My Awakening Experience and Moving On: It is always about love


Please play this while reading :  Collide

The dawn is breaking

A light shining through

You’re barely waking

And I’m tangled up in you


Fitting words from the song Collide by Howie Day for an experience that really defies the limits of human communication. This looks like the beginning of a romantic love story. Looks though, can be deceiving! On January 30th, Uranus the Awakener  ( modern ruler of Aquarius) is in full force. Today also marks the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Wood Horse. I chose today on this rare Black Moon, the Aquarius New Moon ( a few degrees behind my Ascendant) that also features Mercury conjunct Neptune to post my offering for my participation in Barbara’s January Challenge on Awakening. Thank you Barbara for giving me a nudge to look back at this time in order to gain some perspective and share with others.

It is an auspicious time to herald new awakenings ( Aquarius/Uranus) and write about mystical openings ( Mercury conjunct Neptune).  I am not claiming to be enlightened or awakened, far from it. Growth to me is both cyclic and nonlinear in nature. I envision a spiral when I reflect on my life thus far. I have moved through life with many highs and lows, but each time a challenge comes, I emerge somewhat changed and move further along the larger individual /collective spiral. I will now attempt to describe an experience that was otherworldly and incredibly trans-formative. While my memories have faded, I still see that this glimpse beyond the veil has relevance in my present life.  There have been many other openings before, and many since. But this particular time it was all about love. And love is all that really prevails in the energetic field of consciousness. I chose the song Collide because it was popular during the Summer of 2005 when I experienced this brief but poignant opening.  In fact I crafted my first blog series ~ The Collision Series, with both this song and that awakening in mind to illustrate how subtle awakenings can trigger a new ( or renewed) way of BEing.


It helps to have some background, a context for my journey. I did not fit in as a child.  I felt alone, awkward, misunderstood, and unimportant. My parents desperately wanted a child, but not the one that they got!  Some respite was found in my imagination. My inner world and my curiosity were my refuge. The occasional teacher or neighbor offered guidance and a more progressive outlook. I also had a chance as a small child to visit my great – aunt and great – uncle a few times and use their art supplies.  I recall feeling excited and so at peace creating and learning about art, and feeling more understood by them than other adults in my family. I have a feeling that they were people who I had more in common with, but I will never know. I did not get an opportunity to know them well.

Fear, anger, and upheaval were a constant growing up in my complex, dysfunctional family. My parents were not equipped to love me in the way that I needed. It took years for this truth to become clear to me. I also felt isolated because we moved so often. I never knew my extended family very well because they lived far away from us. I began to gain some footing, however, once my  progressed sun moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius. I made some new friends that I could trust and thrived in their company. Yet when I began to heavily experiment with drugs and started having vivid dreams and  heightened psychic abilities, I was utterly alone. I had no one to confide in.  I eventually shut down out of fear. I attributed these ” experiences” to be artificially drug induced and unimportant. So I minimized them and packed them away for a while.


My journey

Once I left home, moved into my own apartment out of state, and began my senior year in college I met a coworker who would days later become my boyfriend. Within less than 2 weeks, my life had dramatically shifted! This was an extraordinary time. He was involved in a spiritual cult based on Indian meditation and philosophical practices. I did not approve of his dependence on this “teacher” Osho/Rajneesh, but I was open to exploring my spirituality again. While I avoided involvement in anything cultish, my knowledge of astrology, dream-work, meditation, and metaphysics accelerated. I remained open and met more people ” on the path”.  In graduate school  a student led me to meditation classes at a center on South St. This is where I first saw the material from A Course in Miracles.  This center organized a retreat in the Pocono mountains. A couple I met at the retreat instantly bonded with me and invited me to a raw foods spiritual group. And on and on it goes..  I experimented with many teachings such as channeled lessons, RAMTHA,  raw food, A Course in Miracles, Hindu and Buddhist practices, Quakerism,and a few I no longer remember. I am so grateful for the people I met and the knowledge acquired.


Between two worlds

In 2004 I was very busy in the outer world. I had 2 demanding jobs; I was recovering from a devastating breakup with a coworker; I was fully ensconced in my Quaker Meeting community, and I was editing and co-writing a book with my friend. I had just transferred to a new unit at my government social service job, but (to quote Prince in Raspberry Beret ) ”  Seems that I was busy doing something close 2 nothing, but different than the day before.” My duties had become stagnant and stale in this toxic, soul-depleting environment. I knew I needed a change but my efforts to find a new job were unsuccessful. I was also looking to buy a house. Surprisingly, I could not find the right property.   I typically find whatever I like eventually, so this really had me baffled. So I sought out a clearness committee. Within Quakerism, the clearness committee represents a process for discernment.  I also continued  meeting with my spiritual advisor about figuring out my calling and defining next steps. I felt loved and supported outside of work, and tormented by ghosts and adversaries on the job. I also loved my editing/writing and it kept me going. Life was busy and moving at a rapid pace.

One day I was invited to attend a weekend workshop at Pendle Hill.  Pendle Hill is a Quaker center in Wallingford, PA that is internationally known for Spirit-led learning, retreat, and community.  My meeting agreed to pay for half of the tuition and Pendle Hill would absorb the remainder. I was so excited to get away, if even for just a long weekend. My book was about mystical experiences and my interest in the ethereal was heightened. I hoped to meet people with similar interests.

The first evening we gathered around in a large circle at the beautiful conference room at Brinton House and introduced ourselves. A couple of much younger people were sitting at the opposite end of this majestic room with beautiful hardwood floors and a cathedral ceiling. A young man with a foreign accent began to speak. I will call him “James”.  He used few words and was very soft-spoken. But I distinctly heard him say ” I have had a few mystical experiences.” No one else mentioned this topic that evening. I took it as a sign to introduce myself. The next morning I bravely went up to James and asked him if he would be willing to speak with me. He said we could talk after the workshop was over. James was new on staff at the retreat center and worked as a gardener. He had just returned from extensive travel overseas and actually grew up just a few miles away.  I was nervous about talking with him because he was so much younger than I, and I was feeling an attraction towards him that was subtle but uncomfortable. For the remainder of the weekend James would join my table for meals and look over at me during class sessions. He was observing me and again I was a bit unsettled.

We got together at the end of the weekend. We talked for hours about anything and everything. We had so much in common despite the age difference. Time and space dissipated. I told him things about myself that my closest friends did not know. I think this was because I figured I would never see him again. He was just staying here temporarily in- between his travels.  I saw the faces and smiles of all the men in my past in his expressions and his gaze. Light radiated from his eyes and it was dazzling and brilliant. I knew him and yet I did not know him. Venus had just gone retrograde ( on my moon) and conjoined the sun a couple weeks before. It was about to station near my IC in just 2 days. But I was not thinking about Venus because I was not looking for love…


Magical meeting

In the year that followed , my life moved along. I had lost touch with James. The book project was suspended indefinitely, because my friend was distracted with other concerns. Work was tense and isolating. I continued to look for a house and a new job. I also continued to attend Quaker worship and meet with my advisor. I felt angry, tired, sad, and lonely. Neptune was slowly making its way towards my Ascendant at this time. I was looking forward to this major transit, but had no expectations on how it would manifest in me.  I noticed that Pendle Hill was offering a class on spiritual discernment. The same class was offered the year before and it looked really interesting. I received financial support for attending a 5 day class in the middle of Summer. I recall that I was put on a waiting list for the spiritual discernment class and another class that was offered a few weeks later. I eventually was contacted that there was a spot for me in the spiritual discernment class! Neptune would land on my Ascendant the very first night of the class. How exciting! My intentions were clear  for this 5 day class/ retreat. I was very focused on my goal – to decide whether or not to quit my full-time job and to consider new ways of following my calling.

I arrived to the center very stressed out and anxious. I was so eager to submerge myself in the calm yet powerful energies of Pendle Hill.  Upon arrival that evening at Brinton House, I went to the large wooden conference room after I unpacked my bags. It was around sunset and I felt a presence. I felt a sense of peace and excitement in the silence. It was familiar somehow. A Divine Spark was about to be ignited. I thought about James, the young man I met here in this very room. I had figured he was back traveling and creating new adventures for himself. Yet it seemed like he was in the room with me! On the first evening we all gathered in the main dining area for dinner. I went into the kitchen with my tray to get some dinner. I saw a young man working in the kitchen who looked a bit familiar but he had long hair and a beard. Literally  a few seconds later a woman in the room shouted ” James!” and he turned around. It was him!  He was still HERE.    I was partially in shock, but also felt a sense of confirmation that my intuition was in full gear back at the classroom. The next day I saw James at breakfast and we looked at one another. When he was right behind me while emptying our trays. I simply said hello and smiled. He responded by calling me by name and declaring that I came back  here to take the class I was curious about last year. How did he know? He then suggested we get together later. My head was spinning. Here I am with a strong mission and focus and this person comes back into my life. All of the sudden I feel myself being pulled into this vortex. How will I handle this cosmic curve ball?

We did meet for a few hours on  the day before I was scheduled to leave. Like before, we just talked and talked and talked and talked some more.  I was so blown away by our time together that I forgot when dinner was served and showed up an hour late. James was startled to hear I was leaving the next day , so he asked to meet again after my classes were over, just like last summer. I knew intuitively that there was something incomplete between us, so I agreed to meet one last time.

We met after my class ended , outside on this sweltering July afternoon. That’s when it happened. I could tell you where we sat and about the weather ( close to 100 degrees the entire week!) but I would be remiss to be able to logically explain what happened next. I felt like our spirits merged. I was totally understood and loved in a way that was new to me. Love without expectations. He wanted no-thing from me in return. I had never experienced this before!  We just listened to each other and let silence in, and shared who we are at a soul level. It seemed like we were blending our energies in our words and actions.  Neptune was on my Ascendant so perfect timing was in play. I did not realize it at the time, but I was getting an upgrade. There was no instruction manual. I doubt it would have made a difference anyway. I was on a magic carpet ride and there was no turning back!

While we were having our marathon encounter , I had a very unique thought. I heard my inner voice say ” If I were to die right now, it would be fine. I am at peace because I am totally understood , seen, accepted, and known.”  In fact at certain moments it felt like I was already in a higher dimension having my life review.  I was touched by Divine Love and everything was aligned. It was not about the young man really. Referencing our astrological synastry or the telepathy between us or other links is really superfluous in this case.  To quote what my friend, the talented psychic and astrologer Robert Graham , said when I later told him about what happened, ” He is just a clue.” What I mean here is that my openness to James created a portal to the Divine. Months later when we discussed our relationship, he admitted that when we are together, he would transcend. I learned or should I say re-membered about the power and magic of combining energies and raising the combined frequencies. A 3rd semi-distinct consciousness was created when we were together.  I was in a haze after we said goodbye. I walked around the grounds and saw light in the silence. I drove home on a busy interstate highway, but the car was driving me. Typically this road is scary and intimidating for me, but that evening I was lost in song and the car seemed to glide on the road. I lost all sense of time and space. I have no idea how I got home.

For a few more days I stayed with the light and bliss. I only had contact with James a few more times. But I realized that Robert was correct in that this man was not a goal. James was representative of the divine in action. I had reflected intently on an exercise held towards the end of the spiritual discernment class where we reviewed the names of various roles posted on the walls and recorded which ones were part of our calling. Mystic was one of the choices .  I decided that I was in fact a mystic, or at least a beginner mystic. I was very drawn to Rumi for inspiration.  The poetry of Rumi was very helpful in showing me examples of the Cosmic Union. This was not about romantic love at all and I saw that clearly. We were very intimately linked but not like romantic lovers. He was everything and nothing. He was family and a stranger all wrapped into one. We were so similar and yet so different. This experience was exquisitely a meeting of 2 energetic beings in a very strong portal ( Pendle Hill) at a time where Neptune was coming to my Ascendent. Time and Space collided in such a way to bring this potentiality into form.


Moving on

When I returned to work after my vacation, events occurred in a way that revealed it was time to move on. My Clearness committee was very helpful in assisting me in clarifying my experiences. So I lived on my ” house money” and quit my job before finding a new one. I was scared and liberated at the same time. I continued to notice light and symmetry in the silence, especially in nature. Communion with birds often triggered an opening for me.   I discovered that Pendle Hill and Longwood Gardens were “power places” for me. Eckhart Tolle talks about these portals in The Power of Now. My perspective on love between humans shifted as well. I now had a glimpse of what is truly real. Love without conditions. Love that pulsates all around us and within us. The song Collide is written from the man’s point of view and I believe it mirrors how I imagine James felt about our time together. Having said that; this song also resonates at a more cosmic level , especially the first section.

The dawn is breaking

A light shining through

You’re barely waking

And I’m tangled up in you


The dawn was breaking within my being and the light was beginning to enter my awareness. I was barely waking to what waits beyond the physical plane. The entanglement was both between myself and this young man , and  also occurring at the quantum level. Was this awakening fleeting, ephemeral and anomalous? Was it a miracle in the purest sense of the word? Am I still wondering what more can happen as Neptune continues to spend many more years in my 1st house?

Hell, yeah!

Collide live    Still with me? Thank you if you read this entire story! This soulful version of the song , complete with a string section , is performed on the Dave Letterman show a few months before my experience. Notice how he mentions this track was mysteriously re-released?( and coincided with my awakening) Collide is the backdrop for that feeling of awakening and I was also re-released! Please click the link above ( Collide live) and feel the bliss.

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Tomorrow: January 31st,  Michael –

artwork by the transcendent Josephine Wall

Quick update: Funny how the time/space continuum likes to play with us. I chose these Josephine Wall images weeks ago in anticipation of this post. I used the top one, The Key to Eternity, as the primary image to capture the essence of my story. Notice the owl beside the purple rose? Well, the night before I completed and published this tale, I went to the dining room to draw down the shades and spotted what looked like a large ball of ice on my terrace railing. It seemed so out of place. Upon further inspection , the ice ball was in fact a large bird. It turned around to face me and I saw that it was an owl. I have never seen one up close before! It was amazing how it turned around to make my acquaintance, then swiftly turned back around and flew off with the most strong majestic wings. It reminded me of an eagle in flight. I take this as a sign that the universe approved of  my image selection and my awakening story.

1st     Barbara  –
2nd    Paddy    –
3rd     Emanuel-
6th     Julianne –
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31st    Michael     –
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5th     Shelley     –
6th     Elisabeth  –
7th     Michael    –



Musings ~ Aquarius is coming, thank you (insert Deity here)!

wikimedia free domain

Can I tell you how thrilled I am that the sun is changing over to Aquarius at 10:51 PM Eastern time?  Well I guess I can, because the blogging gods(esses) asked me to write today. The sun was out and despite the frigid temperatures, I felt some relief. I am not anti- Capricorn and we are still in my 12th house for a while, but I need some respite from Saturn. Yeah I know Saturn is the original ruler of Aquarius but this Aquarius rising has had enough of Saturn’s coldness lately. Even with the Pluto/Uranus square in play, I am ready for the zing and zap of Uranus and the altruism and ego transcendence of the ” Shift”.  This is not an ” Expert” article today. This is about amazing Aquarius art, emotion, nostalgia, and iconic music.

wikimedia free domain

I grew up in the 1960s so I knew about the Age of Aquarius very early on. There was a band that was very popular called The 5th Dimension. They recorded music for the soundtrack for the counter-cultural musical Hair. I grew up repeatedly hearing terms  like the 5th dimension and Age of Aquarius. In 2014 I am still trying to grasp their true essence. Hair debuted around the time my second grade teacher helped me create the solar system out of paper mache. I can still see that image in my mind’s eye. It was a major turning point for me. I am so lucky to have not changed schools until 3rd grade. My teacher believed in me and her influence was unlimited.  That is when my interest in astrology began. It is funny that my parents did not discourage this hobby/obsession. They were classic traditionalists.  It was probably because mainstream culture embraced it back then. In my parent’s house all four of my family’s sun sign plaques are still hanging on the kitchen wall. My parents even saw the (then controversial ) play Hair. Oh how I wanted to see it in high school, but I was not allowed to go. But in 1979 the film came out and I saw it with my father! Odd I know , but he liked the music and the play. Maybe he was trying to prove how cool he was to his teenage daughter.

wikimedia free domainUS

I know Aquarius can be seen as cold and aloof and very superior, but in an elevated state it is about life. The water bearer arrives with life affirming water. That water can be refreshing or freezing. It depends on your point of view. I do not know if the Age is totally here. I think that we have gotten glimpses of it for many, many years.  I have a feeling that when we are fully in it, we will be very surprised by its appearance and power. Back in the mid 1960s when the Uranus/Pluto conjunction was in full force, I was too young to understand or even recognize the revolutions, upheaval, and violence. I recall the arrival of the Beatles, astrology, cool fashion, psychedelic colors, unusual music, and the acceleration of space exploration. As I type this, I am having a mini-epiphany. I was fascinated by the space program and that probably also contributed to my curiosity about astrology. I do remember the moon walk and no, I am not talking about Michael Jackson! I grew up during a time of excitement, experimentation and optimism.  The landscape is different today, but we can still choose optimism over cynicism. Even with the current backdrop of the Uranus/Pluto squares and the upcoming cardinal cross, it is still a choice. How awesome is it that we can choose all of our reactions to circumstances. What do you choose?

wikimedia free domain

Please click over to watch the opening scene  and number :

The Age of Aquarius – Hair the Movie


Then ask yourself:

Were people misguided in the 1960s about love and peace prevailing over war and greed?

What does revolution mean to you?

Are you glad I have resumed asking questions?

What does the spirit of Aquarius look like?

 How does it operate in your life?

peace out,  litebeing 

image credits: public domain United States.

The Zodiac by M.K. Ciurlionis

too beautiful and ethereal not to share

Astrology and Art

M.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-09-sagittarius-Zodiakas.SaulysThe painting of Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis enriched Lithuanian fine arts giving a special authority to it. The universality and new plastic discoveries of his works surpassed his contemporaries and merged with the sphere of world’s art. Not only did Ciurlionis attract everybodies attention with his unique individuality, but he was also one of those who proclaimed the concept of Lithuanian national art of the twentieth century.

M.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-12-pisces-Zodiakas.ZuvysM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-11-aquarius-Zodiakas.VandenisM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-10-capricornus-Zodiakas.OzysM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-08-scorpio-Zodiakas.KurklysM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-07-libra-Zodiakas.SvarstyklesM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-05-leo-Zodiakas.LiutasM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-06-virgo-Zodiakas.MergeleM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-04-cancer-Zodiakas.VezysM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-03-gemini-Zodiakas.DvyniaiM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-02-taurus-Zodiakas.JautisM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-01-aries-Zodiakas.Avinas

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Happy Blogiversary litebeing chronicles!

summer 2013 litebeing chronicles

What’s the 411?   No, this is not the Mary J Blige song.

What’s the 111?  That’s better!

 litebeing chronicles is 1 year old!

One year of blogging, really hard for me to comprehend! I am so thrilled about how this project turned out. I wrote all about this past year in my year review here, so I will not regurgitate the details here. What I want to do now is take a look at how I executed my initial theme and my plans for the future.

In my revised introduction page blog story I said :

This blog is about living life differently. I will draw from various disciplines, teachers, and experiences such as Buddhism, Quakerism, Jung, Astrology, A Course in Miracles, and Eckhart Tolle to illustrate my travails. I hope that you will notice the unifying thread contained within each and every post ~ to inspire through the examination of the extraordinary in daily living, one story at a time. 

I think I was true to this vision most of the time. I blogged extensively about the magic I encountered while running errands, taking a walk, or listening to the car radio. I hope you have gotten something of value from my experiences. I wish there were blogs like mine to read when I was a teenager who was seeing the world through an unusual lens. Part of my motivation was to let people know that they are not alone.

get-attachment (12)

I had originally included John Weir Perry and excluded astrology in my introduction. Funny about  those best laid plans. I figured I would get into consensus – based reality because I was writing about the ethereal and the mystical. I also planned to expound on my ideas about mysticism and mental illness, citing the work of John Weir Perry and David Lukoff. I wanted people to get that there really is no difference between madness and awareness, just how it is framed and how one’s experiences are contained by those in their environment. If readers are interested in this topic, please comment so I will write about it this coming year.

What happened was that this blog became less intellectual and more heart based. Those who know me well may be surprised by this. Hell, I was surprised by this!  As time went on my writing became more personal and intimate. I think it has to do with what blogging came to mean to me.  The creative process changed me and as a result, I opened  up more. That’s a good thing!

I also expected to write less about astrology. It was not on my radar for this blog. Yet rather early on in this journey I realized that I cannot separate astrology out of my stories. It  is such a huge part of my worldview. Little did I realize that writing regularly would unleash my desire to devote more time and energy to more of the things I love.  Doing what drives your passion unlocks parts of your soul so they can breathe freely and dance with abandon. The dance can lead you to the most unexpected places!

tree by litebeing chronicles 2013

In, Welcome to my blog!, ( my first post written exactly one year ago today), I said I would write about once a week. Well, I clearly wrote more often than that.  Again, this came as a surprise. I did not think I had that many stories in me. Truth is, I can hardly keep up with all the stories in my head! They really do take on a life of their own. I also said:

 My goal is to share my stories so others will be able to take a closer look into their own ordinary encounters in a more conscious way. I plan to do so with humor, candor, and authenticity.  Above all, I aim to inspire.

How did I do? Please comment and let me know!

orange flowersjuly2013

As for the future, I plan to let ideas flow organically. This has served me well thus far. There will be more stories about magic, synchronicity, and symbols. Astrology will also play a prominent role. I also hope to participate in more of the blogging prompts and challenges that I have come to love. As for what else, I do not know. And I am happy to report that I am okay with that. But I am also open to suggestions. Hearing from you has truly made a difference. Even my muse can benefit from a few well placed comments! I do write to satisfy my need for self-expression but my followers are the icing on the cake. As of today, we are just a few shy of 300 followers in 1 year’s time, WOW! If you had told me  a year ago that I would have all of these amazing readers , I would have said  ”  Are you kidding me ? ” It just would not have resonated. Thank you for spending time here with me as I made my way through an unpredictable yet fruitful year. I hope the future brings more comments. I have some loyal commenters and even created an award contest for you! But there are so many who faithfully read and remain silently behind the scenes. I hope to hear from more of you.

GIVEAWAYS! Yes you read that right! In appreciation for all of your support I am offering the following:

RANDOM READINGS: I will provide random readings for 111 = 3 people. Astrology, Sacred Path Cards, Blind/intuitive reading??? Type RANDOM in the comments section below if you are interested and I will pick 3 people. You qualify if you read these words.

DISCOUNT SESSIONS: I am offering 1/2 price natal astrology readings for 2 weeks only. This is a bargain you don’t want to miss! If you want one, click here : Contact and fill out your info on the contact form.

One more thought before I end this post. A couple years ago I attended a storytelling workshop with the intention of letting go of the past by verbally sharing a difficult time in my life. I recall saying to the  class that taking this step will free me in ways unimaginable and that a ripple effect will be set in motion. This ripple effect was really important to me for some reason. I could not predict an outcome, but I knew that I was doing the hard work for a reason. Looking back now, I can clearly see that taking that risk helped bring me to this point. It always has been and it always will be all about the story…..

Namaste to All my radiant litebeings everywhere!

PS, Happy 30th birthday to founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg 

One last request ~ Please join me in a rousing chorus. Flintstones Happy Anniversary

header by

By ProjectManhattan (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

26 Letters, and so much more!

I must admit that I am behind with award posts. I thought I was clever and efficient by folding my Blog of the Year Award post into my 2013 Year in Review  post. If you did not read the whole article ( I was a bit verbose!) , it was featured at the very end. If I mentioned you  in the post, you are welcome to take home an award. No strings at all. Please be patient while I catch up on a few more awards held over from 2013.

I am now ready to present you with my acknowledgment of Shree’s ABC award. She even designed her own badge! Thank you Shree for your support and friendship. You have been a tireless advocate of all things litebeing. And one helluva blogger yourself!

ABC Award : The rules for receiving the award are simple.

1) Thank and link back to who nominated you.

2) Say something about yourself with a word or a phrase beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

3) And of course nominate some other bloggers for the award!


A- Astrology ~ I think that says it all

B- Blogging ( books a very close second)

C- Chocolate ( I need  2 more for coffee and cheese) mocha cheesecake would work!

D- Dexter , of course 


E- Enlightenment seeker

F- Forests and all nature has to offer

Gemstones such as turquoise, amber, jade, quartz, and on..

HHumor is important so I don’t get too serious and stuffy

IInspiration, innovation, and intuition lead to illumination eventually

J Jasmine, my first baby kitty now in the higher realms

KKnowing who you really are

L–  Litebeing



wikimedia free domain

O – Olives ( especially greek ones)


Q – Quizzes ( personality inventories)

R- Reggae

S- Spirit


U – Universal love

V- Velvet is a fabulous fabric, deep red velvet or black velvet, tres Scorpio!

WWonder is everywhere, especially in plain sight waiting to be discovered

XXylophones are really fun to play

By photo © 2004 by Tomasz Sienicki [user: tsca, mail: tomasz.sienicki at] (Own work) [CC-BY-2.5 (, GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Y- Yearning for truth

Z- Zoos are awesome ( but wildlife preserves are even better)



I decided to showcase some blogs I recently discovered in order to introduce them to my circle. They are all positive, unique, and make excellent reading.

Drumroll please!!!!

Lost in Expressions

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgementally

Psychic Empaths

I hope you will all accept my nominations simply so we can all learn more about you and that our beloved network can expand!

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Creative Spark

Please read and enjoy Eric’s unique take on creativity. I know it will inspire you for 2014 and beyond.

Eric Tonningsen's Awakening to Awareness

“The ‘Muse’ is not an artistic mystery, but a mathematical equation. They are those ideas you think of as you drift to sleep. The giver is the one you think of when you first awake.” ~ Roman Payne

Most of us possess a flame inside in the form of strong ideas, gifts, and desires to create. It is this flame that ignites our own unique forms of creative expression, fields of interest, and adventurous curiosity. Inspiration is an intangible yet inseparable part of the creative process. And most all creative possibilities are related to the muses that inspire us.

The ancient Greeks believed that all creation, whether artistic or scientific in nature, was motivated by goddesses who served as the literal embodiment of inspiration. These were the Muses – the givers of creative spark. We still rely on muses to aid the creative process, though ours may take many forms…

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2014 is here, can you feel the magic?

 Happy New Year 2014 !!

Hello world and welcome to a shiny, bright, new beginning! We have a New Moon today,  1-1-14, which is very rare and quite auspicious. I find it fascinating that most if not all cultures on the planet celebrate this event. Humans love starting over, symbolically and literally. As an astrologer I am not totally down with New Year’s Day, since a 11 degree Capricorn sun does not have significance. The beginning of Spring, 0 degrees Aries, is the real deal. However, we have quite a powerful New Moon today and the childlike part of me still longs for the ability to wipe the slate clean and begin again.

So I drew 3 cards from  my Sacred Path deck to see what the Universe has in store for me. I initially was going to pull just one card, but felt led to create a sequence. After some reflection, I realized that the reading was not just for me. We have the universe inside of us. So I decided to share this reading with you.

1st Card : 13 ~ Nurturing


 Coral card ~ 13

” …. look to the idea of nurturing. It may be time to nurture yourself or another. Coral also speaks to the Planetary Family. It may be time to have a reunion with the other creatures that share the Earth with you. …Coral always tells us to listen to our feelings…”

2nd Card: 35 ~ Returning Home


Shawl card ~ 35

” ..You are being invited to return home. If you have forgotten yourself recently, it is now time to remember your essence and potential. .. You may be coming home to the magic you once believed in or a new sense of well-being, but in every case you are returning to a temporarily forgotten state of being. …Wearing the Shawl is coming home to the arms of the Earth Mother and being loved. ..being loving to others who have forgotten the Sacred Path or the way home.”

3rd Card : 25 ~ Sharing/Quickening


Pow-Wow card ~ 25

” …The quickening of some aspect of your life will be aided if you use a support system…The Pow-Wow card is marking a time of calling in your markers. Your focus will be clearer from an encouraging word or two. The quickening is inside of you and speaks to the time preceding birth. Whatever you are giving birth to at this time can be assisted by gathering your friends for support.”

So the cards flow from 13 = 4= foundation, to 35=8=power, to 25=7= cosmic consciousness.

Please listen while you continue reading: we are magic

This is my interpretation of the spread :

You begin by creating a firm foundation by nurturing your Self and others. Take care of your needs first on all levels, before you can serve others. Feel your feelings and let them guide you.

Next you reclaim your power by going inward and returning home. This is where all magic and mystery resides. The life journey for souls in human form is one of re-membering and re-cognizing your true essence. Life has always been a miracle, surrounded by wonder and love at every turn. However, the trauma of being in the physical material world takes its toll on most of us rather early on. This reminds me of a lucid dream I had where I was told to go back to a time “before babysitting”.  Retrieving one’s lost soul parts is a prerequisite to moving forward and loving others who have temporarily lost their way.

Finally cosmic consciousness is expanded by gathering with kin. This gathering is important to successfully birth what is eager to be expressed out into the planet. The dream is ready to be made manifest once your focus is clear. Clarity can be obtained by trusting your inner circle.

I  am very excited to use these tools gleaned from my reading. I believe that the message can be applicable for the collective as well.

Wishing you all a year of radiance , magic, and love…..

Namaste, litebeing