Live this Life

Hey litebeings,

This will be a quick one. I have several posts in my draft folder and a few in my head. Lately I have been writing like a madwoman, but that’s okay. It keeps me sane and that’s a blessing.

As we approach the Return of the Scorpios throughout most of tomorrow ( October 23rd) , I have a prayer for all of you.

Live This Life

It is short and long, sweet and bitter, tidy and sludgy, up and down, cold and damp, stifling and expansive, scalding and fiery, boring and exhilarating. All at the same time.

And it is all we have NOW.



That’s me up there, surfing in the higher realms, taking in the splendor of a Vanilla Sky.


I send you all love and light and thank you for surfing with me…

Until tomorrow, Namaste


image by Josephine Wall

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For bloggers and bloggettes – FYI

I came upon this weekly writing challenge on The Butterfly Effect today and it spoke to me. If time and muse permits, I may participate. So much of my journey seems to be predicated on this worldview.

This premise is very intriguing and is a natural for all spiritually inclined writers.

Here’s the link :


wikipedia free domain- no copyright restrictions period!!!


I was very strongly led to share this here with you, so I hope that many of you will heed the call.



image by public domain

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Scorpi – OH

Just two more days until the big eclipse where Sun Moon and Venus move into the Underworld. Good times!

So I am re-posting my Scorpio post from last year that was very well received. I don’t think I can improve on this, so I will let it stand on its own.


US free domain

Ahhh Scorpio, where to begin..  Well, let’s start with the featured header. It is a picture of purple chrysanthemums I took near my house. Notice how at first glance these scorpio flowers sporting scorpion fuchsia are out of focus, mysterious, difficult to get a fix on. Now move your laptop or device further away and notice how the image becomes clearer and better defined. This is part of the Scorpio nature. We are difficult to assess, but can become better known if you persevere and change your perspective. Now mind you, I planned to take a clear picture and it looked fine on my phone. But it translated differently and served me well to prove this point about Scorpios.

get-attachment (22)

This post is not going to be technically oriented or objective in any way. This is litebeing – right brain style, so get ready!  My intention is to describe what this season means to me and how I resonate with the Pluto/Mars vibrations. Yes it is all about me , because I am a true Scorpio and I want to share my personal associations with you today.

US free domain

Dark purple: the hue of plum, my car , black currant in tone,  aligning with the golden leaves outside my door, the world encased in a golden ray of light, luscious pumpkin, church bells, buried treasure, animal shelters, succulent squash, isolation rooms, pungent cranberries, weddings, woodsy mushrooms, explosions, meditation, dark red wine, candlelight, bittersweet chocolate, aged sharp cheese, crystal clear spring water, a stark, piercing, bright blue sky, deep silence, Led Zeppelin loud and raw, snappy autumn air, rapturous attraction at first sight, a blazing burgundy fire …

US free domain

Burnt orange, raw garlic,  seared meat on the grill, the first inhale of an unfiltered cigarette, stinging hot chilies, spiritual ecstasy, intricate mosaics, revenge, corruption, cobwebs, gunpowder, forgiveness, roaches scrambling up and down the walls, obsessive love, finger painting, hospices, moldy food, punitive rage, live improvisational jazz in a dark, smoky bar, New York City on 9/11, passing around a pipe filled with a beguiling pungent odor, piercing howls at 3AM, redemption, gripping depression coming for your soul……

US free domain

Maroon, complex Indian curries, emergency rooms, holding cells, the scent of musk, Ouija boards, double espresso, penetration, last-minute reprieves, reckless angry sex, black velvet dresses, landfills, a searing passionate gaze, cancer wards, brothels, the ruins of Pompeii, pounding reggae, wilting red roses, shuffling tarot cards, crackling thunder,thick menstrual blood, half-dead creature on the road, feces, molten hot fudge blending with vanilla ice cream, sheer vulnerability, aching in the loins approaching climax, a newborn’s first breath…

US free domain

Happy Solar Return to Sindy, Deelia, Heidi, and Lehua! Any other Scorpio goddess bloggers? I would love to include you. How about readers? Let me know who you are.  Where are the male Scorps at WordPress? I know you must exist. Come join the party. What does Scorpio mean for you? 

US free domain

Here is my take on the Mars influence – my favorite song as a teen:

Compare it with my take on Pluto ~ this song captures how I felt about a magical young man who eventually “captured ” me !

All Scorpio artwork courtesy of     US public domain

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Girls and Women through Time

Yeah its me again, using all the Throwback Mercury mojo to bring you more blasts from the past. Libra is stirring me back to art again, with the help of my mother this time. My mother is a talented musician who always loved history and culture. She can play piano beautifully and can do so by ear, a trait she inherited from her father. She also sings very well.  She adored school  and was an excellent student, but was not permitted to go to college. Her brother was sent instead while she worked to help support her parents’ household. She still talks about this disappointment to this day. My mother has lived a very traditional life , going from her family home  straight to marriage and children. While she did work off and on, she never had a career. Both of her children – daughters, have advanced degrees and careers. Both of her grandchildren – girls, are clever, bright, inquisitive, and determined. One of them has been recognized for both her writing and her artistic projects!  My mom once dreamed of being a fashion designer. She loved to sketch, yet she has not drawn anything ( that I am aware of ) in ages.

While introducing both myself and my sister to the piano proved futile, her artistic passion carries on in me. It was her aunt and uncle who indulged me with art supplies and made me feel less alone in the world. My mother’s love of history and art came together in this coloring book she gave to me. I believe we both colored different dolls in the book. It was something we could do together.

While I have not seen the book since early childhood, I found it on the internet. This was not easy, since I did not recall the title or author. But clearly my tenacity paid off:


$_57 (6)

$_57 (5)$_57 (4)$_57 (3)$_57 (2)$_57 (1)$_57

Which doll is your favorite?


I am so excited that I was able to bring this book brimming with joyful memories back to life. I often imagined myself wearing the exquisite period outfits. Some of my readers will chuckle to notice that the book included a native american doll as well!

My mother and I have little in common and she would wholeheartedly agree with me. (Her chart is predominantly fire and earth , featuring 4 planets in Aries and a Sun Mars Uranus Aries stellium.)  What we do share is creativity, addiction to books, a strong spirit and a kind heart. She also had the same complicated relationship with her own mother, who was more of a non-conformist. My grandmother, who may not have finished school, was also a voracious reader! Her North Node in Gemini lands precisely on my moon and she  used it well. She was such a whiz with cards and played a mean scrabble too.

I also honor the various roles women have enacted throughout history. Our diversity is our strength but our sisterhood is our birthright. We as women can do so much more united than divided.

Let’s care for one another.

 I am so grateful that the love of art is alive in me and my niece. I cannot wait to see how my nieces grow and develop into young women. They mean the world to me.  Please cherish the little girls in your life. They often grow up to become women who will birth others ( children, animals, ideas) into being.

Please listen to this soulful tune by Libra John Mayer. He may be singing about you. He clearly was singing about me …


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Poetry ~ Trust in the Slow Work of God

Mercury retrograde, or what I now like to call Throwback Mercury, is a fine time to dig through your stuff ( literal and metaphorically). I am on an art kick lately and have been re-viewing my drawings from the archives. I have also retrieved materials from my 2005 awakening week at Pendle Hill. As many of my readers know, it was there that I experienced a very dramatic mystical experience. I am especially drawn to two prayers/poems that were part of the retreat I attended that week. This retreat was on Spiritual Discernment and I went there in part to find my calling. Nine years later and still looking…

This magnificent class was facilitated by the glorious Nancy Bieber and if I have not mentioned her before, let me remedy that now.

Find her here. Wouldn’t you know it, she’s a WordPress goddess!

I want to share one of those poems with you today. It is really a wonderful statement on my current struggle during this recent phase of be-coming.


Prayer of Teilhard de Chardin

Above all, trust in the slow work of God.
We are quite naturally impatient in everything
to reach the end without delay.
We should like to skip the intermediate stages.
We are impatient of being on the way to something
unknown, something new.
And yet it is the law of all progress
that it is made by passing through
some stages of instability—
and that it may take a very long time.

And so I think it is with you;
your ideas mature gradually—let them grow,
let them shape themselves, without undue haste.
Don’t try to force them on,
as though you could be today what time
(that is to say, grace and circumstances
acting on your own good will)
will make of you tomorrow.

Only God could say what this new spirit
gradually forming within you will be.
Give Our Lord the benefit of believing
that his hand is leading you,
and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself
in suspense and incomplete.


This piece  below has been with me for decades. I made it as either a teen or young adult. My sense is that I drew it while in high school. I am posting it here because it directly demonstrates my wildness, innocence, and passion. I aspire to recover these colors and add them to my present palette so that I can imbue them for eternity.


get-attachment (55)


What I find curious is that my art during and shortly after the retreat did not match this level of intensity. Perhaps that is due to the life cycle process. I don’t really know. What I do know is we are all so much more than the sum of our parts ( or art). I am really happy I saved some of my work from youth. I drew and wrote all the time as a child and adolescent. I wanted to be a visual artist even before I fell in love with writing  and astrology. I may have been 4 or 5 years old. I vaguely recall the simple pleasure of color and patterns. I  actively delighted in the tactile play of finger paint and the soft pliability of clay.  Perhaps the predominant Libra energies are working their magic on my spirit, allowing me to honor the sacred power of beauty.  Art is Sanctuary.


Clearly my last few posts have been triggered by this eclipse season. But what about you?

How are you expressing yourself during this eclipse season?

What themes are dominant for you now?

How is the Divine contacting you?


For those who want to read a great book about the search for purpose: Callings

This book also fits in with my Awakening story. I realize that it was not mentioned in the actual Awakening article, so here’s the scoop:

While on retreat, I found this book at Pendle Hill’s library. I wanted to buy it from their bookstore, but it was out of stock. I was very disappointed, but eventually let it go. I would get it another time. After James and I departed, I wondered around alone on the grounds before going home. I went back to the bookstore and outside the window was a large display shelf. On the shelf were several copies of CALLINGS facing me! The books arrived while James and I were together. I highly recommend this book. It is a great read ; rich in narrative, soulful and truly inspiring.

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Recycling Mirrors




First a quick update:  The formal rejection letter arrived in my mailbox today and it leaves me sad and relieved. I prefer finality to ” suspended animation.” Now I am working on releasing this thought form so that I can move on.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. Your demonstration of support warms my heart. With Throwback Mercury, I choose to wait for my words to appear before responding. Please be patient with me as I work on putting the pieces together.  I am also very pleased that several folks agreed to collaborate with me on my unfinished artwork. I am so grateful to have a platform where I can let my creativity soar without restrictions.

Thanks and welcome to the new followers who greeted me the past few days. I am so happy to meet you and invite you to browse my posts and/ or use the random post oracle on the sidebar (Star Wars icon).


Now for something magical and whimsical and very “retro”. Back in March , a woman currently living in Canada ( but of Middle Eastern origin) found me and commented on one of my astrology posts. By “random” search, she came upon the site and discovered we are “astrotwins”. We are born just 6 days apart, the same year. We have maintained an email and FB friendship and compared notes on our lives. There are quite a few similarities between us. We have served as mirrors to one another.

She is an accomplished artist, among other things. A very astrologically astute, wise woman, she is highly  imaginative, well-traveled and very perceptive. She is a mosaic artist who specializes in using recycled materials to create new forms of beauty.

Here are some highlights from her website gallery:





quilt Mashied


We live a few hours from one another and may have a chance to meet. My faith in soul connection and blossoming into a fuller expression of my Divine Self flourishes when encounters like this “just happen.” The past few days I have experienced many opportunities to see myself mirrored in the reflection of the other. What a truly potent vehicle for heightening awareness.

While I feel very vulnerable and bottomed out in a variety of ways, the sun is shining, summer exists in October, and we are never alone.




There are companions who love us while we await the next mosaic gateway to appear..


In June I had a dream with Justin Timberlake that I took to my Spiritual Director for examination. On the way home from our session, I heard his new song on the radio for the first time. Welcome to my world where dreams often materialize, rarely as expected, filled with mystery and wonder :


To learn more about my astro-twin and her alchemical art ~


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Fill in the blanks, literally

It is a warm and rainy Wednesday in my corner of the world. This eclipse hit me so hard, I never saw it coming. Kundalini (or whatever ? ) left me with aches and pains and emptiness and some  mysterious cold ” thingy “.  My energy waxes and wanes. I find that music, candles, meditation, and Lee Harris seem to help mitigate the anxiety and my intermittent desire to just throw in the towel.

get-attachment (48)

Caroline Myss said on Oprah that conscious beings know when to let go of anything that is not theirs to begin with. Well it appears that I will not be doing the “dream job” that I have spent most of my life preparing for. That means it was never mine to begin with.  To put it another way, does that mean every relationship, residence, business one spends extensive time in is theirs by birthright? I don’t actually understand the totality of her message, but I like the concept of recognizing what is worth pursuing and what is not. But isn’t a mind a terrible thing to waste?

How do you find what is yours?

I must admit that I feel quite foolish for believing that all my life was geared towards this one shot to apply most of my toughest lessons to the service of humanity. My north node in Virgo knows it has to earn money and serve. My south node in Pisces just wants to chill indefinitely.  Sometimes it is just easier to keep distracting myself with books, games, movies, etc to avoid this sense of inevitable loss. With so much emphasis in my Solar 12 house, what else can I expect?

So I created this exercise that hopefully is more than a mere distraction. It could be very exciting and lead to all kinds of openings. We shall see.


get-attachment (27)


The picture above was created during my Awakening week in 2005. I worked on it at Pendle Hill and left it unfinished. I would like you to finish it for me and send it back to me for upload here. I don’t know how you will do this, but am certain there is a way to copy the image and add onto it ( I used markers and colored pencils).

I trust this invitation will reach the right people with the inclination to collaborate on this incomplete birthing of potential.

Help me fill in the blanks.




all artwork and photographs by © litebeing chronicles

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Hey folks,

It is really a blast to be able to post so often. Hope everyone is gently re-calibrating to the new wave of energies that have arrived on the scene.


public domain


Thanks to those who entered the Grand Fire Trine Giveaway. I will be contacting all the winners by email shortly. If you are reading this and realized you missed the contest, no worries! You can wait for the next one or contact me here about any of my awesome services. If money is tight, contact me anyway, we may be able to arrange something that is a win/win.


BTW, if you notice any typos or are unclear about any opinions or ideas expressed here, please point them out to me. I truly care that my writing is executed clearly and user-friendly. Since we are in Throwback Mercury mode, there are bound to be more errors and misunderstandings than usual!


Fractal_Art_Rosette (1)


Would you like to be the subject of my next interview? Do you have a project or service to promote or would simply like to share your story with a new audience? Please contact me here if you are interested or would like to know more about it.


I like to ask for feedback periodically so that I can continue to improve and engage more with all of you. What are your favorite topics among my articles? Is there something new you would like to see featured here? Don’t be shy, share your truth. Speak up in the comments section, suggestions are always welcome.

get-attachment (43)

Thanks for reading and commenting and just Be-ing here with me.

Happy Thursday!



fractal images by, public domain

pumpkin by moi

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Sparkling Leaves in Flight

get-attachment (45)

This morning I noticed something new. I watched several multicolored leaves falling from the sky ( from the roof?) and they were sparkling.    Since I was unable to photograph this foliage folly for you, I posted a picture I had taken a few weeks back that I found intriguing. As I watched the radiant harbingers of autumn dance by the window, I saw how they illustrate my mood. A midst the darkness and decay, a glimmer of wonder makes some impact. I have really been feeling the void and it has been awkward. Perhaps I have come down from the burst of activity of last week and succumbed to the land of fear and dread.

Isn’t there always decay and shimmer, waste and feathers, moonlight and fog, Pluto and Venus, congestion and solace, new patterns in deadening gridlock, retrograde and freedom to glide forward ? ….

Some of this is my inner reactions to the eclipse energy , while part of it is most likely attributed to Venus square Pluto in the sky. I have this natally, well almost, a couple of degrees shy. But with  Pluto conjunct the North Node in the 7th, I think I qualify. While that whole shebang will be discussed in a separate post, I did want to share why I am feeling so empty. The muck is being dredged up again and a poor night’s sleep sure doesn’t help either. But when I saw the sparkling leaves, I understood that I have not seen everything yet and there are more miracles in store. When you consider that we take in only an infinitesimal amount of the stimuli before us at any given moment, I really haven’t seen anything yet! We process so very little of what takes place before us. It really is astonishing, when you consider it.

So let me show you more for your eyes to contemplate:

While none of these three paintings display falling leaves aglow ( well, actually, one of them does, let me know if you found it) , they evoked in me a place of refuge and delight. Here is a side of Gauguin I failed to appreciate until today. I only knew of his Tahitian work until now. So much art, so little time..



Paul Gaugain public domain wikiart

I have a tale to tell about By the Stream, Autumn above. While I was uploading it, I had Facebook open. While uploading I switched to my Facebook feed and this very painting appeared right before my eyes! I was so excited by this serendipity that I shared it on the litebeing chronicles FB page.

I have plenty to sort out as I get closer to yet another solar return. What have I accomplished, what have I lost, who am I now? Much has yet to be revealed, but this current astrological weather is well suited for such soul excavation and discovery.

To learn more about these works and other Gauguin masterpieces:

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Angels in Disguise


I dedicate this re-blog to Dexter and all angels in disguise.

Originally posted on Tania Marie's Blog:

joy my angel

My precious little Earth Angel, Joy

When people think of Angels, certain images and ideals come to mind, but in fact there are Angels that walk among us and share their loving presence and grace with us in a variety of ways.

People are familiar with the term “Earth Angels”, but this doesn’t just speak to humans that seem to be sent from above at just the precise moment you need them.

True, Earth Angels can be a family member, friend, teacher, grocer in the check out line, stranger on the street, homeless person in the park….someone who shows up suddenly and serendipitously in your life.

But there are also Earth Angels that show up as animals that cross your path or that are your soul companions, as plant, tree, crystal, and rock beings, or simply as Divine messages and signs appearing as guideposts and answers to your questions.

In all…

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