Cosmic Retrograde Challenge – a quick review and more posts added!

crystals-inner-earth_thumbSue Dreamwalker

for more on this artist in our midst~ Sue

Both Mercury and Neptune went direct, thank goodness. I still feel spacey ( as only a Neptunian can), but I have some news so …..

But before the big reveal, let’s talk about this challenge and what we have seen so far. There are enchanted chariots, engaging rings, rousing rap music, animated books, profoundly awesome pendants, visits from old friends, powerful pyramids, flailing hippy beads, soul retrieval, and it’s just day 5!  If you have not read all the posts, please make a visit now and get up to date. The articles have been so varied – yet all the writers recount embarking on a uniquely memorable and sometimes surprising journey.

Mandelbrot_detail6 (2) 

BIG REVEAL 1 ~ Speaking of dates, Shelley from Psychic Pharmacy Tech has been added to the roster for November 18th ( see link below) and I know this will be off the charts wild and enlightening!  Thank you Shelley for taking the plunge.

BIG REVEAL 2 ~ I have added a bonus post for November 19th. So now the challenge has been expanded to 11, yes 11 days!  That is all I can say for now so you will have to wait until the 19th…

Here is the complete updated schedule for the upcoming challenge:

November 9 – Julianne

November 10 – Heidi

November 11 – Shree

November 12 – Karen

November 13 – Sindy

November 14 – Sue

November 15 – Barbara

November 16 – Lehua

November 17 – Linda

November 18 – Shelley

November 19th – Bonus post!

How have you enjoyed the challenge so far?

What has inspired you?

Mesmerized you?

Moved you?

Do tell!

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