7-11-13: These are days to remember !

When we were kids, my parents acknowledged all of our half birthdays. So at some point you go from 8 to 8 and a half. Or 35 to 35 and a half ( my parents did this too!)  My parents were married on my mother’s half birthday, which eventually became my sister’s actual birthday.  Still with me here??  It is interesting to note that the placement of the Earth in one’s natal chart is the exact opposition of the Sun. So your Earth placement marks your half birthday. Mine is in Taurus which is a splendid place for the Earth, don’t ya agree? On this lucky 7-11 Thursday, my blog turns 6 months old. It is having its first half birthday! So litebeing chronicles is celebrating its first Earthday!

Although the half birthdays were always mentioned while growing up, no celebrations took place at this halfway point. I don’t count half birthdays anymore, time flies so quickly from one year to the next. But I do want to celebrate this milestone for litebeing chronicles.  I love the notion of having a soundtrack to my life. This is why I often add music to my posts. Moments can glow when set within in a musical frame, which is how I define a soundtrack. My spirituality also follows this thread. My friend and I had decided to call the Divine ” The Scriptwriter” who supplied us with the storyline. We would improvise with our lines and the ultimate character development. I like this metaphor because it gives some structure to a seemingly random set of events and situations. So I chose a song for this special anniversary. I have selected a timeless tune to set the mood : These Are Days by 10,000 Maniacs.

These Are Days is about living in the NOW with awareness, gratitude, and love. I am so grateful to all my supporters old and new. I had no idea this blog would last 6 months and I am incredibly blessed with so much kindness and support. This is so much more than I imagined. Thank you for taking this journey with me.  My wish for all of us is that every day is filled with moments of blessings and Divine communication of unwavering love. The Quakers believe that every day is a holy day so they do not elevate one day above another. I really like this sentiment because it places the focus on the present.  I pray for the holy in every moment. Let’s all do our best to spread our collective light to help create  that ultimate manifestation.





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