A Walk on the New Leo Moon with Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Scorpio

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Welcome to the glorious radiant Leo New Moon with Jupiter newly ensconced in Leo to boot! I began the celebration by changing my domain name to litebeing.com.

Mars just entered Scorpio after a 8 month foray in Libra. Libra is my solar 12 house so let’s just say between this and transiting Saturn restricting my Neptune Sun Mercury, I am more than ready for the arrival of new energies.

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 Jupiter is so beautiful and boundless. While it is exalted in Cancer, I do prefer it in Leo. It will be especially beneficial when it leaves my 6th house and enters the 7th where Uranus in Leo, my chart ruler, resides. Take a look at where Leo is placed in your chart to gauge how Sun/ Moon/ Jupiter in Leo may enlighten and brighten your life.


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Leo is regal, fixed, ego-directed, fun-loving, joyous and bursting with creative energy. As a Scorpio, I am fortunate to have Leo as my ruler. While Scorpio and Leo are both fixed signs, they are quite different in their approach. Leo is warm and generous and spontaneous yet organized. I attract Leos into my life as the 7th house of relationships can often be where we manifest projections of our alter-ego. As I move though life, I have shed some of the Scorpio reserve and Aquarian detachment and took on more of the open, warm-hearted, leader-like qualities of the Sun. Still I welcome all the wonderful Leo sun, Leo moon, and Leo rising spirits with open arms. Julianne, Deelia, Monika, Tamrah Jo, Debra, Ka, and Renate are among those here at WordPress that come to mind. That’s a lot of Leo :)


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 Mars in Scorpio will clash with some of the Leo sensibilities, but there has always been a respect between these two powerful , charismatic signs. Think Mick Jagger ( happy birthday Mick!) and Elvis ( Scorpio Rising). Both have similar personas and are major international icons. One might say that in this case the Leo followed in the Scorpio’s footsteps! Mars in Libra left us with plenty of world conflict and strife. Libra is the sign of the diplomat but Mars in Libra can be quite feisty and cantankerous. Mars in Scorpio may be more duplicitous and subtle, but it is rarely indecisive or passive-aggressive. This mars does not play! Perhaps this mars can use its  strategic tendencies to bring about  some peaceful resolutions going forward.

Let’s go back to the moon now, shall we? July 20 2014 marked the 45th anniversary of the US moon landing. CNN has featured this on its TV special series The Sixties. This is no surprise that the 1960s and the moon walk are being lauded now because they parallel our current Uranus/Pluto cycle. Always look to the media and pop culture to generate information about the transpersonal planetary alignments.

I remember the moonwalk as being a pivotal moment in my childhood. While some of the details are hazy – ( I picture the broadcast during the day, yet it took place at night ), the feelings of awe and excitement are still alive within me.

A Walk on the Moon comes to mind as a quintessential coming of age film. It takes place during the summer of 1969. This film features the impact of the Vietnam War in full swing, free love, Woodstock, a tarot- reading mother in law, and Viggo Mortenson as the love interest. It is an incredibly realistic take on a very surreal, volatile moment in time. Just like the lead character Pearl, I also spent part of that summer in a bungalow colony in the Catskill Mountains. My time there was less romantic and definitely less eventful, but I was captivated by space exploration and was already studying astrology!


Check out the trailer now and revisit ( or simply visit) the wonder and chaos of the times that heralded one small step…



image credits: wikimedia.org, free domain


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New web address, same vision

Howdy readers,

I am so excited to announce that I have a new web address for my blog :


It is now litebeing.com


I am still Linda but it less about Linda and more about what lies beyond one’s temporary identity. WordPress assures me that this is a seamless transition and that followers will not have to do anything to find litebeing chronicles. But just in case, my new domain is very easy to remember!  It just felt right to make the change now. I had only used lindalitebeing.wordpress.com because litebeing.wordpress.com was not available.


Anyways, I hope to provide plenty of new material so folks will keep returning and sharing the light ( or lite).


Summer 2013 by litebeing chronicles


Love to all radiant litebeings everywhere.




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Expanded Services *Revisited

* Now that Saturn has stationed direct and more and more Leo energy is dominating the scene, it seems like a good time to promote my services. Please take a peek at my re-post  Expanded Services included below, and consider treating yourself or a friend to a reading!



As I mentioned in my last post Beautiful Chaos, I have revised my services page by adding new types of readings to the menu of services. In addition to Astrology and Astrological counseling, I now offer Intuitive readings and Dream Interpretations.  As always, these services can be mixed and matched accordingly to your preferences and individual needs.

I have been offering intuitive readings for free, and incorporating the dream work into my therapy practice for many years. Now I am ready to share them both with you!

To get the details, visit my Services Page.

imageafter.comimage credit

Have I read for you recently and you found the information helpful and illuminating? Do you have a story to share on how my services made a powerful impact on your life? I am looking to expand my Testimonials Page by including more recommendations on all of my services.

 Interested in spreading the word ?

Please contact me if you are able to offer up a recommendation. Thanks to all those who have already contributed to the page or supported me in other ways. I am very grateful to all of you who believe in me and my calling.

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Re-volving, cycles, and feathers

"Shaft of Indian Peacock tail feather" by MichaelMaggs - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Shaft_of_Indian_Peacock_tail_feather.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Shaft_of_Indian_Peacock_tail_feather.jpg

Tomorrow July 21st marks 9 years since I had an intense awakening ~ an expansive opening.  I blogged about it here.  It was a mystical experience that still occasionally reverberates within me, even to this day. It was on a Sunday and today is Sunday. While I have briefly reminded myself this week about the 9 year cycle, my mind has been overloaded and this anniversary has pretty much remained in the background.

I woke up at peace this Sunday morning and wonderfully rested. I recall having had an odd dream about astrology and oracles and the globe. I think it may be significant, but I am not certain as of yet. I felt some of Eckhart Tolle’s spaciousness and then I remembered the cycle. Nine years are the completion and the culmination of all that came before. Hmmm…

So Karen and Sindy and Julianne and other blogettes write often about fairies, angels, feathers, and the like. And while I do try to remain open, I have my doubts.  Call me a skeptic. You know “Oh,Ye of little faith”. Well, I am Ye!  I only believe what I directly experience. This is how I roll. One of the reasons I especially like Anita Moorjani is because she postulates that faith is unnecessary on the spiritual path. I could not agree with her more.

So I notice a big white feather on my couch today. I pick it up and place it alongside some items on my coffee table.  I begin to wonder about angels. I did blog on angels yesterday after all. Then a couple of hours later while putting away some things on the kitchen counter , another white feather drifts onto the counter. Then I really take notice. I do want to state that I have feather pillows in my home and have at one point placed a white feather in a bowl on the kitchen counter. But I rarely ever see a stray feather and I do not think I have even noticed 2 in the same day.

Would 3 or more be more dramatic? How about a purple one like that featured in the image earlier in this post?  Yes, and yes.

Yet, something got my attention today and the 2 white feathers were enough for me to realize that some of that mystical residue from 9 years ago is still in play.

Am I evolving, re-volving, or  just delighted to have enjoyed a pleasant Sunday alert and content?

This song seems appropriate ~ spinning wheel

related post: http://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/calling-all-angels/


image credit ~ “Shaft of Indian Peacock tail feather” by MichaelMaggs – Own work. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/wikimedia.org

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I’m in Heaven

listen to ethereal harp music




Well maybe I am not in heaven, but it sure feels great to receive an award from Sue at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. Thank you Sue for gifting me with an Angel award. Most of you know Sue, but for any who don’t, she is sweet, caring, passionate about causes close to her heart, and loyal. Her blog is as beautiful as it is diverse in scope. I consider it a gift because I do not see myself as angelic. Yet on a good day when I am well rested, relaxed, and centered, I can access some divine inspiration. That inspiration will likely help me spread some light or guidance to those I see on a daily basis.





This award does not come with any rules attached, except to pass on the award itself to angelic bloggers. This will not be too difficult since I know quite a few folks who fit the bill.









These are folks who blog about positive change with creativity, vision, and clarity. They embody integrity, kindness, and gentility. I am not certain if any of them play harp, but you never know! They are authors, poets, astrologers, teachers,healers, artists, and lovely souls. Please explore their work and you will be happy that you did.  Congrats to my nominees: You all have downloaded a slice of heaven onto the blogosphere and beyond.




painting by Josephine Wall

header photography by © litebeing chronicles ( check out the angels who reside in the center of the orchids!)


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Kaleidoscopes and Reflecting the Divine

This was originally re-blogged but there were techno difficulties regarding restoring images. Please enjoy this treasure by Amanda at dreamrly.com


My life is a kaleidoscope
Of changing thoughts and patterns
Evolving into a multifaceted perspective.
Then the colored glass
Becomes precious gems of joy, and truth,
Harmony and balance,
Rearranging themselves
So I can stretch and expand and reach for the Light.
– Linda Joy Montgomery, a poet and photographer who lost her sight 

I recently stumbled upon a fellow WordPress-er’s blog and was truly overwhelmed with the Divine Presence I found there. It wasn’t so much the content of the posts, as the energy. Peace whispered in one ear, Compassion in the other, while my heart silently exploded with Love. As a deep feeler, I have found that these experiences of Recognition, these encounters with people who reflect back a palpable Divine Presence, are some of the greatest gifts on earth.

Exchanging energy with people who radiate wisdom and happiness, with ceaseless vibration, reminds me of a kaleidoscope…and the importance of being mindful as to what each of our kaleidoscopes reflects back to ourselves, and the world.

Ram’s blog made me wonder… How can each of our kaleidoscopes reflect back a deeper Divine Presence?


Beyond its inherent beauty and captivating magic, the kaleidoscope symbolizes life – a mandala in action. Man is the center. The awakening of intelligence is the first radiating circle, spiraling from the center and proceeding from there, each person’s mandala is as individual and distinctively different as a fingerprint.

Only man’s awareness and attunement to the Original Creative Force determine whether the patterns in his mandala fall at random or seek a meaningful direction. The archetype referred to by Carl Jung represents a pattern of order in which each content falls into its proper place and the tumbling pieces are held together by a protective circle – the microcosmic enclosed within the macrocosmic.   - Cozy Baker, Founder of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society

So how do we ensure our kaleidoscopes are in tune with the Source? If we imagine that each one of our actions, thoughts and feelings build our kaleidoscope, would we change our behavior? Would we be kinder to ourselves and others? Would we greet the Sun each morning, in awe of its unbelievable reliability??

The world is your kaleidoscope, and the varying combinations of colors which it presents to you at every succeeding moment are the exquisitely adjusted images of your ever moving thoughts.
- James Allen

“The integration of worship, knowledge, and beauty is a significant feature of the Mandala, enabling it to convey a teaching to the receptive. The Mandala expresses a knowledge of the laws of harmony. It is not concerned with the personal but with the transpersonal; not with the fugitive and the arbitrary but with the eternal. – Mandala, by Jose and Miriam Arguelles

We also ensure our kaleidoscope is reflecting back Source by remembering we are indeed part and parcel of the greatest kaleidoscope of all, the interconnectedness of all things. It is here we see that while we all experience the world through our individual kaleidoscope, perceiving life through a multitude of thoughts, feelings, relationships and epiphanies, we are all tiny mirrors in the larger, singular kaleidoscope of existence.

“The kaleidoscope can best be understood as a metaphor for a new world perspective. It is as if you took the dizzying multiplicity of people, places, and things in the world and placed them in an object case. Where there was division, difference, and apparent chaos, there emerges integration, similarity, and an organic unfolding.

“The metaphor offers a realization of a connecting, purposeful spirit that envelops the whole earth, connecting all organisms in an endless chain of life. The simple pleasure of viewing a kaleidoscope reminds us of the interdependence and interrelatedness of life on earth. The earth as seen from space is a living mandala, an organic whole, and as an image, forms a foundation for a widening of the human perceptual horizon and a broadening of thought and understanding.” - Kaleidoscope artist Dean Kent


All images by Kaleidoscope artist Andy Gilmore

Thank you Ram for inspiring this post; true guru…I love Her in you – you are beautiful, beautiful Steno!!!!!!

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11:11: The Universe Has Your Number – Pay Attention!


a great piece on the magic of repetitive numerical sequences…

Originally posted on Welcome to ghost talk blog:

You wake up at 1:11 AM several nights in a row. Your eyes are drawn to the digital clock at exactly 11:11. You see these numbers everywhere—on license plates, addresses, telephone numbers—until you feel the number 11 is stalking you! Is it coincidence, or is the Universe trying to get your attention?

If you are a spiritually awakened soul, you know that “coincidences” are obsolete, and to see something repeatedly is a message of some kind. In the case of numbers, the more you see in the sequence, especially if you see them repeatedly, the stronger the message! When you see number sequences repeatedly, stop and meditate on the number. What comes to mind?

It is not uncommon to see one sequence of numbers for a while, and then a shift to another sequence. This indicates a shift in energy to another significant area of your life that…

View original 1,403 more words

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Musings: 7/ 11, Moonshadows and 18 months of blogging

This is gonna be a quick one folks. Just a fast weaving together of disparate thoughts that need expression…

Eighteen months of blogging for litebeing chronicles as of tomorrow, 7-11-14. Where does the time go??

Just in time for another full moon to grace us with its presence ( Oh no squeals Mr. Bill ). Full moon in Capricorn this Saturday – Saturn’s day and Saturn’s moon. It lands in my 12th house, good times??

Which brings me to Cat Stevens…

Recently I viewed the latest concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It was such a fabulous line up this year. Cat Stevens was one of the featured honorees and his tribute and performance moved me to tears. I was so surprised to see him and doubted that he would perform since he left public life to pursue the holy life. But perform he did and it was awesome. I hungered to hear two of his classics that were not performed on the show. One of them is Moonshadow.


Seems very fitting for the coming full moon and the blending of time/ classics ( Saturn) and warm memories ( Cancer and the moon ).

Here is also a shout out to my old friend Arlene who first introduced me to Cat Stevens. We would play his greatest hits record over and over and over again.


Those were good times!

Blessings in the light and among the shadows…

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Lucky litebeing ~ published on 7-7-14

Welcome to my world!

This quote is the first line from the food show that started it all, A Cook’s Tour with Anthony Bourdain. There are some people you like right away and Anthony is one of those in my world. I considered his influence on me immediately last Saturday when I had an incredibly blessed and lucky day that involved food, film, and fancy.


By WNYC New York Public Radio. Cropped and edited by Daniel Case (Anthony Bourdain and Leonard Lopate) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Tony is not only a gifted television personality on multiple networks, but  a supremely talented writer, chef, foodie, philosopher and adventurer. Here is an excerpt from his book A Cook’s Tour,  from which the television show was based:

I wanted magic.  When is food magic?  What are the common denominators? Certainly. when food is the result of a brilliant  and obsessive personal vision, it can take on mystical, magical aspects. At their best, chefs like to consider themselves alchemists, and some of them, particularly the French, have a long and glorious tradition of turning lead into gold.

… Respecting the ingredient may no longer be an economic necessity in much of the emerging world, it is now  a pleasure, to be experienced and enjoyed at one’s chosen time and place.  When everything is just right. a well made tete de veau can be not only a thing to be savored for its challenging yet simple combinations of flavors and textures; it can, with the haunting power of sense memory, remind us of times and places long past.

Do you see why I worship this guy??

There was a time that I wanted to be linked with powerful men so that I could also feel powerful ( Pluto conjunct North Node in the 7th). Those days are gone, so I would prefer to be like Anthony Bourdain and write and eat my away around our planet, rather than be with him. Not that I would I rule out a romance if we were both single and the opportunity presented itself  :)

In any event, I have followed him from series to series and now have begun to read his work and he is a bit more spiritually oriented than the persona presented  on-screen. I will have to read more of A Cook’s Tour to see what other secrets are revealed.

After another busy week, I decided to escape to the movies. I went online to see what is playing at a beautiful grand cinema in the suburbs and decide to see Chef.  I then checked out some nearby places to stop for lunch. I knew there’s a decent barbecue joint in the area so I googled  it and discovered a new offering. It is called Lucky Well. 

I noticed this line on the front page of the web site:



More on this later…



wikimedia fair use



I thoroughly enjoyed Chef  and would rate it as one of the top 5 food movies of all time. High praise I know, but I just adored this movie. The splendid cinematography elevated even the most simple culinary preparations to extraordinary artistic heights.

Within just a few minutes into this flick, I was hooked. So often I will force myself to be patient and give at least a half hour before I start quipping ” Do I care about these characters? ” Not in this case. I was whisked away from the excess of Los Angeles to the vibrant clean salsa of South Beach to the chaotic, flamboyant magic of New Orleans by way of music, flavor, and whimsy.

The plot is simple: Give a person a chance to do what they love and watch them come back to life! Is there really a better message out there?

By jeffreyw (Mmm...pulled pork sammich Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


So across the street I discovered The Lucky Well. It is owned by Chad Rosenthal who recently competed on The Next Food Network Star. I grabbed a table and perused the menu. Shortly thereafter, my server Christina shows up. We initially encountered a few communication issues ( Mercury retro strikes again), but eventually came to an understanding. The pulled pork sandwich and brussel sprouts with garlic, bacon, and parmesan cheese were truly a revelation. Life was good, and lucky! Christina and I began talking soap operas, film production, and barbecue. Then we shared some of our favorite films. I kinda felt like we already were acquainted as our conversation progressed. I gave her my business card and thanked her for such a great meal.

I was not mislead by the 111 symbology guiding me to Lucky Well.  At the end of a fabulous lunch and enlightening conversation with Christina, the bill arrived:


get-attachment (26)


Notice the 111, followed by 333 pm and then  # 50003?

Did the owners consider 111 to be lucky?

Just wonderin’ !

My mom often referred to me as Lucky Linda. I never cared for it since it seemd to lack authenticity and appeared to be sarcastic in tone.


But in that moment at 3:33 pm, I did feel quite lucky.


image credits:

Anthony Bourdain photo by By WNYC New York Public Radio. Cropped and edited by Daniel Case (Anthony Bourdain and Leonard Lopate) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Chef poster via wikimedia.org fair use

sandwich image by jeffreyw (Mmm…pulled pork sammich Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

header via wikimedia.org free domain

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Mercury Retrograde – It’s over!

Shadow, what shadow!  Mercury went direct today and I say ” Thank God it’s over!” If you hold the thought in your heart, that the shadow is irrelevant, it will be :)

Hey, any excuse to post a YouTube video is a good one, but in this case it is well deserved.

I really did not care for Boz Scaggs that much when he was popular, but this song really drives the message home!


If only Saturn could turn direct today as well…

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