So long Scorpio, a heartfelt adieu

The Sun leaves Scorpio today and makes its way into Sagittarius. While Scorpio still reigns, I want to leave you with some closing thoughts regarding  The Cosmic Retrograde Challenge. 

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I really admire these 9 beautiful women who took a risk and went on this journey with me. I could not have foreseen ( even with my psychic abilities) that such an emotional investment would be required. Here’s a tribute to 9 amazing women on 3 continents joining together collectively to look deeply within and unlock many mysteries. Thank you Julianne, Heidi, Shree, Karen, Sindy, Sue, Barbara, Lehua, and Shelley!

Please tell me what you gleaned from our stories :

What did you learn about yourself?

How could you relate to these women?

What emotions were evoked by the art, photography, music?

Did you notice any patterns among the posts?

What differences did you find striking?


When I proposed the challenge, I really did not realize how intensely heavy this experiment could be.  After much reflection, I realize that my two last posts were among the most emotionally intimate I have written here. I wrote my Song on the Radio article late at night and finished at 3:20 AM! I tend to write in the evening but this was several hours of pure heart and soul. I pushed away fatigue and kept typing and editing until completion. These exercises had really brought to a head what appeared to be previously handled , long ago  discarded material. This vulnerability is showing up in my writing now. I welcome your feedback as always about how this recent emotionally driven style of expression impacts you the reader. Is it a bit self-indulgent? Is it refreshing or detracting from my primary theme? Feel free to comment away and bring your honest assessments! 

Many exciting changes are in the wind for me and my blogging has made such a positive impact on so many of my goals. Working with the Sugilite really helped “crystallize” what really matters to me and where I will be heading in the near future. I sincerely hope you will all be with me as I make my way forward.

Goodbye Scorpio, I wish you a fond adieu…

Blessings and light to you my lovely readers!

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