2013 Year in Review ~ The Year of the Blog

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Well here we are at the end of  2013. I have not done a year in review post before , so I wondered how to approach this. I decided to go heavy on imagery and metaphor and see where it takes me…..

So let’s proceed shall we, woohoo!

Please listen to this as you scroll down memory lane with me: Time Passages 1

Winter 2013 

hydrangea Dec2013

Calendars, bookstores, butterflies, new friends: New Year’s Day 2013 birthed my first story and I had not even begun to blog yet! I was all about the calendars and then some New Year’s magic and mayhem ensued! This year ( Saturday ) I broke with a very old tradition and purchased a Llewellyn Witches Calendar 2014 instead of their Astrological standby. Barnes and Noble was out of the Astrology version and this gorgeous version chock full of info on colors and animals and some planetary data drew me in! I also learned that you can cash in on the 50% off sale in late December. Is this new or was I unaware? Yet another unanswered question… For the details:   https://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/calendars-and-collisions/ 

I began the first few days of 2013 doing inventory for a local bookstore. I have spent so much of my life around books and have often fantasized about the inner workings of a bookstore, What would it be like to spend all day surrounded by hundreds ( or thousands) of books? Well , quite organically, I found out! Most of the people that I was working with were published writers. I was surrounded by fascinating writers of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  It was fabulous to soak up the atmosphere for a few days. For so long I identified as someone who had many writer friends. Remember FOBs – Friends of Bill ( Clinton)? I was a FOW – Friend of Writers. I knew I would be starting my blog soon but was not a true writer yet ( or so I thought).

Butterfly Tree

This is one of the first images I used when I began the blog. I did not know the source or the artist. I found this image on Facebook and I loved the colors and the butterflies. Little did I know that some foreshadowing was taking place: I would eventually meet my dear friend/ PR extraordinaire Sindy from bluebutterfliesandme, fall in love with the art of Josephine Wall ( the artist of Butterfly Tree), blog about transformation, and write a book review for my sweet gifted friend Julianne’s Butterfly Journal. I knew nothing about using images to accompany my writing and all that entails.  Seems like eons ago… I was so excited when I got my first follower ~ someone I did not know! Cheers to you James Fielden, my faithful follower, poetic soul  and fellow INFJ. Slowly but surely I began to follow other bloggers. I did not realize this was a community and that other bloggers would like my posts , comment, or follow. Was I in for a surprise!  Some of my early favorites ( that I did not already mention here) were Monika – who shares my love of art, astrology,  travel and Jung, Karen Kubicko – another friend who reawakened my interest in multiple lives and angels, the now defunct Crow and Valentine  and Fiery Ginger , Leaf and Twig  by the mysterious and exalted Seedbud who adds to my daily meditation with the perfect balance of poetry and image, sensitive photographer and sweetheart SethSnap,  the channeled words of Angelic Guides,  INFJ cartoonist and pal INFJoe, and INFJ brave, vulnerable and wise soul sister  Lehua. 


 Kaleidoscopes, love of lite and light, dream groups, the learning curve of technical blogging, astrology and connections: 

It took me some time to create an about me page. Eventually I looked at litebeing and explored how I could expand on my moniker. I adore kaleidoscopes and it all came  together organically. Interestingly enough, the patterns began to emerge. I met a new friend and brilliant energy worker Deelia who had a great quote on her blog from Jean Houston about kaleidoscopes.

I  reviewed some films  on https://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/litebeings-guide-to-the-movies/. One of them was Bee Season. I re-watched it again this weekend and noticed that the kaleidoscope was featured almost as a unique character in the story line. It was linked to mysticism and the Kabbalah. It focused on the philosophy of tikkun olam, or “repairing the world” and “reuniting its shards of light.”

This link on Kabbalah explains what happened before The Big Bang and the role of the light http://www.livekabbalah.org/index.php/home/level-1-b/basic-concepts-in-kabbalah/light-or-and-the-creation/

This article would have come in handy when I blogged about creation in https://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/musings-and-in-the-beginning/

Through Nuttgen’s imagery of kaleidoscopes, shards of glass and permutated letters, the Naumann world emerges as an extraordinary mosaic, delicately balancing on the edge of everyday suburban reality and mystical surrealism. ( kinda like my blog theme, hmmmm)

reference: http://www.writingstudio.co.za/page961.html

I took a brief class on lucid dreaming and formed a small dream group with a few fellow students. Taking more of a leadership role was  a pattern beginning to take shape. At the urging of folks at my other dream group, I had begun distributing my new business cards.  A few of my friends were quite insistent that I order cards. I decided to call myself an Astrologer and Intuitive Guide. I was not sure why I made this choice, but  intuitive guide seemed more authentic than therapist or counselor. The group also told me to include my blog on the cards, but I did not listen. ” What if this blog idea doesn’t last?” I thought. Looking back I wish I had listened to them. My life was quietly and subtly changing..

get-attachment (11)

I did not plan to feature astrology at first but the Universe had other plans ….

This picture of 3 beautiful souls was in part inspiration for my February post about astrology and ascendants : https://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/happy-february-why-astrology-works-a-biased-view/ 

Can you guess who are the 2 Scorpios and who is the Aquarius? The three of us were so filled with light, beauty , and promise. Why didn’t I notice that in myself back then? We were the 3 musketeers, and I shared my hopes and dreams with my dearest partners in crime. We believed in each other and brought out our better natures ( intertwined with teenage angst and drama). I saw myself coming back to life this year, uncovering and expressing more and more of those dreams and gifts. Many were packed away in ” psychic storage” collecting dust. Thanks to new friends such as fellow Moon in Gemini  INFJ Renate, the wickedly clever, talented and insightful  animal lovers Odie and OM, lovely artist and Philly home-girl Cynthia Jackson, and fellow SW and nature lover Cindy Knoke, admiration turned into inspiration. Their creativity and spark helped ignite my own flame.  I cannot let this season pass without describing my tenacity in regards to the technical side of blogging. I was here to write. What did I know of widgets, embedding videos, cropping images and using social media to publish my posts? ZERO. Don’t even get me started on the Flag Widget! Yet I used the stubborn fixed side of my personality to persevere and I succeeded most of the time.

Spring 2013 

summer 2013 litebeing chronicles

What’s in a gravatar name after all? The Year of the Snake, alternate realities and virtual reunions, awards, my photography, poetry and more..

When the Chinese New Year arrived we entered the Year of the Snake. And boy was it ever, in more ways than one!

Some of you may recall my original gravatar was a colorful bird. In the Spring/Summer I decided to change it to one of my own photographs. I finally learned how to upload pictures from my not-so-smart phone. Remember I blogged about my blooming poinsettia in   https://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/subtle-beginnings/I so wanted to show you my plant, but did not know how to upload the images to you. I have definitely come a long way since then. But there was more to learn and discover…

So I chose this flowering plant above as my new symbol because of the purple color and how the petals reflect the light. Little did I know I was using the Hydrangea as my gravatar! Even when I discovered its name courtesy of Renate who commented on: https://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/07/03/poetry-how-about-a-snake-with-your-rumi/, I still did not realize that this was the same plant.  It was not until months later when Sue mentioned its name during the amazing  ” blind” reading she gave me that I had been shooting this plant in different stages of development over time!


Summer 2013 by litebeing chronicles


summer 2013 litebeing chronicles

hydrangea Dec2013

Check out Sue’s dazzling auragraphs here ~ http://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com/art-and-hobbies/watercolour-paintings-auragraphs/


My childhood included many sudden and frequent moves to different states and 4 elementary schools. This challenging experience often prompted me to wonder about ” what if” or ” what might have been”  had I remained in one place for a longer stretch of time. I am very visually oriented and this photo above remained prominent in my consciousness. Through the magic of Facebook and some persistent efforts, I located 2 childhood friends from 3rd – part of 5th grade ( the longest time I remained at one school). It was exhilarating to reconnect and share our memories of one another. Around the same time I blogged about a trip into an alternate dimension in https://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/scenes-from-an-indian-restaurant-collisions-of-parallel-time/.   Feedback and support from Roxie aka Shelley, Heidi, Shamanic goddess, and Cynthia Sue made a world ( quantum world) of difference. Communing with fellow seers, shape-shifters, healers, and alchemists reawakened the parts of my soul that needed a gentle nudge!

The Spring also brought a crisis of faith that shook me to my core. This crisis resulted in more enlightenment through the kindness of others. I was rewarded with poetry from inside me and blog awards from my peers! Thank you Tazein and Ajay for noticing me and in such a loving way. While my writing was reaching people in India and Singapore and Australia, my heart chakra was being opened by angels in my neighborhood. Check out these chestnuts that reflected these openings:




Summer 2013


Interview, book review, barter, reunions, Astrology conference

I happened to discover a blog by one of my new followers, a young college student/ ballerina, author, renaissance woman Amber. I was immediately drawn to the lavender star format. I was also struck by her raw, honest musings on her life with bipolar disorder and the world of publishing. Soon thereafter I am winning eBooks, reading the review copy of When Stars Die, and invited to be interviewed by Ky Grabowski. Remember the FOW? I was beginning to truly transition to writer. I hosted a  111 Global Party to celebrate 111 followers and created a virtual bash complete with world music and free astrology readings. This idea triggered the concept of rewarding my 1000th commenter and launching an award contest. As so often happens in my life, one idea births another and yet another, with the birthing process taking on its own momentum and pace. These events brought more new friends to the party like the enchanting Glorialana, and earth mother/ colorful writer Tamrah Jo.

Read about Amber’s When Stars Die  https://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/book-review-when-stars-die/

 Through the magic of Facebook one of my best friends from high school reconnected with me and she came to visit from Texas. We had not seen each other in about twenty years. She is the Aquarius featured earlier in the post. Talk about seamlessly catching up without missing a beat. Connections that can be sustained throughout a lifetime are precious and rare! Around the same time I attended the NCGR Astrology conference hosted in Philadelphia. Spending time with my beloved community inspired me to do more readings and  really put myself out there. Coincidentally or not, I was offered a chance to teach an Astrology class for the very first time! So part of my Summer was spent bartering services with fellow bloggers, developing my lecture materials, and thinking about my future. What am I called to do now?

Fall 2013 

get-attachment (18)

Cosmic challenges, more new friends, recognizing what is hiding in plain sight, birthday blues, teaching and learning along the way

After a very busy summer doing more of what I truly love, the Fall arrived. I taught my first class and was received warmly. I continued to give out my business cards and test my intuitive/ clairsentient/empathic skills. I hosted a blog challenge on astrology and alchemy called the Cosmic Retrograde Challenge. This required both leadership skills, patience, and the willingness to be open to how this experiment may impact me. I came away quite surprised and a bit overwhelmed.  There were a few Wizard of Oz moments that are still being integrated slowly but surely. But new friends like brilliant , ever curious  Shree , loving insightful Sue, and contemplative yet engaging Debra made the journey worthwhile. While some melancholy set in around my birthday, I continued to  practice gratitude, clear out old ghosts, and claim more of my power.

WordPress Chart

Going public, WordPress and Facebook style, weaving a community tapestry, releasing old ties and forming new alliances

As the year began to wind down, so did my energy. Saturn was beginning to have its way with my Scorpio placements and would not be ignored. But I continued to persevere, execute some new goals, and soldier on. I  also continued to receive offers to partner with bloggers on projects and challenges like this full-fledged Astrology Article with Julie:


I also enhanced the blog with a Services Section and created a Facebook page. I have begun providing Astrology Services by Skype, phone, and email. I am really enjoying integrating all I have learned and creating new ways to serve the world. All of you make me better and the ideas and stories keep pouring out of me. I really did not think there would be so much to say or do.  I also quit my 11 year therapy practice this month. It was a painful decision but clearly the right one at this time. Sometimes a situation requires one to let go before any real damage is done. Another opportunity to let go gracefully had emerged before 2013 was finished with me. With so much in the works already, I am eager to kiss this year goodbye.

End of year 2013 ~

hydrangea Dec2013

Lessons learned: 2013 from beginning to end was an exceptional year for me. In fact it was a turning point.  I learned so much this year. One huge lesson was that old dreams never really die entirely. I had finally made the decision to honor the child within who loves to express herself by writing and inspiring by seeing the world differently. I put myself out there and it was about time! A sense of urgency within collided with signs in the environment and I went for it!  Another important lesson is to let life flow more, despite my need/habit to control everything. I also noticed that like-minded people can do so much more in service together than separately. The key is attracting people who are truly like-minded. We are so inextricably interconnected. When there were floods and fires in Colorado, I paid more attention. If there’s a festival in Kuala Lumpur, I sense the excitement because I know someone there! When the news focuses on Belarus or the UK, I think about how my friends are being affected. Truth is, we are all together, everywhere and every moment. Finally, some patterns are waiting to be revealed while others remain elusive.  Perhaps I can be still and make peace with the mystery. 

 Blog of the Year Award 2013
Blog of the Year Award 2013

Thank you Ajay, Glorialana and Julie for 3 awesome Blog of the Year Awards! I am so grateful to be recognized by such accomplished creative spirits. Since 2013 is the Year of the Blog for me, if I mentioned you in this post, you won this Award! All of you propelled me further by being you and extending yourself to me.  Thank you. While I could not mention everyone,( it would take another week to finish this post…) please do not assume you did not impact me because you did! Like food and travel bloggers Rachel at Eat, The Escape Artist, and Fae. Or my male blogger pals Eddie, Eric, Dennis, Gray and Michael. Or Barbara, Aleya, and Anne. And on it goes…

In the spirit of alternate realities, I offer you another version for your listening pleasure:   Time Passages 2

 One last mystery before I close, was this a  Year in Review post masquerading as an Awards post? Or an Awards post masquerading as a Year in Review post?

Embrace the paradox and have a Deliteful 2014!

Cookies and Collisions – A Holiday Tale

I have not written a Collisions story lately so I am very happy Spirit graced me with one that complements this Season of Miracles. Frankly I have had a rough few months and the stress has affected my outlook. I have been feeling weary with a decreased energy level. Saturn transiting all my Scorpio planets in the 9th house (beliefs and expansion) has taken its toll. However, Jupiter just retrograded back on my Mars, giving me the ” bump” I need to weather these challenging times.


This past December 13th, Friday 12-13-13, began like any other. It started off rather mundanely , but I am happy to report that I did not succumb to the negative hype of Friday the 13th. Thank you Sindy and others for enlightening me about the majesty of the number 13. I spent some time online before making a run to get some holiday cookies. I decided that day (on impulse) to indulge in some sugar at Bredenbecks. I love this bakery that has gorgeous gingerbread houses. scrumptious pies, and delightful sugar cookies! Prior to my outing, I heard from my pal Heidi. She contacted me to let me know she included me in her group  Reiki healing! I was truly grateful that my friend decided to include me in this way. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

So I traipse off on this cold and snowy day to get some cookies and perhaps a slice of chocolate cheesecake. As I drive up the hill, I consider the icy conditions and the cobblestone street. I quickly and quite unceremoniously wish to find a spot with some time left on the meter.  I prefer to avoid going through the snow and ice and up the cobblestones just to get to the meter. This was just a fleeting wish; I was not really expecting anything. Then I find a spot near the bakery. It is by an expired meter but I am cool with that. Before I can begin to parallel park, a woman motions me towards her. I pull over to find out what she wants. ” I have 35 minutes left on my meter so come with me!”  I am thinking, ” Wow, can she read my mind?” So I drive up to her spot. Not only does she offer me her spot, she begins to direct traffic and guide me into the vacant parking space. I kid you not!

Now here is the really interesting part of this tale: I have this flash about the Universe while all this is going on. While I am attempting to parallel park ( not my strong suit I’m afraid!) I being to imagine a world in which everything conspires in your favor. Where all possible and unimaginable resources operate seamlessly and automatically.  All you  have to do is align yourself and cooperate with the flow!” I promised myself I would remember this , because I sensed it was important.

After I got out of the car, I asked this angel for her name and I shook her hand. I wanted to make sure she was real.  She told me her name was Cynthia. She just radiated kindness and love. I shook her hand and thanked her. She then told me that I should get the snow off the roof of my car because it was dangerous and that I might get a ticket. I saw her again after I left the bakery. I waved at her and she waved back . She was helping a woman in a wheelchair. I wondered if she knew the woman or was just extending more generosity to others.  I thought about Heidi’s healing and my impulsive decision to get cookies. I wondered what universal laws were in operation. I also hoped I could keep this epiphany alive within me.

wikimedia free domain


I am not typically on board with this recent talk of immediate manifestation of abundance. Apart from finding a parking spot in  a crowded lot a la Parking God, I have not been much of a manifest-er. I like the idea of it. I have created a vision board and tried some other practices designed to counteract poverty consciousness and other self-defeating beliefs. Maybe its my current state of weariness or plain old-fashioned cynicism. I have not had much experience with this particular phenomenon so I have no ” hard evidence.” Well this past Friday the 20th ( a week after my Divine collision) I had a medical appointment. The medical practice moved to a larger office space. It was decorated with stunning artwork that was simply breathtaking. On the counter were several small, sparkly, purple Poinsettia plants. I had not seen these before and I was in love… I asked the receptionist about them and she said that they were painted. She inferred they were painted for the medical practice. I told her ” I want to get one!” I did not really hold the thought. In fact, I quickly forgot about it. 

Fast forward one day ahead to Saturday. I go to the supermarket for a few items and hope to purchase a small Poinsettia as well. The pickings were slim and I told myself to accept what is. I was a bit disappointed, but would not buy an unhealthy plant just to appease my desire to uphold my yearly tradition. On the way home I decide to go to one more store. I recalled that they have had a large selection of plants and flowers in the past. I take a quick survey of their holiday plants section.  I notice they are also practically sold out. I am about to leave the store empty-handed when I see a row of small purple Poinsettia. They were identical to those I saw at the medical office! There were only a few left but I found one that was in good condition. I was almost in shock because I believed that the ones I saw were specially made for my doctor’s practice. Did I misunderstand the receptionist? Did it really matter? Just like with the meter, I briefly held a thought without expectation and look what happens….

get-attachment (9)

Am I participating in this mass Awakening/Ascension that is being discussed online? Is the key to success what Buddhists call non-attachment? In both of these situations I desired the unexpired meter and the unusual purple plant.  Yet I was not feeling dependent on, or even particularly invested in the outcome. I am utterly amazed and quite baffled by the turn of events. Let me know what you think happened here.  I could really benefit from your experiences with intention.

Please listen now for Divine enjoyment:    The voice of an Angel

I got goosebumps the first time I heard this on the radio.



Related posts: https://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/everything-old-is-new-again/


baked goodies available online at Bredenbecks

cookies photo courtesy of wikimedia.org public domain

header and Poinsettia photo by litebeing chronicles ©  2013

By Jens Jäpel (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) or CC-BY-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

A Dream Sampler ~ My Winter Solstice Tribute

Some readers have been interested in my dream groups, and more specifically the content of my dreams. I have been hesitant to blog about my dreams because I do not like being analyzed. As a psychotherapist, I am sensitive to those who tend to pathologize or judge the inner experiences of others. When I assist another in dream analysis, I take special care to empower the dreamer and avoid labeling or limiting the multitude of layers potentially contained within each dream.


Having said that, I see that my desire to inspire and advocate for dream work overrides my worries over being labeled or pigeonholed. So I have assembled a dream sampler for you today! This sampler is an assortment of various dream types. All of them have been quite meaningful because they have provided me with guidance or insight into the larger workings of Source as well as my individual psyche. I had this idea swirling around for months but chose to post now in time for the Winter Solstice. I love the night and have the most mind-blowing, soul-stirring adventures while asleep. So here’s to the power of the dark and the majesty of the night..


This sampler will give you a taste of some interesting types of dreams I have had over the years. I will take you back from the most recent one back in time, to provide some perspective.

Dream 1 –  October 2013

This is a long dream sequence with Richard Gere and a former boyfriend. We are having dinner together, just the 3 of us. We are at a formal function. I am enjoying myself. I discuss with someone ( not sure who) having spent 7 years with this man, but not marrying him. Later I tell people I have met Richard Gere. He looks about 10 years younger than his current age. He has dark hair and is not wearing glasses. At some point the scene jumps to my bedroom and I hear the song ” Up Where We Belong” from the film An Officer and A Gentleman. I tell myself it is okay to listen to this song that once was associated with myself and a different ex-lover.  Richard Gere starred in that film and the title track was ” our song  “- for me and my college boyfriend.

After jotting down some notes in my dream journal, I go online. I go to the AOL page and glance at a headline about Richard Gere. It reads ” My lunch with Dakota Fanning.” I think, hmm maybe I dreamed I was Dakota Fanning. But no, it gets better : He is living in my city and dined with her here. They are filming a movie together in Philly! This article was written just one day before my dream. I had no idea he was working or living here.



Dream 2 – Lucid Dream, March 2013

I am in my bedroom and I am about to turn on the lamp. I stood up and looked around and knew it was not my room. I told myself ” I am having a lucid dream!” I knew upon opening the bedroom door that an unknown world waits upon my in the hallway. I see a few strangers who appear a few years older than myself. They are gathered around what appears to be a kitchen table. The surroundings are bare white, and not very engaging. I quickly ask myself what do I want to do here? I address the 2 men and 2 women and say ” What do you want to tell me?” I left it open-ended because I did not want to influence their responses. I tried my best to be quiet and really listen. What I heard mostly was unintelligible nonsense. The first man seemed disappointed in me. The first woman asked me to take a seat. I knew they all wanted me to make changes but I was given no direction. One of the women said to change something” even before baby-sitting.” That was the only phrase that I could decipher.


Dream 3 – Epic Dream, About 2-3 years ago

I call this an epic dream because it was spectacular in scope. I was in Cambodia with my friend who lives there now. He runs a spiritual retreat center. Teaching yoga is one of his many roles at the retreat. We are sitting together with a group and we are up high above the ground. Everything I can see and hear is over the top in color, vibration and scope. It is beautiful beyond words and unlike anything I have seen while awake. We are breathing quickly and deeply and we are also chanting.  I am in an altered state. I am ascending and I am in bliss. When I wake up I am still feeling the peace and ecstasy. I go online almost immediately upon awakening. I go to Facebook and begin to read the news feed. At the very top is a post that reads ” Cambodian Dream”.  I read it and it is a story about my friend’s retreat !

Dream 4 – About 7 years ago

This dream happened on either a Friday or Saturday night. I am at a local Chinese restaurant and I am eating wonton soup. It is the best I had ever tasted. I do not remember much else. Rarely do I try to recreate a dream  while I awake, but on this occasion that is exactly what I did. I had to have that soup.  I went there for lunch that afternoon and ordered the wonton soup. I was seated in a side room where I typically do not sit. It is by the door and also the bar where people order takeout. I am savoring my soup and wondering why I felt so compelled to do this, Close to the end of my meal I notice a woman waiting for her takeout order. She looks vaguely familiar. ‘ I know who she is, Dr. Robin!” Dr. Robin is a psychologist and was a frequent guest on Oprah at the time. I decide to introduce myself.  I tell her that I am a therapist and ask her if she is from this area, She replies that she lives in the Phila. area and often frequents this restaurant. I tell her that I am a fan and very impressed with her success, She is very kind and gracious. I am very pleased that I took the risk of introducing myself. I receive the requisite fortune cookie with my bill. Read the message below! ( I still kept it after all these years.)

get-attachment (6)

Dream 5 – Pre-cognitive dream, February 1999

Backstory: I am working as a Social Work Supervisor for a unit of Child Welfare workers. One of the workers was in her 40s and taking some time off to have surgery. I will call her Terry. I do not know the details about her health, but on her last day before taking medical leave, I speak to Terry as if I may never see her again. Fast forward a few weeks later, I am told Terry’s  surgery went well and  that she is recovering successfully.

On a Sunday night I am dreaming of Terry. We are going to a service. She tells me it is her aunt’s funeral. I recall very little detail. When I wake up I find it unusual to be dreaming about her. It is Monday morning and I am about to enter my office. Before I could get their, my supervisor stops me. He takes me into his office to tell me that Terry has suddenly passed away!



An interesting dream prompt: I want to end this sampler with a tool that was at my disposal for many years. I created this by trial and error and it worked for a very long time. I had a childhood friend from 6th grade through the end of high school. I will call him Greg. We were not very close but we had some friends in common and we would party together. He was in a band and we both loved the Grateful Dead. We also spent part of our summer together the year after graduation as both our families rented rooms at the same place down the shore. I only saw him once or twice after that summer.

What I noticed was that Greg kept appearing in my dreams. Because he was not a love interest or a very close friend, I did not have a profound emotional link with him. I decided at some point that he would become my prompt. Whenever Greg appeared, I would know that I was dreaming. This went on for several years. I would be in a non-lucid state, notice Greg, and then have the epiphany that I was dreaming. It has been quite some time since he has appeared, but we had a good run! Has anyone tried this or something similar?

Please use the Comments section to share some dreams.

Describe your Epic Dreams, Pre-Cognitive and Lucid Dreams !

Have I left out any dream categories that you have experienced?

What patterns have you discovered?

Wishing you a gentle, healing Solstice …….

header courtesy of  Jens Jäpel (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html))], via Wikimedia Commons

art by Josephine Wall


A Lifetime of Miracles

 I am not really a holiday person. I have written about this before. Yet at certain times in my life I have wished to embrace and experience firsthand the ” miracles of the season” that many have talked about. So far this season has been bleak for me. Yet this morning I looked out the window and noticed the birds are back. And I spotted a lone red bird ….

So I am reposting my poem Grace Everpresent as my Winter Solstice Message to you. There are many who are in need of love, abundance, comfort, etc at this time. I feel for you. I know you. I AM you.


litebeing chronicles


Grace Everpresent

Where is Grace?

Grace is realizing the car keys are in your other pocket

Grace is when the cop gives you a warning this time

Grace is when the red birds descend on your terrace ” just because”

Grace is when you discover your checkbook error

that you subtracted one hundred dollars by mistake

Grace is when the sky opens and the sun tells the clouds to get lost for a spell

Grace is the neighbor’s cat who snuggles with you after yours has passed away

Grace is the stranger who helps you pick up your groceries off the floor

Grace is the MRI that reveals you don’t have that illness after all

Grace is accepting what is and surviving with renewed hope

Grace is a whole heart after a lifetime of shatters and scars

Grace is a million new beginnings

Grace is finding love way past your prime

Grace is everpresent

© litebeing chronicles 2013


I wrote this poem , or rather this poem wrote me, from a place filled with a mixture of despair, emptiness, hope, and gratitude. Your response has been wonderful and I thank you.  My poetry has always been fueled by intense emotion and manifests only when it is good and ready. Stay tuned for new arrivals in future posts.

bird image courtesy of freerangestock.com

10000 views, how to say thank you?

Just a quick message to everyone who has graced this blog and my life with your presence. litebeing chronicles hit the 10,000 mark today. Thank you!

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I wish I could find 10,000 ways to say thank you, but I cannot. Please know that your interest in my journey has been so rewarding and at times almost difficult to take in. It is truly humbling to realize that I have indeed found my voice. And that I am not the only one listening to it! Tomorrow December 11, 2013 will mark 11 months of blogging here at beloved WordPress. It is astonishing to me that in this short time I have accrued close to 300 followers and over 2000 comments. I was not planning to blog today , but when I noticed hitting the 10,000 mark I was overjoyed. I knew I could not let this moment pass without some form of acknowledgement.

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Taking this leap of faith has opened my life up in ways that were beyond the scope of my imagination. With my overactive imagination, that is quite a feat! Miracles do happen all the time and this blog is one example of a dream made manifest. I may not have 10,000 ways to thank you, but I will thank you with every word, image, and sound that take form on each page. That is my promise to you.

Per usual, a thought popped into my head while typing. I heard the words ” I realized a dream..” This is from the song Vision of Love.  Please enjoy this beautiful song that gives YOU, the reader, a glimpse into my heart. When you listen, keep in mind that every step begins with a dream….


Poetry ~ The Guest House

I did not plan to blog today. While in the midst of a personal emotional roller coaster ride, I learned of the passing of Nelson Mandela. When I considered the magnitude of his challenges, I realized that I could benefit from a serious perspective shift.   So I  decided to take my temporary angst and convert it into a fine elixir of truth. Rumi always works for me during moments like these. I have shared this poem on this blog once before, but I never tire of its message…


The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.


Written by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Jalal al-Din Rumi was born on September 30, 1207 in Balkh (Afghanistan). His father Baha’ Walad was descended from the first caliph Abu Bakr and was influenced by the ideas of Ahmad Ghazali, brother of the famous philosopher. Baha’ Walad’s sermons were published and still exist as Divine Sciences (Ma’arif). He fled the Mongols with his son in 1219, and it was reported that at Nishapur young Rumi met ‘Attar, who gave him a copy of his Book of Mysteries (Asrar-nama).

reference http://allpoetry.com/poem/8534703-The-Guest-House-by-Mewlana_Jalaluddin_Rumi

My 111th Post

By 4028mdk09 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

WordPress told me my that the last post I had published was my 110th post, so you know what this means 🙂

It is 111 time!

I decided to coordinate this auspicious event with the new moon in Sagittarius that closely aspects my Midheaven. I have put some new features in place that I am eager to share with you.

FACEBOOK PAGE ~ I started a Facebook page for litebeing chronicles. There is a widget on the right side of my blog where you can LIKE and click over to visit. Once I hit 50 likes I can begin offering goodies on the page. Please help support the page so I can offer you prizes. Also I promise it will be a very cool page.  Please come over and post, share your creative ventures, etc. Let’s make it a 111 party every day.

SERVICES PAGE ~  I began creating a Services Page featuring my Astrological Counseling services. There is an introduction to services, testimonial page, and contact page. I will be adding more features and developing the existing pages as I go. While the Sun and Moon highlight my Sag Midheaven, ruled by Jupiter ( currently exalted in Cancer), the time is right to showcase my abilities and gifts for the public. I am now hooked up with PayPal and am happy to arrange discounts for all longtime followers! One – time natal readings also make wonderful holiday gifts! Many of you have been encouraging me for quite some time to get serious about my Astrology. I have been listening. Read the pages and then come back here with feedback! ( comments are closed in the Services section)  Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and/ or received an astrological or intuitive reading. You know who you are and I appreciate you for believing in me!  I plan to offer more promotions here, but right now I want to step up my presence in the professional arena. 

TESTIMONIALS ~  Thank you to Julianne and Heidi  for your excellent posts on your chart readings. I used these posts on the new Testimonial page. I am looking for some other endorsements to keep them company. Maybe you were thinking of blogging about a recent session. Or perhaps you are not a blogger but you liked the reading I gave you a few years back. This would be an excellent time to describe your experience.  If I have worked with you at all, from a short email to a telephone session to a multiple page report, you qualify! Please let everyone know how you were affected by the material and what you learned about yourself in the process. If you have any questions about this, please email me at lalitebeing@aol.com

While I expand in new directions, be assured the litebeing chronicles will continue to evolve and develop, along with me. I am very committed to the theme of chronicling my spiritual journey, which of course includes all of you! It would not be the same without you. While I will be adding more Astrology posts, I will still be featuring stories, musings, poetry, and new ideas as they materialize.

Which brings me to my next question: How am I doing so far? I have asked before and now I am asking you all again ~

What do you like?

What can be improved?

What do you want more of?  

New features?

I am interested in knowing your views about both content and format. Getting regular feedback helps me grow. I am not feeling the rating system, if you get my drift.  I prefer  that you simply talk to me!

Wishing you a vibrant, exciting new moon!

image by By 4028mdk09 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons