Fill in the blanks, literally

It is a warm and rainy Wednesday in my corner of the world. This eclipse hit me so hard, I never saw it coming. Kundalini (or whatever ? ) left me with aches and pains and emptiness and some  mysterious cold ” thingy “.  My energy waxes and wanes. I find that music, candles, meditation, and Lee Harris seem to help mitigate the anxiety and my intermittent desire to just throw in the towel.

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Caroline Myss said on Oprah that conscious beings know when to let go of anything that is not theirs to begin with. Well it appears that I will not be doing the “dream job” that I have spent most of my life preparing for. That means it was never mine to begin with.  To put it another way, does that mean every relationship, residence, business one spends extensive time in is theirs by birthright? I don’t actually understand the totality of her message, but I like the concept of recognizing what is worth pursuing and what is not. But isn’t a mind a terrible thing to waste?

How do you find what is yours?

I must admit that I feel quite foolish for believing that all my life was geared towards this one shot to apply most of my toughest lessons to the service of humanity. My north node in Virgo knows it has to earn money and serve. My south node in Pisces just wants to chill indefinitely.  Sometimes it is just easier to keep distracting myself with books, games, movies, etc to avoid this sense of inevitable loss. With so much emphasis in my Solar 12 house, what else can I expect?

So I created this exercise that hopefully is more than a mere distraction. It could be very exciting and lead to all kinds of openings. We shall see.


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The picture above was created during my Awakening week in 2005. I worked on it at Pendle Hill and left it unfinished. I would like you to finish it for me and send it back to me for upload here. I don’t know how you will do this, but am certain there is a way to copy the image and add onto it ( I used markers and colored pencils).

I trust this invitation will reach the right people with the inclination to collaborate on this incomplete birthing of potential.

Help me fill in the blanks.




all artwork and photographs by © litebeing chronicles