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I planned to write a Sun Neptune poem to complement this lovely Monet for you guys a few days ago, but life has thrown me a few curve balls. Some have been nasty. Now that Mercury is direct, I think the time is right for a brief update. On the same day that I discovered my friend / neighbor had suddenly and tragically passed away, I received some upsetting news from my doctor.  A few days later I went on a job interview. The following day, I started my new job. Boom, boom, boom. This kind of pattern has occurred in my life once before. Unexpected death, sudden job change. I know the circumstances are different, but to say I feel overwhelmed is insufficient somehow. The word overwhelming is underwhelming in this case. Can someone suggest a better adjective?

I may blog about the health issue; perhaps when it is behind me. I just want you lovely people to know that I may have to take a brief hiatus. I love love love blogging , yet I have been warned that when life gets too busy, my motivation may wane. Is this hiatus business contagious? A few of my bloggettes have receded into a non- blog state of being this winter. I may be joining them. I am just not sure. I will make an announcement if I take a break. This I promise you.

I need some time to collect myself and adjust to this new reality  that I have just entered. It is a mixture of grief, giddiness, sadness, fear, and excitement. The job is amazingly awesome and ridiculously demanding, so I don’t know which end is up. I have been slightly sleep deprived, anxious, and confused – recipe for Pisces pie. Have you tasted it? It is fishy, mushy, and topped with a flaky pastry crust.

I think of you often and hope you forgive my lack of reading, liking, and commenting. It has been sporadic at best because I simply lack the energy. It is comforting to know that creative magic in the form of imaginative, heartfelt posts awaits in my reader. The world continues to bubble with passion and juiciness while I work to regain my footing.

Pisces, it’s all about the footing……..


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Life in its earliest beginnings…

3 hour old kitten

to its most spacious and timeless..

By Carine06 from UK (Misty morning Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Thomson’s gazelle, Lake Nakuru, Kenya.
from the exotic and rare…

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Red eyed tree frog, near Playa Jaco, Costa Rica

to the more common and familiar…

Savannah Cat

from antiquity….

Costa Rica Wikimedia free domain
Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Limpia Concepcion, Costa Rica

to the journey towards infinity…

Hot Air Balloon Safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya

Alexandra is evident in all that she loved….


This quickly assembled tribute is for my friend and neighbor Alexandra, who passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly. We bonded over our 4 cats ( collectively) over the course of almost 20 years. She was enchanted by nature and traveled all over to experience the wild. I know she has visited the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica and Kenya. She was planning a huge trip to Indonesia I believe, but did not make it. I really hope she can travel freely now, unencumbered and without limits. Even in the throes of shock and sadness, I am acutely aware that we are defined by what we love.  My friend loved the creatures of this planet. She wanted all who mourned her to make a donation to the SPCA. I got Jasmine (RIP) and Dex that way and I am so grateful for shelters, especially the kill free variety. If you feel led, please support the SPCA. Dex is blissfully unaware. He is sleeping in the fleece bed provided by Alexandra. She loved Dex and watched him for me while I was away. When I returned, there were cool toys and this bed. She will live on as I watch him dream….

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top image of Kenya by Carine06 from UK (Misty morning Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

bottom image of Kenya by Wajahatmr

Book Review ~ The Stellium Handbook

” Why is there so much of me in one place? “

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Are you a specialist rather than a generalist? Are there perhaps one or two areas of life that you are obsessed about? A bit unbalanced, are we! You, my friend may have a stellium!  A stellium is defined as a group of 3 or more planetary bodies ( sun, moon, and planets) in a single zodiac sign or a single house.

In case you are wondering, on top of being left-handed, INFJ,  HSP, and blessed with a Yod configuration in my chart, I also have a stellium. It is a huge influence on my life and carries great potential for both genius and misery.  Mine is of the triple conjunction variety, which means that all 3 points are very close together forming conjunctions with a maximum of 7 degrees apart. So naturally I researched all that I could  find about this important but tricky planetary signature. Guess what, very little has been written. For years I would ask  astrology group leaders to hire a speaker on stelliums. Or I would peruse book stores and go online and there just wasn’t much out there. Until NOW!!

Donna Cunningham, MSW at Skywriter, an accomplished author, social worker and astrologer, has recently created a 2 part E-book called The Stellium Handbook: An Owner’s Manual for Stellliums and Triple Conjunctions. It is my pleasure to present my take on this highly anticipated book on all things stellium.

Book Review ~

The Stellium Handbook by Donna Cunningham 


This comprehensive 2 part E – book on stelliums and triple conjunctions is an accessible, incredibly user-friendly read, featuring an upbeat yet realistic tone regarding real life situations. I approached the material as a professional astrologer with a prominent stellium of the triple conjunction variety, hungry for answers and inspiration. I found what I was seeking, and so much more.

The book is divided into 14 chapters and designed with the beginner in mind. The book is stacked with glossaries, grids, and examples galore to educate anyone curious about the basics of astrology.  The author clearly wants to educate and advocate on behalf of increasing self-knowledge through astrological concepts and principles. She uses humor, self-disclosure, and decades of experience as practitioner, researcher, and writer to her best advantage here. This is an incredibly complex topic that is heavy on the details and overwhelming even for the seasoned professional. This book makes the challenge fun, exciting, illuminating, and quite enjoyable. While those new to astrology will certainly benefit in many ways , I think the majority of the information requires at least a moderate comfort level with astrological concepts and jargon.

I especially enjoyed Chapters 2 and 3 which covered the impact of a stellium on all twelve zodiac signs. Donna Cunningham’s analysis was very thorough and quite relatable. I was personally a bit overwhelmed by the various array of tests included as resources. This is really a matter of preference though, as many who enjoy this format will be grateful for their inclusion here. I found Chapters 4 and 5 on stelliums through the various houses (life sectors) to be so insightful. Regarding 1st house stelliums :

These slower-moving planets are more weighty than the planets closer to the Sun, because they represent huge issues that the collective is dealing with as a whole. The person who has an outer planet on the Ascendant embodies those collective issues and forces people to deal with it. (The outermost planets are described in detail in Chapter 8.)

For instance, those with Pluto on the Ascendant–because of the way they look or present themselves–may evoke issues like the use and abuse of power, healing, transformation, or sexuality for a great many of the people they encounter. Those projections are tough for the person to deal with on a life-long basis. They’re forced to work through the dilemmas that planet presents, and in doing so, may become a healer or transformative figure.

The book delves into career paths for those looking to tap into their potentials as well as tools for wellness and healing. All the resources are organized in a such a way to supply each unique stellium type with a treasure trove of information. My only criticism would be to replace some tests with more Astrology charts of well-known people. I learn better visually and would benefit from more of the author’s insights on accomplished or infamous folks who share this particular signature.

This material will bring to light wisdom that may have been previously  elusive  or misunderstood. I have my stellium in the 9th involving Neptune and this passage in chapter 8 is right on the money:

Neptune is nicely placed in the 9th house, because, depending on the sign and conjunctions to other stellium planets, it can signify someone with a mystical nature who is devoted to a spiritual path and deeply attuned to the Divine. They find inspiration through spiritual teachings and can teach and inspire others as well.

I would say that this blog is truly a representation of these Neptunian/ 9th house energies!

Why you should buy this book:

You will have access to information gleaned from decades of research and direct practice infused with a deep intuitive mastery of the human condition. The author takes a fascinating yet weighty subject and provides the reader with multiple windows into psycho-spiritual understanding. The mixture of astrological wisdom and valuable options for psychological healing is so rich with meaning and makes a wonderful resource during times of difficulty or crisis. The author writes with heart, integrity and a profound command of stelliums that is evidenced on each and every page. There has never been a book like this written before, and it will make an excellent addition to your metaphysical library.

To learn more and place an order:


For the sake of full-disclosure, I want to share that Donna Cunningham is one of my “go-to people” for astrology. Her books on the Moon and Pluto have been major players in my own understanding of transpersonal astrology. We are both Social Workers and Astrologers and her influence has certainly impacted my desire to incorporate astrological knowledge into my counseling practice. To say that I am thrilled we are co-bloggers at WordPress is an understatement. To review her book about this intricate and somewhat mysterious configuration that dominates my own natal chart is a huge blessing.

I have never met Donna but I know her astro-twin. When I worked as a Social Work Supervisor, my boss introduced me to a friend of his who was also an astrologer. We ended up working in the same department a few years later and became friends. She had told me that she and Donna had the exact same birthdate but different Ascendants. She has a photographic memory and taught me so much by sharing her chart interpretations with me. She is also a lot of fun and truly knows how to live life to its fullest. I found it very synchronous that both women are Social Workers and Astrologers. Don’t you love these precious reminders that we all are connected somehow?

Musings ~ Heaven Help the Fool, Valentine’s Day

I didn’t write about Valentine’s Day last year. I don’t even know why I am attempting to post.  I checked my archives for last February and around mid February I wrote about synchronicity and Mortadella. So what does that tell you ?

I am typing here while listening to thunder-snow in the background. The weather is wacky and so is my mood.  I have lived such a long time and  have seen so many things. But what can I write about romantic love that doesn’t sound snarky and jaded? ( or already written?)

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Maybe I am partially inspired by the tarot love reading I received from Deelia  at Soul Fields. She does not actively read for the public anymore, but gifted me with a gratitude reading in return for the intuitive reading I gave her. Why I asked her about love is really a fluke. It was a great reading so I am very glad  that I did.  Thank you Deelia for such an insightful multi- layered reading. Although I am still digesting the material, I immediately recognized that she honed in on most of my issues and baggage with laser- like precision. How lucky am I to be surrounded by such wonderful friends. Could use a holy-day to celebrate such grace.While in the middle of creating this draft,  Deelia informed me  that Valentine’s Day is called Friends Day in Europe. So there we are, that was easy….

I could wax poetic about all the lovely beginnings of romantic infatuations. Most of the first dates or first encounters or first whatevers  are still easily retrievable from my memory banks. So what??? Seems to me the beginnings and endings are always more memorable than the middle of anything. I have made practically all the mistakes one could make so I have plenty of material.  My natal Venus has been transited by all the Outer planets ( Saturn through Pluto) so I have felt it all and done it all.  But I have no inclination to share any of it here. My readers know why and maybe when I am in  a different mind-set I will change my mind. But not today.

So I will let Bob Weir do it for me. I still have the vinyl version of Heaven Help the Fool by Bobby and the Midnights. I bought it for next to nothing at a store called Plastic Fantastic where you could buy used records and trade in your own. How cool was that!


Anyway, Bob Weir sure can sing and back in the day, he was as fine as can be. When I feel ecstatically happy, I sing very loud and very badly and I do not care! Each time I began a new relationship, I would play Bombs Away  and scream it at the top of my lungs. The melody is just so compelling and the lyrics on point. When the relationship ultimately soured, I could always depend on George Lowell’s track on the album – Easy to Slip. The album title Heaven Help the Fool says it all. One must embrace the fool archetype to take that leap of faith. The record contains  both the songs I need to take me from beginning to end, alpha to omega in one fell swoop. The first track is Bombs Away and the second is Easy to Slip. Efficient and simple. Amen. The time between the 2 songs varies. And occasionally you can switch the order when they come back for another shot of love. With Uranus/Pluto in my 7 th house of partnerships, this happens quite a bit…..

So humor me and take a listen to both songs. Get to know Bob Weir if you are not acquainted . ( He’s a Libra with a Scorpio Moon BTW) And comment on if I am missing anything by remaining unattached and free…

Bombs Away   Let the battles begin!

Easy to Slip   You can slip, but always remember to get back up.

Happy Full Moon!

With deep affection,


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Thankfully about an Intuitive Reading Given by Linda

Read about the love reading I did for my Scorpio sister Deelia at Soul Fields, complete with the artistry of Marc Chagall. Thank you Deelia for this lovely post!



Marc Chagall: The Lovers in the Moonlight, 1938

My blogging friend Linda at litebeing chronicles gave me an intuitive reading concerning my love life. It was so spot on as for what has already been going on in the area and what I have seen for myself clairvoyantly as well. In the reading sent by email she shared a couple of images she had received having first gone within and focused on me. She had also picked a couple of Sacred Path cards describing what I need to release and the new energies coming in. I´m very delighted by the accuracy of the reading!

Linda is also a very skillful astrologer and dream interpreter. Click the links to read more about her services  and the testimonials.

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Expanded Services

As I mentioned in my last post Beautiful Chaos, I have revised my services page by adding new types of readings to the menu of services. In addition to Astrology and Astrological counseling, I now offer Intuitive readings and Dream Interpretations.  As always, these services can be mixed and matched accordingly to your preferences and individual needs.

I have been offering intuitive readings for free, and incorporating the dream work into my therapy practice for many years. Now I am ready to share them both with you!

To get the details, visit my Services Page.

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Have I read for you recently and you found the information helpful and illuminating? Do you have a story to share on how my services made a powerful impact on your life? I am looking to expand my Testimonials Page by including more recommendations on all of my services.

 Interested in spreading the word ?

Please contact me if you are able to offer up a recommendation. Thanks to all those who have already contributed to the page or supported me in other ways. I am very grateful to all of you who believe in me and my calling.

Beautiful chaos

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is officially here and I have felt it in way in advance. My internet has been intermittently off and on the past few days so let me post while I can!


I will be using the retrograde period to do some re-vising and re-viewing. Since the transit is in my first house ( which has Pisces intercepted) this cycle, I will be making some changes to my Services page. How else can I serve? How do I bring more of my unique essence  to the proverbial table? Which of my energetic gifts are ready to become front burner?  With Mercury and Neptune happily colliding, it re-inforces my own natal Sun/ Neptune/ Mercury retrograde stellium in the 9th house. So I will be re-visiting how I can best use my Mercury retrograde/ Neptune going forward.

Speaking of stelliums, I will also be re-viewing Donna Cunningham’s extraordinary book on stelliums. This book and author are so special that I am taking my time. I want to be certain I am presenting the material in the best possible light.

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Heavy ice and snow on branches has caused massive power outages and wreaked enormous havoc in Pennsylvania. I just photographed this tree near my home that still has plenty of snow on its branches.  Typically the snow does not stay long on this particular tree. Is it not stunning?  I often struggle during times like these when I am left too long with my own thoughts in lieu of cable and internet. Yet I am grateful for a warm home , hot running water, and a somewhat healthy perspective.  So I present this photo as ” evidence” that beauty exists within chaos.

In the meantime, stay warm ( or cool if you live below or near the equator) and stay tuned for my re-visions, re-views, and more!

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Happy February!! Why Astrology Works – A Biased Re-View


Happy February to all my radiant litebeings! On this snowy morning with the moon in Aries and Mercury Retrograde nipping at my nose, I thought it would be worthwhile to re-post my first astrology post from a year ago. I am still a couple of days away from my Ascendant return, ( the day that the sun reaches the degree of my Ascendant) but excited about the fresh influx of energy! Please enjoy this re-view and let me know how February has been treating you so far.

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This brief  “rant” is to help the uninitiated understand why I love astrology. This love is illogical, unscientific, and 100 percent biased. Long before I owned an ephemeris or even knew such a thing existed, February was my favorite month of the year. Even though I don’t particularly love winter. Even though I was born in November. When I was a kid, most of my close friends were born within a few days of each other during the beginning of February. I met my teenage crush on February 1st and for a while considered it an unofficial holiday.  My first serious boyfriend was born on February 5th and one of my most magical romances began on Thursday, February 4th. (love the phonetic symmetry)

Once I began taking formal astrology classes and attending astrological lectures, I learned how to properly calculate my astrological chart ( the days before we had computers!!) . Then I discovered that I am an Aquarius Rising. It basically means that the sun enters my first house every year approximately between February 4th and February 6th. For the astrologers reading this, I approximate because I have altered my documented birth-time by a few minutes to correspond better with life events. No one is usually born at 1:00 pm on the dot!!

Why I am posting this ” rant” ? Because I am feeling the pre- ascendant energy take shape! I love the electricity that accompanies the transition from the 12th house to the 1st, the darkness to the light, the hidden to the brightly illuminated. It is truly a rebirth.


constellation Aquarius

Happy Birthday to all my  February Aquarius friends . Come celebrate the coolest shortest month on our calendar. And to those who don’t get astrology, pay attention to when you come back to life. It may surprise you!

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Venus Stationing in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto – You and I

Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to my Awakening post. Reading and responding to your comments was very emotionally moving for me. I was going to blog about Venus Retrograde much sooner, but thinking about and finally writing about my spiritual opening consumed all of my psychic energy. So I decided to post now in the wake of the Venus station , which is extremely close to Pluto. While you read this post, I invite you to ponder your experience with the Venus retrograde and current station with Pluto. I was going to title this post “Are We Having Fun Yet?”,  but decided to take a less cynical view. Please let me know if you indeed have been having fun, or perhaps shed a few tears over the past month. I really hope to hear from some of my male readers to get their unique perspectives on this fascinating planetary event.

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Venus in Capricorn

Venus ( pictured above) is incredibly beautiful. I would also add that she is incredibly misunderstood. It takes years of living and loving from the heart to really embrace the Venusian energies. I want to start off with my understanding of Venus in Capricorn. When I first began to study horoscopes and interpret charts for others, I was quite fascinated with all the possible Venus placements. I do not think I really understood the value of Venus in Capricorn until recently.  While I do have natal Venus in my 1oth house, it is in Sagittarius. I will get to that later.   Back in 2006, my Sun progressed into Capricorn joining natal Jupiter and Saturn. Now Mercury has also joined this ” motley crew”  to make 4 planets in the land of Saturn. So I now have a better grasp of this magnificent placement.

Venus is Capricorn is not the cold , scheming business woman obsessed with her career and station in life. Oh no, there is much more that lurks in her heart. She loves the fragility and aesthetic pleasure found in form.  She also understands the importance of tempering love with patience and tolerance over time. Love does not usually come easily with this expression of Venus . But there is such appreciation and gratitude for love’s maturation over the course of time. Sometimes she chooses a younger lover, while at other junctures she looks to a more seasoned mate. She understands the value of quality over quantity, classics over trends. She revels in the lessons revealed from history ( or herstory). She finds romantic love to reignite her youth during her golden years, while many of her peers have succumbed to the wrath of old age.


My Venus

My Venus is in Sagittarius in the 1oth house. It is part of an often annoying yod configuration with my Mars in Cancer in the 6th house and my Aquarian Ascendant. It also very closely opposes my Moon in Gemini. Both the rulers of my Sun and Ascendant, Pluto and Uranus are in my 7th house. Venus rules my 8th house with Libra on the 8th house cusp. Pluto is conjunct the North Node. My 7th house ruler is the Sun in Scorpio conjunct Neptune and Mercury Retrograde in the 9th house. To the astrologers who are reading, you know that this equates to one hot mess! This is painfully true. Last night I began to read about Pluto in my newly acquired The Astrology of Fate by the über talented Liz Greene. The revelations I discovered here are extraordinary. Where was this book when I was a young woman? Here are some excerpts on Pluto in the 7th and Pluto/Venus:

Meeting Pluto in the seventh house, for example, mans meeting Moira ( the goddess of Fate) through the “other”.  Divorce is common, as are love triangles, painful rejections, death of a partner, and power battles. The variations are enormous, but the theme is single, relationships are the place where one is subjected to  something far more powerful and inevitable than one’s own will and choices. Sometimes the individual may elect to work with others who are caught up in Pluto’s web… Here we find the doctor, psychoanalyst,the psychiatrist and even the politician.

Pluto introduces Venus to what lies beneath the flowers and elegant gestures of romantic courtship.  The underpinning is not pretty and certainly not fair. Venus- Pluto also has a propensity for sexual triangles. These are neither fair or wished for, but they are a  fact of life. Love may be trans-formative, deepening, numinous, ecstatic and full of meaning and richness; and there is usually a fatality about it.

I always led with my Venus in Sag to the exclusion of Mars in homebody Cancer and Moon in the domestic 4th house. Venus in Sag does not think, it just goes for it! Regardless of all the times I analyzed decisions about romance, in the end my heart always prevailed. Venus in Sagittarius is impulsive, freedom loving, ridiculously idealistic, excitement -seeking and adventurous. When in the 10th house, she looks for romance in her calling, her destiny. Paired with Mars in the 6th, it inevitably leads to love/passion in the office. Over and over and over and over again….

While writing my post for Barbara’s Awakening Challenge, I paid close attention to the Venus Retrograde and began researching past significant Venus transits. I noticed that I have had a few powerful encounters during previous Venus retrograde cycles. I wrote about the 2004 transit in my story on “James”.  There were two others that I discovered during my Uranus to Sun transit as a teenager, and as I was having my Saturn Return at age 29. Funny how I had not attributed Venus’s influence on these events until now. I guess they were over-looked due to the huge impact these rare outer planet transits made on me. While the romances were important,  other more major life events were happening at the same time. I am not ready to write about these stories now, but let’s just say that the men I met were charismatic, creative, sensitive, and struggling with demons that  ultimately eclipsed what we shared in relationship.

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Venus Retrograde 2013-2014

Venus went retrograde at 28 degrees Capricorn on December 21, 2013 and stationed at 13 degrees Capricorn on January 31, 2014. Pluto is currently at 12 degrees Capricorn. The action has taken place for me in my 12th house , finally moving to my 11th house to join my natal Saturn at 13 Capricorn. So this particular transit was about 12th house, Saturn and Pluto for me. I have been having recurring dreams for months about past partners. They have been mostly devoid of feeling for me while dreaming, Yet I would wake up disturbed to find these symbols dominating my dream life. Since this all started before the transit, I wondered what may have caused this pattern?  Michael Lutin has said that this current transit is tied to 2012 when Saturn was exalted in Libra.

This may partially explain my dreams and why I had a real-time visitation from a former love interest on 12-30-13. It was very bizarre for a variety of reasons. I quit a 5 year affiliation with my employer  during the 2012 Venus retrograde period. I have not seen any of my coworkers from there since I resigned. I met a man at that job in 2009 and we started up a heated flirtation shortly upon his arrival. It was an impossible situation and the connection eventually turned sour. I had also quit my long-term group practice in early December 2013. On December 30th I was meeting with a former client at a  local Starbucks. We met there with his permission since I no longer had office space at the practice.  I was facing the barista station and he was facing the wall. Towards the end of our meeting , my former crush shows up with his young son.  When they were passing by me on the way out, I decided to say hello. He introduced me to his son and was waiting for me to introduce him to  my former client. Because of confidentiality, I said nothing. My former client did introduce himself and they shook hands. I briefly caught up with him about the latest happenings at the office and  then said good bye. It was very awkward and unexpected. Yet it was comforting to realize that I no longer harbored any anger towards him. We both live in the same vicinity but have never run into one another before. What is much more bizarre is the connection between the men. When I was involved with my coworker in 2009, he and my client were going through similar issues. They also share the same Sun sign, are around the same age, and live near one another. I was experiencing some uncomfortable counter-transference at that particular time. None of this has any relevance now, except that when they shook hands, it felt like I was witnessing a thought form manifest. These two people in  very distinct sectors of my life were coming together out of my inner world and into the physical realm.

The rest of this transit was more about reliving my 2004-2005 drama in preparation for my Challenge post and sifting through the seemingly endless foray of dreams ” From Christmas Past.” The only other real-time event was watching the film  Her. This movie is about a man in the near future who falls in love with his computer OS (operating system). This film was so much more nuanced than I originally expected. The takeaway for me (Spoiler Alert) was when Samantha the OS breaks up with him. She and the other OSs decide to leave together in order to explore higher realms of consciousness. In one scene Samantha touchingly reveals to the lead character Theodore  how she is growing at such a rapid pace and cannot possibly love just one person. She tries unsuccessfully to describe the limitlessness of love. What I gleaned from this story is that when lovers grow apart, no one is at fault and that it is unrealistic for the less evolved party to comprehend where the other is heading. I highly recommend this very timely and insightful take on 21st Century romance.

Girolamo_da_Treviso_-_Sleeping_Venus_-_WGA09520 (1)

Venus and music

I was considering relaying some highlights from other significant Venus events that have occurred during my life. Yet this post is way longer than I planned, so I will leave you now with some musical nuggets to savor. Many of  you know how much I emphasize the importance of music in the enrichment of my inner life. I have selected some videos that artfully illustrate various Venus transits. These songs have kept me company during some difficult yet necessary periods of growth. Please select those that speak to you and let me know if they captured the essence of the transits to your satisfaction. Please feel free to share some of your favorite love songs in the comments section.

You and I  Lady GagaI chose this for this post’s title because this video portrays the simple pure joy of love. The energy portal in Nebraska is the third character in the story line. This is raw Venus in action for me.

The One That Got Away   Katy Perry ~ This is Pluto and Venus personified – love, regret, death, and pain. Good times, not! But very characteristic of this powerful combo.

Cool   Gwen Stefani ~Here we have Saturn Venus taking us through the realization that we can move on and be mature. We can accept ” what is” and cherish the memories of love gone by. Take a look at the cinematography and how Gwen Stefani sees the past in her former lover’s eyes. The style of storytelling is reminiscent of my Awakening post and very Neptune/Venus.

My Boo  Usher and Alicia Keys ~  Here is another Saturn Venus scenario. Two childhood sweethearts reminisce about the past while accepting they have both moved on without bitterness. It also invites you to look at the reality of the individuals, not their glamorous personas.

Halo  Beyonce and Michael Ealy ~ I think the title says it all: Neptune Venus has arrived. The couple endure because the woman realizes that he has a beautiful soul. He is her savior.

For The Love of You Jude Law and Nia Long ~  Another Neptune Venus gem is from the Alfie remake. The song is very ethereal and the chemistry between the two actors is heavenly inspired. Jude Law has Neptune Venus on his Sagittarius ascendant. Need I say more!

We Found Love  Rhianna~ Welcome to Pluto Venus on steroids. I have certainly lived this roller-coaster  ride with one man in particular. We had Pluto trine Venus in our synastry ( same degree and minute!). We also both have Pluto in the 7th house. ‘ Nuff said.

Fighter Christina Aguilera ~ More Pluto Venus fun as she transforms as a result of being manipulated and betrayed. Been there, done that. I blogged on this here:

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I Know Him So Well Whitney and Cissy Houston ~ This to me embodies the heart of Venus Retrograde. Your heart aches as you realize you cannot change the past or anyone else. You can only change your reactions and attitudes and rewrite your story.

How did Venus treat you?

Have you felt the wrath of Pluto now that Venus has gone direct?

Tell me about your Venus transits past or present, or those that occur “outside of time.”

all art courtesy of  public domain