Poetry ~ Gratitude

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G – Generosity of spirit manifesting in each moment, with each inhalation

R- Resilience in the face of darkness, supporting me through many a storm

A- Ability to share myself through writing, teaching, healing, BEING

T- Twinkle of light in a child’s eyes, the sunset, my heart

I – Inspiration that never ceases to amaze me and warm my soul

T- Treasures that unfold effortlessly and in a multitude of forms

U- Unconditional love , from Dexter, family of choice, my friends near and far

D-Dreams manifesting mysteriously and magnificently, especially here at WordPress

E- Eternal miracles, just waiting to be discovered, right under my nose

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holy-day. Maybe that’s because it arrives so close to my Midheaven, or perhaps it’s my mother’s incredible stuffing. Then again it could be the ability to include anyone you want at the table, without the pressure of gifts or material constraints.  Less hype, more substance.

I personally am not a fan of holidays in general. The Quakers were right in saying that every day is holy. It can be if we choose to live and love in each moment. What makes Thanksgiving sacred to me is the idea of a tribal feasting and gratitude practice. Frankly there have been some years where I had difficulty reciting my blessings round the dinner table. Life has not always been kind or simple. Tomorrow it will difficult for my family to shut me up when it is my turn to share my blessings. With tears in my eyes and a glow in my heart, I am so aware what a remarkable year this has been! No, it has not been without challenges, mishaps, losses, and delays. But this is the first time in decades where I have realized so many of my original dreams and desires. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself. I never knew life could be so incredible…

But then again, it’s probably the stuffing, yummy!

Wishing you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving, even if you do not formally celebrate! Let the love and bounty into your heart and tell everyone that you love them…

poem by litebeing chronicles © 2013

image by wikimedia.org 

21 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Gratitude

  1. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Just in case I don’t pop up here before Thursday, I am reblogging my poem
    on gratitude. I re read it and it still rings true today. Blessings on the wild Full Gemini Moon and a bountiful Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. Namaste, Linda


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  3. Happy and wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family! 🙂
    Loved the poem and it’s wonderful that you experience the joy in following your heart, allowing your perceptions to change and to be able to see the magic and magnificence of your life!! 😀


    1. Dear Shree,
      Sometimes I get incredibly overwhelmed in the throes of so much change, yet I have witnessed so many miracles over these few short months,
      I have been practicing gratitude practice for a few years now and it can be very helpful in changing one’s perceptions.

      Thank you for being you and inviting me into your world.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Linda!
    I am grateful and I love stuffing, especially my mother’s. 🙂
    Geographical distance keeps my family from gathering together anymore, but I am grateful for having lots of great memories of when we did.
    My husband and I will be at the beach for a couple of days, and I am grateful for that too!
    I am also grateful for discovering the blogging community and making some new cyber friends.


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