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UPDATE: As often happens in my world, synchronicity abounds. I just discovered today ( 11-2-14) that my local meetup group is having its monthly Saturday Discussion on Ascension. The leader said they have never covered this topic before and is bringing in a special speaker. If you are local and want to know the details, please email me. I hope to attend and gather more information and engage in some meaningful discussions. I am so grateful that my life is so graced with synchronicity, especially when the big questions come to me without any easy answers!

As a recovering paranoid pessimist, I work very hard to “re-frame” my thoughts and my expectations. This is much easier to for me to do with others in my role as a therapist than for myself. I was raised with the motto ” Never Trust Anybody!” and I began to internalize it early on, feeling like the world is not safe. Who says this stuff to their kids??

Anyway, one of my inner mottos is under reconstruction. I have pretty much eradicated ” Life’s unfair and then you die.” and am in the process of replacing it with ” The world is conspiring in your favor.” I also read online about the Pronoid type as opposed to the Paranoid type. Very cool!  Or maybe Cynthia Sue’s How good can it get? It inspires wonder and excitement. So in case any of you wondered why I downgraded myself from a lightbeing to litebeing,  you now have a clearer picture.

I have plenty of work to do and I have been at this for a long time. But I keep on keeping on. This brings me to the topic of ascension. First there was the New Age, then the Harmonic Convergence, then some other Harmonic thingy, and then the Mayan Apocalypse. Now we are supposedly begin reconfigured as a people and receiving regular upgrades.

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I do not understand any of this really. I am being totally honest. I am fine with self-actualization and peak experiences ( I am a Maslow geek), periods of enlightenment and mystical openings. Many individuals and their select circles or tribes are waking up, but it seems more like the particular choice of one’s soul path rather than a mass movement. I have read about starseeds and indigos and the earth changes for decades. The earth changes are here. They were at one time predicted for the mid 1980s, but they eventually arrived. But are we really all being reprogrammed and to what end? Someone recently told me that throughout all of human history, people believed they were on the brink of something and/or the world is coming to an end. I was a channel groupie for a while as a youngin’ and relished with delight at the thought that we were chosen for a brand new world.

But are we, really?

Perhaps this idea is gaining traction because the planetary atrocities are so difficult to accept that we create ideas to provide us with some form of sanctuary. On top of this we have universally accessible technology which allows the masses to communicate and share ideas.

One of the questions I would regularly pose to astrological metaphysicians at astrology lectures is why are we as a society so technologically sophisticated and spiritually so stagnant. Will consciousness ever catch up? What accounts for such a monumental disconnect between the two?

I don’t think I ever received a response that satisfied me.

So I am opening this up for discussion and debate. I am hoping folks will offer original answers, not information that they have heard second or third hand. That may be asking a lot, but here at litebeing chronicles, we don’t play when the future of our planet is at stake.

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I am providing a link here to an article on Ascension that I really liked because it is clear, thoughtful in nature, and quite reasonable. If you are led, please visit it here:

I am not asserting that ascension is not happening or that consciousness cannot evolve. I am just raising the question for discourse. Is this a real phenomenon or merely wishful thinking?

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