Litebeing Chronicles Comment Awards

This post is an impulsive gesture and the moon isn’t even void of course yet! I am strongly compelled to distribute two more of my beautifully crafted Commenter Awards tonight. For more details, please visit here.

As most of you know, I love to comment on other blogs and sometimes comment on the comments! I also relish the back and forth, give and take dialogue that sometimes happens here on my blog. I have not given out any Commenter Awards lately so why not seize the moment!

RULES ~ These awards do not come with any hard and fast rules. However, I would be happy to see them displayed on your blog, and perhaps given out to your favorite comment makers as you see fit.

The first LCCA nominee is someone who takes the time to kindly and thoughtfully reflect and support so many of us here on WordPress with her kindness, wisdom, and grace. Not only does she provide me with wonderfully compassionate support and fascinating revelations on each and every one of my entries, she takes the time to moderate upwards of 50 or more comments per post on her own blog! As the Butterfly symbolizes transformation, it is only fitting that my dear friend who devotes herself to personal and global transformation be acknowledged properly.

I award the following to Sue Dreamwalker :




My second LCCA nominee is someone who recently made my acquaintance.  His frequent and elaborate commentary made a great impression on me in a very short time. He is becoming known for his wit, charm with the blogettes in particular 🙂 and incredible comments that read more like love letters to the art form we call blogging. I so look forward to his delightful commentary which is often provocative, amusing, and enlightening.

Raise your glasses as I award the following to Dewin Nefol :




Believe me when I say that participating in these global conversations is so incredibly meaningful to me. My moon in Gemini eats up comments as they are blessed food for the soul.

Namaste to my nominees and to all who love to talk and live to express their authentic selves.