Synchronicity key

I ” stumbled” upon this video somewhere and became immediately captivated. This is part 1 of David Wilcock’s video about his new book The Synchronicity Key. It features Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, repetitive historical cycles coordinated with the Ages of the Zodiac, universal mythology being deliberately planted and dispersed around the globe, glimpses into an enlightened age, and more…..

Watch this and tell me what you think. Is is fantasy, prophecy, or something else?

Reiki and me

I want to shout it from the digital rooftops  Reiki works!! I hope that I grabbed your attention dear readers, because you are in for a treat.

First I will share some background: I really am open-minded when it comes to alternative healing. I prefer it to Western Medicine because I abhor tests and am allergic and/or have lousy reactions to many medications. While I am lucky to have found some wonderful doctors who really care about me, their methods don’t seem natural. I am not dispensing medical advice here, just sharing my preferences! I was a fan of chiropractic medicine long before it became popular in the US. I learned so much about the body and healing from my amazing chiropractor over the years. Acupuncture – yes, I am also a huge fan. After I came to terms with my fear of those needles, I enjoyed the sessions and experienced some improvement in my overall well-being. I also adore massage and it has been an incredible stress reducer. It has also facilitated my recovery from several injuries I have sustained through the years. I was once quite accident prone, so I know where to go when I want less pain and more mobility. I also believe in the efficacy of energy/body work because I tend to live in my head ( like a good introvert). These modalities  can cut  right through the inner noise and transform the root causes of dis-ease or dis-comfort.

So back in the Eighties when an ex-boyfriend who I was seeing again ( yea you have read about him before lol!) told me he was trained in Reiki, I agreed to check it out. I trusted him and he is quite talented in many ways, but nothing happened! I figured that either I was blocking it somehow or he needed to get more training. Many years later I was invited to participate in Reiki shares , where people practiced on me for fun. It was pleasant enough and the people seemed to be credible, but nothing happened. I wondered if Reiki was a true healing modality or if some unknown issues were interfering with this process.

Fast forward to early 2013. I belong to two dream groups, one of which I helped create with two other women. One of those women is a Reiki healer. I really like this woman and she always discusses her enthusiasm for Reiki and her success stories. In my other dream group, the leader told us about this amazing psychic she met who was also an energy healer. She told us that she practices Reiki and has really helped her with some health problems. I began attending some of this woman’s gatherings and we are now collaborating on a project together. Around the same time I started this blog and began following Heidi of The Eagle and The Serpent. I found her blog only a few weeks into this  blogging adventure and became a fan. She is a Reiki master and blogs about all types of spiritual matters. We connected easily and supported one another. I have been around long enough to realize that when you discover a pattern, you should pay attention and take some action. I was really curious about Reiki and wanted to try it again. When Heidi decided to start her business I asked her about a trade and fortunately she agreed!

I had my one hour session one week ago and wanted to see what developed before preparing this post. I can honestly say this woman is gifted! I laid down and concentrated on my breathing, lying on my back. Almost immediately Dexter my trusty sidekick followed suit and plopped on the bed. I decided to let him stay and share the energy. Within seconds , I felt waves of heat move up my toes , then continue up my feet, ankles, calves, and then rest on my knees. This sensation was very soothing and unexpected. I have experienced coolness on my lower legs and feet for many years. I can never feel warm enough. I often sleep with socks on, and sometimes forget they are on during the night because my feet are so cold! This sensation of heat coursing through my feet symbolized a correction of an imbalance, a replacement of what had been missing for years. Imagine being bald and growing  back a full head of hair! Imagine needing glasses  and having your vision restored to 20/20! Imagine gray hair returning to your natural color! This healing was a restoration.

After that I noticed the scent of oranges and cinnamon. Then I visualized an orange and a bowl of fruit.

by Antti Vähä-Sipilä

wikipedia free domain- no copyright restrictions period!!!

Later I noticed some pressure on  the top of my head and some twitching from my left leg and left arm. Towards the end  while I gazed into my cat’s eyes, feelings of peace and profound gratitude came over me! I wondered  about the miracle that I can receive this blessing all the way from Great Britain. I was overtaken by  the presence of overwhelming love  and tears streamed down my face.

During the past week I have noticed improved sleep, better dream recall, some  bouts of fatigue, increased energy levels, and more sustained peace. The heat sensations came on intermittently for about 5 days. I feel that my mood has brightened with more spontaneous singing and dancing and overall vitality. In certain ways I feel younger and more vibrant.

I do not quite understand the dynamics involved , except that Reiki is a universal energy that positively impacts both the healer and recipient. This technique does not require that you be in the same locale as the Reiki master to benefit from the healing. The energy  apparently directs itself to where it is needed and works on issues even when they have not been directly mentioned prior to the session.

I highly recommend Heidi and invite you all to visit her blog for more info. If she can work magic on me, imagine what she can do for you.

Thank you Heidi for taking such excellent care of me!

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cinnamon image by Antti Vähä-Sipilä

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Labyrinth – Shining Star

We keep losing them. I had reblogged this post in honor of Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind, and Fire. The reblog got funky so I pasted the original here so folks can find it. I recently learned that the band got its name based on Maurice’s natal chart. There must be a super celestial group forming in the Afterlife….


While this litebeing fancies herself to be a ” big picture, forget the details, philosophical ponderer”, the INFJ side to my personality loves checklists. I really enjoy creating To-do lists and become absolutely giddy when I am able to check something off the list! Walking a labyrinth has been waiting patiently on that list for some time now. We are talking outside labyrinth walking, not the indoor stuff. Been there, done that. My inner princess has been yearning to recreate a time of yore, walking a medieval labyrinth in Europe by the castle gardens. I am wearing a long white dress , my long golden curls cascading down to the ground as I take on this sacred spiritual practice….

Now back to earth: I guess Philadelphia circa 2013 will have to do, minus the golden curls and white dress! I discovered an outdoor labyrinth built in 1999 not far from my home. It was designed in anticipation of the new Millenium. I decided today would be the day I make my pilgrimage ( by car) to Chestnut Hill College.

First, here’s some background on labyrinths.  According to Wikipedia:

 Medieval labyrinths and turf mazes –

When the early humanist Benzo d’Alessandria visited Verona before 1310, he noted the “Laberinthum which is now called the Arena“;[28] perhaps he was seeing the cubiculi beneath the arena’s missing floor. The full flowering of the medieval labyrinth came about from the twelfth through fourteenth centuries with the grand pavement labyrinths of the gothic cathedrals, notablyChartresReims and Amiens in northern France. These labyrinths may have originated as symbolic allusion to the Holy City; and some modern thinkers have theorized that prayers and devotions may have accompanied the perambulation of their intricate paths.[29] Although some books (in particular guidebooks) suggest that the mazes on cathedral floors served as substitutes for pilgrimage paths, the earliest attested use of the phrase “chemin de Jerusalem” (path to Jerusalem) dates to the late 18th century when it was used to describe mazes at Reims and Saint-Omer.[30] The accompanying ritual, supposedly involving pilgrims following the maze on their knees while praying, may have been practiced at Chartres during the 17th century.[30] However, no contemporary evidence supports the idea that labyrinths had such a purpose for early Christians.[31] The cathedral labyrinths are thought to be the inspiration for the many turf mazes in the UK, such as survive at WingHiltonAlkborough, and Saffron Walden.

Over the same general period, some 500 or more non-ecclesiastical labyrinths were constructed inScandinavia. These labyrinths, generally in coastal areas, are marked out with stones, most often in the simple 7- or 11-course classical forms. They often have names which translate as “Troy Town“. They are thought to have been constructed by fishing communities: trapping malevolent trolls or winds in the labyrinth’s coils might ensure a safe fishing expedition. There are also stone labyrinths on the Isles of Scilly, although none is known to date from before the nineteenth century.

There are examples of labyrinths in many disparate cultures. The symbol has appeared in various forms and media (petroglyphs, classic-form, medieval-form, pavement, turf, and basketry) at some time throughout most parts of the world, from Native North and South America to Australia,JavaIndia, and Nepal.

Cultural Meanings –

Prehistoric labyrinths are believed to have served as traps for malevolent spirits or as defined paths for ritual dances. In medieval times, the labyrinth symbolized a hard path to God with a clearly defined center (God) and one entrance (birth). In their cross-cultural study of signs and symbols, Patterns that Connect,Carl Schuster and Edmund Carpenter present various forms of the labyrinth and suggest various possible meanings, including not only a sacred path to the home of a sacred ancestor, but also, perhaps, a representation of the ancestor him/herself: “…many [New World] Indians who make the labyrinth regard it as a sacred symbol, a beneficial ancestor, a deity. In this they may be preserving its original meaning: the ultimate ancestor, here evoked by two continuous lines joining its twelve primary joints.” .[34]

Labyrinths can be thought of as symbolic forms of pilgrimage; people can walk the path, ascending toward salvation or enlightenment. Many people could not afford to travel to holy sites and lands, so labyrinths and prayer substituted for such travel. Later, the religious significance of labyrinths faded, and they served primarily for entertainment, though recently their spiritual aspect has seen a resurgence.

Many newly made labyrinths exist today, in churches and parks. Labyrinths are used by modern mystics to help achieve a contemplative state. Walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world, and thus quiets the mind. The Labyrinth Society[35] provides a locator for modern labyrinths all over the world.

In addition, the labyrinth can serve as a metaphor for situations that are difficult to be extricated from, as an image that suggests getting lost in a subterranean dungeon-like world. Octavio Paz titled his book on MexicanidentityThe Labyrinth of Solitude, describing the Mexican condition as orphaned and lost.


It was a sunny Sunday afternoon with low humidity and a whisper of Autumn crispness in the air. Once I walk through half the campus, I find the labyrinth hidden between the chapel and some bushes. I take off my wristwatch and get centered. I silently pray for peace upon entering and ask for assistance from my guides. I lightly make my way along the winding path, noticing the patterns of lightness and shade. I begin to contemplate times of enlightenment and darkness throughout my life. The idea of labyrinth as metaphor comes alive for me throughout this process. Once I enter the center, I stand tall and lift my arms up towards the sky. I feel safe and warm and loved. I then close my eyes and wait for any thoughts or images to emerge. I see a round dark red circle in my mind’s eye. I begin to think about both the planet Mars and the Sun. As I  finally arrive  towards the end, I notice a man and his son approaching the area. The man was wearing a bright red t-shirt. Once I leave the labyrinth, he says hello and we speak briefly. Then I go back to my car.  I could not help but notice that the man’s shirt was the same shade of red as my image! Coincidence? I do not think so.

I thought about the power of red and fire on the ride home. As I travel towards the parking area, the song ” Shining Star” comes on the radio. Oh how I loved Earth Wind and Fire back in high school. Shining Star was one of my friend’s favorite songs. She has the moon in Leo, so it does make sense! After all, the sun is a shining star and we are all infused with its radiant light!

I realize that it takes more than a few hours to integrate this holy experience, so more insights may develop over time. However, I felt strong and luminous and peaceful. I truly enjoyed my time there and am always seeking ways to embrace the modern mystic within me.  I plan to go back  and visit Chestnut Hill College again, and also explore some other outdoor labyrinths in the immediate area. If you enjoy walking meditation, get excited by circles, and want to feed your inner prince or princess, this could be worth checking out.


So for all you shining stars out in the blogosphere, this is for you!



image credits ~, public domain


With the Sun just entering Virgo ( and approaching my Sun / Moon midpoint) , it is time for me to get a bit organized. So here goes:

Award Design Contest Update: The Best Comment Award  Contest is in full swing.  While the entries I have received thus far are wonderful, I am hoping more people will get involved! With so many artists, photographers,  and computer geniuses among us in the blogosphere, the creative potential is staggering!!!

I am extending the contest deadline until September 15th, so that there is more time for all to join in, and to also include those who have been vacationing.

For all the contest details: And the 1000th comment is from

Thanks to those who have already contributed!  You rock!!  Please spread the word to those who enjoy a fun chance to compete and ” strut your stuff!”

Also, let’s give a big shout out to Shree for advertising the contest on her glorious blog The Heartsongs Blog.  While you are there, please check out her mandalas, so gorgeous!!

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Milestones: I am very excited as litebeing chronicles approaches 200 followers – a huge Namaste to everyone who has paid me a visit!  It is an honor to tell my stories to you and genuinely share my journey as I continue to find my way HOME….

Re-posts: I plan to re-post some articles that you may have missed over the summer, as well as some ” Golden oldies ” for newer readers. I find that sometimes when I reread a book or listen again to an old song, I get the message in a new way. Perhaps that is also true for you. Let me know if this resonates , you know how I love your comments and questions!!

Reiki with Heidi: I recently received a remote Reiki healing from blogger pal Heidi of The Eagle and the Serpent. I can be a tough customer at times and a bit of a skeptic, but this woman is quite powerful and gifted!! Once the dust settles, I plan to blog about my experience. If I were you, I would contact her ASAP for an appointment before she is fully booked for the remainder of the year!!! It does not matter if you are local or not, this powerful energy transmission is boundless and perfectly suited to what is needed.  Stay tuned for the full story coming soon……

white orchid, longwood gardens 2013 by litebeing chronicles
white orchid, Longwood gardens 2013 by © litebeing chronicles

While I feel some sadness as the Summer begins to wane, I have learned so much this season, and have enjoyed myself beyond measure. I eagerly anticipate the Autumn, with the promise of crisp air, vivid hues contained throughout each cascading leaf, and continuous expression here in our evolving community!

Did you get the call ?

This classic scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind clearly illustrates what can happen when a powerful image emerges and takes hold of an individual. Later on in the film we discover that many unrelated people have been seeing the same image and come together. They were chosen and heeded the call.

Dane Rudyhar – When I read the Power at the Crossroads post by my friend Monika at Symbolreader, I knew I had to reblog it. The quote that she cited by Dane Rudyhar spoke to me so directly and powerfully. Please read the quote below:

 What seems to me more likely is that the very basis of our science, our technology, our way of programming social existence will be altered. It may not be altered rapidly by man-made wars and revolution or by telluric upheavals. It may not be altered everywhere at the same time. There may be “germinal groups” co-existing with an increasingly deteriorating technocratic Establishment, whether at the global, or only at the national level. It is not even inconceivable that the parallel to a Roman Empire after the beginning of the Aquarian Age will be a network of deeply spiritually intent groups and communities whose members will not only intellectually, but occultly or “telepathically,” realize their unity as components of the global organism of MAN while the “Barbarians” will be represented by the power-greedy politicians, the intellectuals, the worshipers of university knowledge and of machine-technology. The roles may thus be reversed, but eventually the followers of the old order would become spiritually fecundated by those groups which they probably would have tried to destroy, as Germanic tribes became Christianized and transformed by the symbols, the language, the social concepts and to some extent the manners of those they conquered.

Now I do not agree with the quote in its entirety, particularly the intellectual bashing, but when I contemplate how groups are forming , such as here at WordPress, I find Rudyhar to be prescient. I want to use this post to explore the idea that when people begin to awaken, they obey the call and are guided towards members of their tribe.

 Martha Beck – Shortly before I read Monika’s post, I had just finished a book written by Martha Beck that had been recommended to me.  The book is entitled  Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck.  Initially I resisted reading it , because I have so many unfinished books to dig into, and the  described contents appeared to offer no fresh insights. I went to the library anyway, which just happened to have it available. Once I read the intro, I was hooked!

Please review the Team Member or Wayfinder attributes paraphrased below to see if they resonate:

Team Member or Wayfinder Attributes:
– sense of a specific mission or purpose involving a major transformation in human          experience, but unable to articulate what the change might be
– strong sense the mission is getting closer in time
– a compulsion to master certain skills professions in preparation for a personal mission
– high levels of empathy
– an urgent desire to prevent or lessen suffering for humans plants and animals
– loneliness stemming from a sense of difference
All team members possessed some of these :
– passion for music poetry performance or visual arts
– an intense love of animals
– difficult early life, often with history of abuse or trauma
– intense connection to certain types of environments, such as ocean or mountains
– resistance to orthodox religions accompanied with strong spiritual purpose or  yearning
– love of plants or gardening
– very emotionally sensitive, often leading to addictions, eating disorders or anxiety
– intense connections with certain culture languages or geographic regions
– disability in oneself ( often brain centered) or loved one,  fascination with people who    have intellectual disabilities or mental illness
– gregarious personality combined with deep need for solitude
– persistent or recurring physical illness, often severe
– daydreams or dreams about healing damaged people, creatures or places

I don’t know about you, but if you are reading this , chances are good that you possess many of these. I prefer the term tribe, but use whatever works for you!  I was amazed to discover that almost all of these apply to me.  Martha Beck explains that she discovered these key traits though her research. She later introduces four skills to help you prepare yourself for the cultural revolution and your role in it. She includes several exercises  and examples for each of the four skills listed below:

The 4 Skills

wordlessness – shift from the verbal to the realm of the creative intuitive and sensory
oneness – profound interconnection
imagination – key to powerful problem solving abilities
forming – manifestation into form via the three previous skills

I use wordlessness via meditation, oneness via communion with nature, and imagination I use, or it uses me, practically all the time. Forming is currently a hit or miss process for me. I find it to be elusive and mysterious and worth the application of effort. I suspect that I am using forming when I meet fellow tribe members!

NCGR Astrology Conference – I attended this conference in my hometown of Philadelphia this past Friday and Saturday. I have been yearning for years to attend one, but lack of money or time had alluded me. When I learned last year that an international conference was being planned for the summer of 2013, I thought I had witnessed a miracle and decided I would attend. I may blog about some of the lectures at another time. What has me mesmerized was the incredible ease I had in meeting like-minded souls. I do not mean to imply that all astrologers are like-minded. Yes there is a definite kinship within this group of folks who practice and study a subject that is long-standing and yet often widely ridiculed or marginalized. What I am referring to is connecting with those that share a common history and chemistry that is familiar and comforting.

For example, on the first day I meet a friend of mine from NJ who I knew was planning to attend. We have known one another for years and we have a nice bond. She introduces me to a friend of hers.  Her friend is not an astrologer but wanted to explore the conference. We discover we went to the same high school at the same time and her sister graduated the same year as me. But it gets better! She mentions a future trip to Pendle Hill and her job at Longwood Gardens. These are two of my power places! She does not live near either one of these places and Pendle Hill is not widely known to non- Quakers. What are the odds?  We all had lunch together. The place we wanted to go to was closed for lunch so we ended up at a restaurant close to the hotel. While sitting there I realized I had not been there for thirty years. The name and design had changed, but my college boyfriend took me here when he broke up with me! (The one from my Indian restaurant post. ) Apparently I do have some unfinished business from that time period!  While we chatted, we ( my new pal from NJ and I ) discovered that we enjoyed the same music , dressed similarly, and were in the same social circles in high school. We both have prominent Neptunes in our charts and I think we even look like we could be related.

Later that evening while walking to the train station I observe two women ahead of me carrying bags from the conference. I decide to introduce myself. It turns out one of the woman decided to attend at the last-minute when a friend who couldn’t go offered to let her go in her place. We exchanged birth data as all astrologers do, and we share Scorpio on my sun and her Rising Sign.  I am not just referring to the same sign or even the same degree. We share the same degree and minute! We exchanged some pleasantries and hoped to meet up on Saturday. Our paths crossed on Saturday and we hung out sharing about our lives and examining our respective charts. We had so much in common, even to the point of being left-handed. Her group invited me to sit with them at the dinner lecture. Apparently there was a free drink ticket provided to each guest. I threw out my envelope without looking for a ticket. My new friend found 2 tickets in her envelope and offered one to me! It just seemed like we were supposed to meet. Many of us noticed that while sitting together in the lecture rooms , people discovered great chart connections. I had a wonderful exchange with a lovely moon in Scorpio woman who sat in front of me. She asked me for career guidance and we discussed the path of the Scorpion woman. I could describe more scenarios, but you must get the idea by this point in my story. What astrology can beautifully illustrate with symbols is the synergy that occurs regularly in many mystical encounters. There just aren’t any charts to document the connections.


I hope you were able to indulge me with this long-winded post. It was important to showcase what happens when we are called and decide to follow through. Some bloggers have been discussing how there appears to be a powerful linkage occurring among like-minded souls. I wholeheartedly agree and wanted to put this idea directly out there. I do not believe it is simply for fun and friendship. I think it has to do with joining together those who aim to heal and transform our world.

Please respond in the comments section and let me know if you agree or disagree. Let’s have this crucial conversation and see what happens!


 Did you get the call?


love and lite, litebeing


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and the 1000 th comment is from ………….

Drum roll please :  The 1000 th comment on litebeing chronicles was made by Glorialana of  Glorialana’s Blog .  Thank you Glorialana for participating in this experiment I like to call blogging. I value everyone’s participation. It is so exciting to get people’s reactions, questions, observations, musings, and then observe the “cross-pollination effect”.  I have borrowed this phrase to describe what happens when one commenter replies to another commenter and then these comments make it to other blogs or Facebook, twitter, etc.. It is a metaphysical snowball effect that can even occur during the dog days of August!

Can I say Oh Happy Day!!

Now for the surprise! I decided that participation should be rewarded. For some time I toyed with the idea of creating my own award for commenters. I also kicked around some prototypes. What I discovered is that I do not possess the graphic design gene.  So now what ?   Do I abandon my dream?  Forsake the beloved comments and smiley faces? No way loyal readers!  Don’t worry ’cause I got this.

This is where you, my amazing readers come in:

Welcome to the First ever Litebeing Chronicles Commenter Award Design Contest. I am looking for a catchy eye-popping design that is WordPress worthy.


Have fun!

Use a global or international theme

Include litebeing chronicles and the word commenter in your design

Have fun! ( in case you missed it the first time)

You can submit as many designs as you want. Deadline is  9-1-13  .

 Email your submissions to me at .

The winner will be featured in a special post and will have their award prominently displayed on my blog. I will also award it to Glorialana. In addition the winner will be able to use this award on their blog  and distribute as they wish.

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!!

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so tell me how you really feel!

As the blog comment tally slowly approaches the 1000 mark, I want to give a rousing Thank You to everyone who has commented. From a simple 🙂 to a long sweeping narrative , and everything in between – I adore everyone’s participation.

So I had an idea: There is a surprise in store when litebeing chronicles receives its 1000th comment. Stay tuned: the current count is 925.


summer 2013 litebeing chronicles
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peace and light and heartfelt dialogue, litebeing