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Happy Saturday everyone! It has been almost one week since I had my Sound Bath healing and the energies are still moving in unpredictable ways. Thanks for those who have offered some assistance on this kundalini trip. I continue to seek inner guidance about what is happening with me currently. Meeting with my spiritual director was helpful. She also assists me with my dreamwork and boy has it been jumping lately. I found a book yesterday that contained material by David Lukoff that was very useful. David Lukoff is a transpersonal psychologist and leading expert on Spiritual Emergencies and knows what he is talking about  His writing is among the best I have found thus far on the subject. It is balanced, focused, and easy to understand. Lights are still flickering and my heart is still racing, but not as often. I also ” by chance ” ran into Tracie the nature channel while shopping yesterday. Have not seen her in about 2 years. I  initially met her when I began to attend the Sound Baths several years ago. Seeing her yesterday ~ Coincidence? I don’t think so!!

I do not want to alarm any of my readers. While this is a challenging time, I am certain that this is just the latest of a series of openings I have experienced during the course of my life. What seems different now is that I was able to link it to a specific event and have different language for it, and that there seems to be a very fiery component at play ( super combustible grand fire trine).


Today is the first day of Mercury Retrograde. It is also World Animal Day and Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of Atonement. I prefer to write it ACIM style ~ at-one- ment.  I have written before on the Course in Miracles teachings on the illusion of separation and how it has decimated our sense of unity as a people and as the source of All There Is. This particular time of year can be used ( especially in 2014 with Mercury stationing retrograde in Scorpio) to heal the divisions within us by embracing the shadows and healing the splits and factions within. There are some interesting articles written about this today on the blogosphere, very timely indeed.


Speaking of timeliness ..   It was nearly nine years ago when I first was introduced to The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch.  After gazing at it on Amazon for a long time ( could not find it offline) , I finally ordered it.  The package arrived a few days ago and we had a joyous reunion! To read it again after all this time is so empowering and certain passages triggered a profound crying spell. These were tears of recognition of the power of the Source and my longing for that complete connection. Shortly after I had my awakening during the Summer of 2005 I returned to a very chaotic work situation. Many people had moved on and the entire leadership team of my department was in flux. One of my supervisors ( one of the few who remained) was led to bring me a book to borrow. He had never done so before. He came to my cubicle and said that he wanted me to read this book because it will help me deal with a very difficult dilemma. He handed me this children’s book. I am thinking ” Why is he giving me a children’s book?” When I saw that the author was Neale Donald Walsch, creator of the Conversation with God series, I was happy to dig in.




This beautifully illustrated tale is about the purpose of the human experience and the contracts we make with one another in order to help us fulfill our unique expression of the Divine. It tells the tale of one soul who wanted to live the wonder of his being through physical expression on Earth and chose to experience the nature of forgiveness. This short story succinctly explains the role of darkness in the Universe and why this physical world is ” all pretend.” It is indeed a children’s book, but I enjoyed it as much or more that many of the heady metaphysical material that I pore through on a regular basis. The main theme is to forgive one another for any perceived wrongdoing and to recognize that we are all loving beings of light.

I understood the reason my supervisor lent me this book, yet I was unable to forgive this coworker who was to play a powerful role in my work group. I did not have the support necessary to deal with her daily, and look beyond her current persona that was quite untrustworthy and manipulative. While I understood that a great life lesson was before me, I simply was unprepared to take this challenge on. Not at this time.

I ultimately used this situation to once and for all make a clean break from a system that I had outgrown. This coworker actually did me a huge favor by being a catalyst that set these events in motion. By the way, I  lent my supervisor Dan Millman’s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior in exchange for his kind gesture.  It was the least I could do!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a major heart opening. This may seem paradoxical to many, but often the simpler texts teach me more about life than the scholarly ones. Perhaps this is why I am so drawn to poets like Rumi. He packed millenia of lifetimes condensed into mere sentences. Sometimes less is more. Check out Sindy’s post here to read the entire story!

And on that note I wish you peace amidst the wilds of this October 2014. May we all become wiser, stronger, more conscious and kinder to ourselves and everyone who crosses our path.


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