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Cosmic Retrograde Challenge – We are set!


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Mercury went retrograde today.  While I am not superstitious about this poorly hyped cycle, I must confess that I already have a story to tell , entitled ” American Laptop Horror Story”.  I am saving this tale for a later date because I want to gain perspective so stay tuned ..

On a brighter note, I am happy to report we have a full 9 day challenge schedule.

Can I hear a big collective woohoo!

Here is the complete schedule for the upcoming challenge:

November 9 – Julianne

November 10 – Heidi

November 11 – Shree

November 12 – Karen

November 13 – Sindy

November 14 – Sue

November 15 – Barbara

November 16 – Lehua

November 17 – Linda

I will post this again as we get closer to the time for the  posts to make their debuts. I know that this will be an extraordinary opportunity for folks to experiment with the old and new.  Since this particular retrograde is in Scorpio, this energy can be used to dig deep, uncover old secrets and barriers, and then restore, renew, reinvent, and reemerge victoriously.

Does anyone have any Mercury Retrograde incidents to share as of today?

How did the Eclipse affect you? Let me know your stories.

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