion in the office. Over and over and over and over again….

While writing my post for Barbara’s Awakening Challenge, I paid close attention to the Venus Retrograde and began researching past significant Venus transits. I noticed that I have had a few powerful encounters during previous Venus retrograde cycles. I wrote about the 2004 transit in my story on “James”.  There were two others that I discovered during my Uranus to Sun transit as a teenager, and as I was having my Saturn Return at age 29. Funny how I had not attributed Venus’s influence on these events until now. I guess they were over-looked due to the huge impact these rare outer planet transits made on me. While the romances were important,  other more major life events were happening at the same time. I am not ready to write about these stories now, but let’s just say that the men I met were charismatic, creative, sensitive, and struggling with demons that  ultimately eclipsed what we shared in relationship.

wikimedia free domain

Venus Retrograde 2013-2014

Venus went retrograde at 28 degrees Capricorn on December 21, 2013 and stationed at 13 degrees Capricorn on January 31, 2014. Pluto is currently at 12 degrees Capricorn. The action has taken place for me in my 12th house , finally moving to my 11th house to join my natal Saturn at 13 Capricorn. So this particular transit was about 12th house, Saturn and Pluto for me. I have been having recurring dreams for months about past partners. They have been mostly devoid of feeling for me while dreaming, Yet I would wake up disturbed to find these symbols dominating my dream life. Since this all started before the transit, I wondered what may have caused this pattern?  Michael Lutin has said that this current transit is tied to 2012 when Saturn was exalted in Libra.

This may partially explain my dreams and why I had a real-time visitation from a former love interest on 12-30-13. It was very bizarre for a variety of reasons. I quit a 5 year affiliation with my employer  during the 2012 Venus retrograde period. I have not seen any of my coworkers from there since I resigned. I met a man at that job in 2009 and we started up a heated flirtation shortly upon his arrival. It was an impossible situation and the connection eventually turned sour. I had also quit my long-term group practice in early December 2013. On December 30th I was meeting with a former client at a  local Starbucks. We met there with his permission since I no longer had office space at the practice.  I was facing the barista station and he was facing the wall. Towards the end of our meeting , my former crush shows up with his young son.  When they were passing by me on the way out, I decided to say hello. He introduced me to his son and was waiting for me to introduce him to  my former client. Because of confidentiality, I said nothing. My former client did introduce himself and they shook hands. I briefly caught up with him about the latest happenings at the office and  then said good bye. It was very awkward and unexpected. Yet it was comforting to realize that I no longer harbored any anger towards him. We both live in the same vicinity but have never run into one another before. What is much more bizarre is the connection between the men. When I was involved with my coworker in 2009, he and my client were going through similar issues. They also share the same Sun sign, are around the same age, and live near one another. I was experiencing some uncomfortable counter-transference at that particular time. None of this has any relevance now, except that when they shook hands, it felt like I was witnessing a thought form manifest. These two people in  very distinct sectors of my life were coming together out of my inner world and into the physical realm.

The rest of this transit was more about reliving my 2004-2005 drama in preparation for my Challenge post and sifting through the seemingly endless foray of dreams ” From Christmas Past.” The only other real-time event was watching the film  Her. This movie is about a man in the near future who falls in love with his computer OS (operating system). This film was so much more nuanced than I originally expected. The takeaway for me (Spoiler Alert) was when Samantha the OS breaks up with him. She and the other OSs decide to leave together in order to explore higher realms of consciousness. In one scene Samantha touchingly reveals to the lead character Theodore  how she is growing at such a rapid pace and cannot possibly love just one person. She tries unsuccessfully to describe the limitlessness of love. What I gleaned from this story is that when lovers grow apart, no one is at fault and that it is unrealistic for the less evolved party to comprehend where the other is heading. I highly recommend this very timely and insightful take on 21st Century romance.

Girolamo_da_Treviso_-_Sleeping_Venus_-_WGA09520 (1)

Venus and music

I was considering relaying some highlights from other significant Venus events that have occurred during my life. Yet this post is way longer than I planned, so I will leave you now with some musical nuggets to savor. Many of  you know how much I emphasize the importance of music in the enrichment of my inner life. I have selected some videos that artfully illustrate various Venus transits. These songs have kept me company during some difficult yet necessary periods of growth. Please select those that speak to you and let me know if they captured the essence of the transits to your satisfaction. Please feel free to share some of your favorite love songs in the comments section.

You and I  Lady GagaI chose this for this post’s title because this video portrays the simple pure joy of love. The energy portal in Nebraska is the third character in the story line. This is raw Venus in action for me.

The One That Got Away   Katy Perry ~ This is Pluto and Venus personified – love, regret, death, and pain. Good times, not! But very characteristic of this powerful combo.

Cool   Gwen Stefani ~Here we have Saturn Venus taking us through the realization that we can move on and be mature. We can accept ” what is” and cherish the memories of love gone by. Take a look at the cinematography and how Gwen Stefani sees the past in her former lover’s eyes. The style of storytelling is reminiscent of my Awakening post and very Neptune/Venus.

My Boo  Usher and Alicia Keys ~  Here is another Saturn Venus scenario. Two childhood sweethearts reminisce about the past while accepting they have both moved on without bitterness. It also invites you to look at the reality of the individuals, not their glamorous personas.

Halo  Beyonce and Michael Ealy ~ I think the title says it all: Neptune Venus has arrived. The couple endure because the woman realizes that he has a beautiful soul. He is her savior.

For The Love of You Jude Law and Nia Long ~  Another Neptune Venus gem is from the Alfie remake. The song is very ethereal and the chemistry between the two actors is heavenly inspired. Jude Law has Neptune Venus on his Sagittarius ascendant. Need I say more!

We Found Love  Rhianna~ Welcome to Pluto Venus on steroids. I have certainly lived this roller-coaster  ride with one man in particular. We had Pluto trine Venus in our synastry ( same degree and minute!). We also both have Pluto in the 7th house. ‘ Nuff said.

Fighter Christina Aguilera ~ More Pluto Venus fun as she transforms as a result of being manipulated and betrayed. Been there, done that. I blogged on this here:


wikimedia free domain

I Know Him So Well Whitney and Cissy Houston ~ This to me embodies the heart of Venus Retrograde. Your heart aches as you realize you cannot change the past or anyone else. You can only change your reactions and attitudes and rewrite your story.

How did Venus treat you?

Have you felt the wrath of Pluto now that Venus has gone direct?

Tell me about your Venus transits past or present, or those that occur “outside of time.”

all art courtesy of wikimedia.org  public domain

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Fabric of the Universe


I am just lovin’ this and yearn to share this love with all of you.

Originally posted on Dreamrly.:

About the Artist:

Emma Kunz (1892-1963)
Emma Kunz (1892-1963)

Emma Kunz lived from 1892 to 1963 in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. In her lifetime she was recognized as a healer; she herself described herself as a researcher. Now she has acquired an international reputation through her artistic work. Even in her schooldays, Emma Kunz occupied herself with exceptional happenings. When she was 18 years old, she began to use her abilities of telepathy, prophecy and as a healer, and she began to exercise her divining pendulum.

She achieved successes through her advice and treatments that often edged on the limits of miracles. She herself rejected the term miracle because she attributed it to the ability to use and activate powers that lie dormant in everyone. Not least, it was this gift that permitted Emma Kunz to discover in 1941 the power of the Würenlos healing rock that she named AION A…

View original 104 more words

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Jupiter trine Venus – A New Painting by Caryn

UPDATE: Caryn was inspired and created a new piece,which surely will warm the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

Scroll down this post for the big reveal! Caryn, if you are reading this, please do more, your fans await your next masterpiece.

Hey Litebeings! Not only did Mars march into Aquarius today, Venus ( 22 Sag) and Jupiter ( 22 Leo) are kissing at 22 degrees of Fire. Can we hear a woohoo? Jupiter trine Venus is abundant love and beauty and fortune. I definitely got a hit of this transit today and it feels good.

Enough about me; I have other business tonight. Those who have been reading here lately know that my friendships are the gifts that keep on giving. Old , new, renewable, whatever; these remarkable souls have graced my existence. I cannot stress this point enough. Please consider how precious are those who know you well and still want to hang out with you!

Today I received permission to share a couple of paintings by my dear friend Caryn. Her sun is in Aquarius so there is an astrological tie-in! Let’s honor the Aquarians in our tribe.

caryn's painting

Caryn's painting2

caryn's painting3

We have known each other since our twenties and I have always been enchanted by her creativity. She is a great cook, splendid gardener and a gifted artist. Can you believe she is not lining gallery and museum walls? I cannot imagine a world without her spark. She is such a kind soul with great wit and an infectious laugh. So glad she reappeared back in my orbit.

If you want to see more of her work,  let me know!!

Jupiter plus Venus in the fire element equals abundance of kindness and beauty. Wishing you buckets of Jupiter Venus manna today and everyday.

Namaste, litebeing

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Blog Challenge ~ Present your Gifts


Enjoy this initial offering in the 2014 Wrap-Up challenge from Sue at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary!

Originally posted on Dreamwalker's Sanctuary:

Linda over at Litebeing Chronicles presented her followers with a  Blog challenge, Present Your Gifts Asking these questions about what we have learnt over this past year in 2014. 

  1. Which lessons did you learn?
  2. How did you serve others?
  3. What blessings did you receive?
  4. Was there something you lost that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

Did you receive any “gifts” in terms of powers or skills?

One thing Linda states on her post is how fast 2014 has speeded along.. None more so for me since the Beginning of September.. Since I decided to take early retirement finishing work at the end of August these past months have seemed just like weeks.. So as I look back over 2014..

  • Which Lessons did I learn? Well I learnt all over again how to slow down, and trust in the Universe. Sometimes our heads get in the way of…

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