Poetry in Motion

What is poetry in motion? It is part of the first line of the song She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby. That is how this post’s title came to me today. But what does it look like from the inside out? It is absolute, unadulterated FEELING. It is timelessness and spaciousness rolled into NOW.

I decided to go outside for a nature walk to shoot something for today’s post. While I was sitting here on the laptop I hear what sounds like wind or rain.  I peeked outside and discovered that it was just beginning to rain. My first reaction was ” Damn I waited too long to go out!” Yet a few minutes later I grabbed my keys and cellphone, took off my glasses and walked out the door. The rain started to come down more forcefully and I decided to proceed. It is very warm today so it mimicked a summer storm. I did shoot one picture and realized that instead of hiding from the rain that I would embrace it! I felt so free and untethered. It was cold and wet and clean and exciting and I felt so in it!  I lifted my arms and let the forces move through meWhenever my thoughts turned to how soaking wet I was or will my phone stop working, I steered them back to the moment! I was determined to feel the moment and dance with nature.

To quote a term from the film Dazed and Confused,  I was LIVIN,  L-I-V-I-N!

So poetry is all about feelings for me. I write poems when I am full of emotion and I read poetry in order to feel something. That simple.

get-attachment (18)This was taken in the rain, still looks good !

I am adding a new poem today for your reading pleasure. It will be random and hopefully representative of today’s theme. Let’s find out together now …………….

This may appear planned but I swear it was random! I went to rifle through some old notebooks hoping to find one of my old  poems. I opened the first one I found and saw some sketches. I turned a couple more pages and saw some writing. I looked closer and saw it was a poem. It was written in 2005 and the title is Raindrops. Clearly I was guided here.


Raindrops, rain drops

all over the island of Love

Wet, sticky, musty, moist

Do I float or do I drown?

Where does the ocean end

and my tears begin?

Cry for the gulfs

Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Middle East

The Gulf between my beloved and I

Can one taste the salt

in both tears and deep blue sea?

Does  he cry for me?

Does he lie for me?

The rain splendidly showers

its music on the flowers,

iridescent treasures of the morning dew

Yet our jewels together were so few

Yet they shine like the Heaven’s light,

so shatteringly bright


I have compiled all my poetry posts here for convenient viewing or re-viewing.







Poetry Man is an old classic by Phoebe Snow. I recall hearing it many mornings on the school bus, thinking longingly about my high school crush. He did not write poetry, but he certainly inspired me to feel ……


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Raindrops by Litebeing Chronicles © 2005