Musings: 7/ 11, Moonshadows and 18 months of blogging

This is gonna be a quick one folks. Just a fast weaving together of disparate thoughts that need expression…

Eighteen months of blogging for litebeing chronicles as of tomorrow, 7-11-14. Where does the time go??

Just in time for another full moon to grace us with its presence ( Oh no squeals Mr. Bill ). Full moon in Capricorn this Saturday – Saturn’s day and Saturn’s moon. It lands in my 12th house, good times??

Which brings me to Cat Stevens…

Recently I viewed the latest concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It was such a fabulous line up this year. Cat Stevens was one of the featured honorees and his tribute and performance moved me to tears. I was so surprised to see him and doubted that he would perform since he left public life to pursue the holy life. But perform he did and it was awesome. I hungered to hear two of his classics that were not performed on the show. One of them is Moonshadow.


Seems very fitting for the coming full moon and the blending of time/ classics ( Saturn) and warm memories ( Cancer and the moon ).

Here is also a shout out to my old friend Arlene who first introduced me to Cat Stevens. We would play his greatest hits record over and over and over again.


Those were good times!

Blessings in the light and among the shadows…