Did you get the call ?

This classic scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind clearly illustrates what can happen when a powerful image emerges and takes hold of an individual. Later on in the film we discover that many unrelated people have been seeing the same image and come together. They were chosen and heeded the call.

Dane Rudyhar – When I read the Power at the Crossroads post by my friend Monika at Symbolreader, I knew I had to reblog it. The quote that she cited by Dane Rudyhar spoke to me so directly and powerfully. Please read the quote below:

 What seems to me more likely is that the very basis of our science, our technology, our way of programming social existence will be altered. It may not be altered rapidly by man-made wars and revolution or by telluric upheavals. It may not be altered everywhere at the same time. There may be “germinal groups” co-existing with an increasingly deteriorating technocratic Establishment, whether at the global, or only at the national level. It is not even inconceivable that the parallel to a Roman Empire after the beginning of the Aquarian Age will be a network of deeply spiritually intent groups and communities whose members will not only intellectually, but occultly or “telepathically,” realize their unity as components of the global organism of MAN while the “Barbarians” will be represented by the power-greedy politicians, the intellectuals, the worshipers of university knowledge and of machine-technology. The roles may thus be reversed, but eventually the followers of the old order would become spiritually fecundated by those groups which they probably would have tried to destroy, as Germanic tribes became Christianized and transformed by the symbols, the language, the social concepts and to some extent the manners of those they conquered.

Now I do not agree with the quote in its entirety, particularly the intellectual bashing, but when I contemplate how groups are forming , such as here at WordPress, I find Rudyhar to be prescient. I want to use this post to explore the idea that when people begin to awaken, they obey the call and are guided towards members of their tribe.

 Martha Beck – Shortly before I read Monika’s post, I had just finished a book written by Martha Beck that had been recommended to me.  The book is entitled  Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck.  Initially I resisted reading it , because I have so many unfinished books to dig into, and the  described contents appeared to offer no fresh insights. I went to the library anyway, which just happened to have it available. Once I read the intro, I was hooked!

Please review the Team Member or Wayfinder attributes paraphrased below to see if they resonate:

Team Member or Wayfinder Attributes:
– sense of a specific mission or purpose involving a major transformation in human          experience, but unable to articulate what the change might be
– strong sense the mission is getting closer in time
– a compulsion to master certain skills professions in preparation for a personal mission
– high levels of empathy
– an urgent desire to prevent or lessen suffering for humans plants and animals
– loneliness stemming from a sense of difference
All team members possessed some of these :
– passion for music poetry performance or visual arts
– an intense love of animals
– difficult early life, often with history of abuse or trauma
– intense connection to certain types of environments, such as ocean or mountains
– resistance to orthodox religions accompanied with strong spiritual purpose or  yearning
– love of plants or gardening
– very emotionally sensitive, often leading to addictions, eating disorders or anxiety
– intense connections with certain culture languages or geographic regions
– disability in oneself ( often brain centered) or loved one,  fascination with people who    have intellectual disabilities or mental illness
– gregarious personality combined with deep need for solitude
– persistent or recurring physical illness, often severe
– daydreams or dreams about healing damaged people, creatures or places

I don’t know about you, but if you are reading this , chances are good that you possess many of these. I prefer the term tribe, but use whatever works for you!  I was amazed to discover that almost all of these apply to me.  Martha Beck explains that she discovered these key traits though her research. She later introduces four skills to help you prepare yourself for the cultural revolution and your role in it. She includes several exercises  and examples for each of the four skills listed below:

The 4 Skills

wordlessness – shift from the verbal to the realm of the creative intuitive and sensory
oneness – profound interconnection
imagination – key to powerful problem solving abilities
forming – manifestation into form via the three previous skills

I use wordlessness via meditation, oneness via communion with nature, and imagination I use, or it uses me, practically all the time. Forming is currently a hit or miss process for me. I find it to be elusive and mysterious and worth the application of effort. I suspect that I am using forming when I meet fellow tribe members!

NCGR Astrology Conference – I attended this conference in my hometown of Philadelphia this past Friday and Saturday. I have been yearning for years to attend one, but lack of money or time had alluded me. When I learned last year that an international conference was being planned for the summer of 2013, I thought I had witnessed a miracle and decided I would attend. I may blog about some of the lectures at another time. What has me mesmerized was the incredible ease I had in meeting like-minded souls. I do not mean to imply that all astrologers are like-minded. Yes there is a definite kinship within this group of folks who practice and study a subject that is long-standing and yet often widely ridiculed or marginalized. What I am referring to is connecting with those that share a common history and chemistry that is familiar and comforting.

For example, on the first day I meet a friend of mine from NJ who I knew was planning to attend. We have known one another for years and we have a nice bond. She introduces me to a friend of hers.  Her friend is not an astrologer but wanted to explore the conference. We discover we went to the same high school at the same time and her sister graduated the same year as me. But it gets better! She mentions a future trip to Pendle Hill and her job at Longwood Gardens. These are two of my power places! She does not live near either one of these places and Pendle Hill is not widely known to non- Quakers. What are the odds?  We all had lunch together. The place we wanted to go to was closed for lunch so we ended up at a restaurant close to the hotel. While sitting there I realized I had not been there for thirty years. The name and design had changed, but my college boyfriend took me here when he broke up with me! (The one from my Indian restaurant post. ) Apparently I do have some unfinished business from that time period!  While we chatted, we ( my new pal from NJ and I ) discovered that we enjoyed the same music , dressed similarly, and were in the same social circles in high school. We both have prominent Neptunes in our charts and I think we even look like we could be related.

Later that evening while walking to the train station I observe two women ahead of me carrying bags from the conference. I decide to introduce myself. It turns out one of the woman decided to attend at the last-minute when a friend who couldn’t go offered to let her go in her place. We exchanged birth data as all astrologers do, and we share Scorpio on my sun and her Rising Sign.  I am not just referring to the same sign or even the same degree. We share the same degree and minute! We exchanged some pleasantries and hoped to meet up on Saturday. Our paths crossed on Saturday and we hung out sharing about our lives and examining our respective charts. We had so much in common, even to the point of being left-handed. Her group invited me to sit with them at the dinner lecture. Apparently there was a free drink ticket provided to each guest. I threw out my envelope without looking for a ticket. My new friend found 2 tickets in her envelope and offered one to me! It just seemed like we were supposed to meet. Many of us noticed that while sitting together in the lecture rooms , people discovered great chart connections. I had a wonderful exchange with a lovely moon in Scorpio woman who sat in front of me. She asked me for career guidance and we discussed the path of the Scorpion woman. I could describe more scenarios, but you must get the idea by this point in my story. What astrology can beautifully illustrate with symbols is the synergy that occurs regularly in many mystical encounters. There just aren’t any charts to document the connections.


I hope you were able to indulge me with this long-winded post. It was important to showcase what happens when we are called and decide to follow through. Some bloggers have been discussing how there appears to be a powerful linkage occurring among like-minded souls. I wholeheartedly agree and wanted to put this idea directly out there. I do not believe it is simply for fun and friendship. I think it has to do with joining together those who aim to heal and transform our world.

Please respond in the comments section and let me know if you agree or disagree. Let’s have this crucial conversation and see what happens!


 Did you get the call?


love and lite, litebeing


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