11 Day Clearing ~ This too shall pass

I am a Scorpio type, through and through. Pluto is the modern planet that rules Scorpio  and regardless of recent events, Pluto remains a full-fledged planet. Pluto represents transformation. This involves excavation of the soul. The sprinkling of fairy dust and a few affirmations will not do! This is getting into the trenches and battling for the light.

I have a metaphor in mind that hits somewhat close to home. It reflects poorly on my domestic skills but I decided it was worth sharing. My cat Dexter keeps growing and growing but my living space has appeared to shrink ( due to years of accumulating books, stuff, more books, other stuff, books, etc. ) My tiny bathroom is where I keep the litter box. His litter box was small because of the space and he seemed to be fine with it.  I also will confess that I could clean it out more often. Dexter has a new prescription diet because of serious health issues. This has changed his litter box habits and let us say product. I began to notice that his litter box became a box of sludge! I spoke to the vet and he was not concerned. Dexter is thriving with the new diet and I am grateful. But cleaning the sludge has been quite cathartic for me.

Sometimes this image has entered my dream life and it has caused me to reflect. I have concluded that the more I grow and take risks and follow my path, the more shadows appear. My negative thoughts become more obvious and destructive.  People from my past appear in different states of consciousness, such as dream states, parallel realms, Facebook, and ” regular ” waking life! Physical symptoms appear in more bizarre forms. Like an onion, there are infinite layers to my psyche and my evolution. I have been buying onions recently and enjoyed chopping them and adding them to many dishes. I am making this connection as I type this sentence – love when that happens.

© User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

This may seem paradoxical but it is not the case. As I have told many clients, when we do the inner work, life often gets harder than before. I see this very clearly as I continue to excavate. Fortunately the shadows are accompanied by miracles in the form of insights, creativity, love, friendship, and grace. And on it goes …..

I have since bought Dexter a huge litter box and I was still able to keep it in the bathroom. There seems to be less sludge. I am working on other ways to clear out my sludge. Does this mean that I am ascending spiritually? I wish I knew.  I can say with confidence that there are rewards for living in the moment, prayer, meditation, dream work, discarding what is no longer useful, and grieving what appears to be lost.  Spirals also comes to mind when I ponder clearing and renewal. There is no linear and there is no there. 


As a final note: The band U2 released an album  All That You Can’t Leave Behind in 2001. When I first heard the song Stuck in a Moment while watching the video, I thought the song was created to promote healing for a national tragedy. Turns out it was written long before then,  but released about the same time as the tragedy. Coincidence ??  It came to me while I  was contemplating today’s challenge. Please listen to it carefully and see if you agree that it is perfectly suited for clearing and healing.


tomorrow’s post : Julianne  Through the Peacock’s Eyes

onions by © User:Colin http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/http://commons.wikimedia.org

spirals by http://freerangestock.com/