Money Don’t Matter Tonight

Please listen to this track before you continue, or use in the background to provide a soundtrack for this article:

money don’t matter

This song has been stuck in my brain for weeks now. I have not listened to this old Prince song in years. That’s until I noticed it on Ann’s blog here. I cannot get it off my mind. With my current financial challenges, it is no wonder that money or lack of money has been a source of musical contemplation ( among other things ).

When I consider that I have had Uranus transiting my 2nd house of money for a while now, it should come as no surprise that money slips through my fingers, or just plain eludes my grasp. Sometimes this transit results in windfalls or fortune out of the blue, but not in my case ( yet). What has happened is that I find myself with just enough. The sources change and the amounts vary, but my ruler Uranus is protecting me.

Never been one to get too caught up in the consumer game, yet I wish I could shower my loved ones with wonderful gifts on birthdays and holidays. I really like shopping for others and watching their facial expressions upon opening their gifts. I try to remind myself that there are many other ways to celebrate those you care about.  I could become bitter about my situation, but I am done with bitter. I have wasted enough time asking myself questions without answers.

I prefer bittersweet anyway ( chocolate, coffee) etc. ,  But I digress..


This month of November has been so incredibly rich in the best possible way for me. Spending time with friends has been so rewarding. Birthday road trips, reunions with long-lost pals, meeting new friends, my cup runneth over with love all month-long. My INFJ  tendencies preclude large soirees and gatherings. I still tense up when meeting new people socially, even after all this time. Yet I have become more at ease in my own skin, and really enjoy myself so much more. With Pluto about to leave my 11th house of friends in a few months, I want to shake his hand. Pluto , you truly outdid yourself this time!  I really have the most incredible people in my life. Perhaps Pluto gifted me with more Plutonian type affiliations, and/or transformed some former connections into shinier, brighter, new ones. It is most likely that anything I experience outside of myself has to do with internal transformation. Call it the Law of Attraction, higher vibrations, or just better judgement, but I would not trade in any of these folks in ( yes that includes YOU); even for a newer car. Remember the song ” Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver but the other gold.” Well I cannot distinguish the new from old as all my peeps are dear old souls. When it comes to my tribe, we are talking  platinum all the way.

The kindness and generosity I have experienced lately boggles my mind. How did I get so lucky to deserve such good care? Truth is, we all deserve the best, but rarely embrace it for fear of loss or simply not feeling worthy. These are also Second House concerns. I used to find it curious that income and self-esteem would be contained in the same sector of life of the natal chart. But after living some time without financial solvency or reliable employment, I am beginning to see the connection.

I have some tough choices ahead of me if I do not secure a sufficient income soon. This is not news to me, just needs to be accepted as a  real possibility.  Yet, I am realizing more and more that I lately have so much more of the life I once only dreamed about. Good friends and a bunch of creative ideas waiting in the wings fulfills my soul and helps me sleep more soundly. Being who you really are and sharing yourself with others is the best job description I have ever seen. It does not always pay well, but the benefits are off the charts.

I can sleep well most nights because I take much better care of my soul. Prince and I would agree that the soul’s needs are much more important tonight.

And Every Night

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Circles, Cycles and More ~ My Romance with Astrology

public domain wikiart

Here we are, about to bid goodbye to Scorpio once more. While I feel the most ” like me ” at this time, the Saturn influence has made this past month at times bittersweet and often cruel or painful. But I am still convinced that we all are loved at every moment.

So I am going to tell you a unique love story. It is the romantic tale between Astrology and me. Thank you to the reader who inquired if I blogged on my astrological beginnings. Your inquiry helped me realize that I have only briefly mentioned those early awakenings. Since now is such a great time to pontificate on all 8th house matters, I am capitalizing on the current energy ( 4 Scorpio placements: Sun, Moon ,Mercury and Saturn) by sharing my love affair tonight.

 The Age of Aquarius, sorta

It was the 1960s in middle class America. I was a precocious , shy child ; quite insecure and fearful. I considered myself imperfect and I lived it. My world was not safe and I only had myself to rely on. At least that is how I felt.  But in second grade one of my teachers took an interest in me. She made me feel special and important. I mattered and it felt wonderful. We had a homework assignment and my project was to construct a solar system mobile out of papier-mache. I vaguely recall my teacher helping me assemble all the planets. They were beautiful. I loved the different shapes and colors contained in this model. Around the same time I became very excited about the space program and loved looking upward at the stars. I was so curious about what it was like to travel in space. Part of me sailed with the astronauts on every televised mission. My imagination knew no limits. What child doesn’t enjoy gazing into the vastness of the diamond sky?

I recently asked my mother if she knew who or what influenced my attraction to astrology. Unfortunately, she was not able to reveal anything. Most astrologers credit a mentor or other significant adult who introduced them to the practice early on. Or perhaps one originates from a long lineage of astrologers. I really had no one like that in my life.  I am aware, though, that astrology was quite popular in a very simplistic way while growing up. The occult vibe was always in the air. Ouija boards ( which scared me actually), magicians, the ” What’s your sign? ” pick up line, magic 8 ball, etc., were grist for the mill. I recently came upon an old Patty Duke Show episode on astrology, where she and her twin cousin pose as astrologers/ fortune tellers to raise money. The plot was so corny, but there was some actual astrological content in the episode. When she told her brother that she found all these astrological posters and books in the library, I cracked up with laughter. Maybe in Hollywood, California, but certainly not where I lived! I watched the show as a child and still remember its catchy theme song . Patty Duke portraying identical cousins was the theme, such a Gemini premise!

I could not find this particular episode on YouTube, but here is a short clip featuring the theme song, in classic black and white.   Patty Duke Show

Planets and hippies and slinkys, oh my! 

I still do not know exactly how I made the leap, but in second grade I began exploring the sun signs. As a child, I also met a woman ( hippie type) on vacation who shared some knowledge with me, This is a faint memory, but still a piece of the puzzle. My parents brought me back a coffee- table astrology book from their trip to Chicago. It was way over my head , but it increased my knowledge. I still have it to this day and take a peek once in a while. Being a visual person, the symbols fascinated me. I am also enchanted with circles. Check out my blog and you will see an abundance of circular imagery.  Any round or spiral like shape still reels me in. Whether collecting seashells on the beach or playing with Spirograph wheels , the 8 ball, or Slinkys, I was in my element, pun intended!  Even my parent’s dishes were full of fancy. I took some of them with me when I moved out of their house. Behold the hacienda pattern:


Even my meals are mandala inspired.


So we take a sensitive lonely child who happens to have a strong Scorpio/ Uranus, 9th house signature and expose her to pop occult culture in 1960s America. Presto, she is transformed? Well, maybe not on the surface.  I suppose that’s all it took to get the ball rolling, because I was counseling pre-adolescent girls on zodiac sign relationship compatibility by the time I hit 6th grade! The predictive aspect of interpreting patterns also appealed to someone who was frequently uprooted through childhood. Cultivating some sense of control helped me cope with a very unpredictable upbringing. Both my interest in astrology and counseling developed as a way to attempt to heal myself.

Keep in mind that this is a world before major bookstores or the internet. It is still amazing to me that my environment created just enough of a spark to get me hooked. There also seems to be a sacred geometry factor here too with my interest in seashells and all things circular. Did I mention globes and kaleidoscopes? To learn more about my kaleidoscopic journey, check out my about page.


 The incredible beauty of an astrological chart, be still my heart.



A little help from my friends

I read whatever was available on astrology and the metaphysical ( numerology, altered states of consciousness, etc)  in high school and college. There were few choices of substance, but I applied what I read out in the real world.  Then I met a real astrologer at my sister’s 16th birthday party. She provided all the guests with their very own solar chart. I was so excited! At this point I also became obsessed with psychics and tarot card readings. I would travel to Philadelphia with friends to get readings.  A few years later my boyfriend taught me how to interpret houses and aspects. In no time, I was further down the rabbit hole. More books were available, especially once I moved to Philly. As my horizons expanded, resources began to materialize, little by little. It was not until my twenties, however, that I began to really come into my own. By ” chance “, a few professional astrologers joined my social circle. At that point I was invited to monthly lectures and bought my first ephemeris. I learned to calculate a chart by hand! I took a few intro classes at a local community college and was a fixture at the local astrological society. The other attendees were my people. We spoke the same language and saw the world similarly. What a revelation after all this time. I was the newbie and certainly among the youngest in the group. But I was embraced and nurtured by these “elders” of the tribe.  A few of these folks remain in my life, for which I am grateful.

Before long, I was casting charts for everyone and anyone. Once I got over my fear of computers, a supervisor at work taught me how to use his basic program. My mind was blown that one could enter some data and generate a chart! I was so finished with the painstakingly slow process of mathematical calculations. This was a game changer and I am so glad I faced my fear of computers. In order to survive in our techno- crazy world, I would have had to do so eventually.


wikipedia public domain

The love affair continues

While my seeker personality has taken me all over the place in the quest for truth, my loyalty to astrology remains. While I don’t clearly understand why it works and struggle with this issue, especially when it is directed at me by a client, it just works. I take comfort in the fact that this practice predates the scientific study of astronomy and is used by most cultures around the world.

Why do I love it so? Words do not come easily here, but I will do my best to explain. There is the artistry that never fails to enthrall me. The psychological and spiritual knowledge that astrology can reveal brings clarity and peace to so many. This gift fulfills me so much as a professional ” helper”. The symbolism combined with reverence for the natural world resonate with me on a primal level. Experiencing the energies personally is incredible; a cosmic roller-coaster ride.

Inside my head

I will end this article by allowing my readers ( especially the non-astrologically minded) to take a brief glimpse inside my head. Astrologers approach life very differently from the rest of the world. When one is aware of the hourly, daily, weekly, etc. rhythms of the moon and other planetary bodies, you see the world in a unique way. For example, I plan social activities, business meetings, important phone calls, medical appointments and most travel according to transits. No job interview on a void of course moon.  Avoid a difficult conversation when the moon is conjunct mars. No car shopping while Mercury is retrograde. Delay the casino trip when Jupiter is squaring Neptune. Meet a new guy, find out his birthday! Saturn transiting the 8th house, be careful with credit cards. Pluto transiting the 6th house , don’t aggravate your supervisor. Welcome to my world, where I choose when to be spontaneous ( that is supposed to be funny, but perhaps ironic is more appropriate).

While not all astrologers make decisions as I do, most are regularly aware of planetary movements and how they can influence our lives. I often wonder how most people navigate life without an ephemeris (  a table of the assigned places of a celestial body for regular intervals ). But then again, I still encounter all kinds of obstacles, just like everyone else.  I am grateful though that I have some awesome tools at my disposal that help me serve others and enchant me in the process. I am never bored and always captivated.

Talk about romance!

public domain

To learn how astrology can make a positive difference in your life: please contact me here. The holiday season is a great time to treat yourself, or a loved one, to a reading.

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2014 Wrap- Up Blog Challenge: Present Your Gifts

Have you noticed that 2014 is speeding by? Call it the aging process, shifting consciousness, or preoccupation with the big questions, all I know is that before long, the annual blog reviews will be posted and we will be looking at resolutions for 2015 ( maybe).

We had so much fun last year that I am proposing a new blogging challenge here at litebeing chronicles. All WP bloggers are cordially invited. This one is really simple:


wikiart public domain

What were the gifts of 2014? 



This can be approached in many ways :


Which lessons did you learn?

How did you serve others?

What blessings did you receive?

Was there something you lost that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

Did you receive any “gifts” in terms of powers or skills? 


wikiart public domain

Get the idea. Make this as straightforward or esoteric as you like.  

You are the creator.


The plan is easy: This challenge will take place throughout the month of December. Pick a date by notifying me in  the comments section below and I will keep track of the schedule. Once you post to your blog, link to the challenge 2014 Wrap Up near the beginning of your post . Also link to the next scheduled blogger at the end of your post. I am available for help , don’t let that deter you.   All mediums are acceptable, music, art , prose, video, animation, poetry, photography, etc. These are stories that deserve to be celebrated and shared, like brightly decorated presents wrapped in shiny paper and sparkly ribbons. 

By Tanemori (HatenaFotolife) [CC-BY-2.1-jp (], via Wikimedia Commons


If you have not participated before in such a venture, you are in for a treat. Take a look at last year’s challenge to see what we created in 2013.

I know that for many of us 2014 was very challenging , with the Grand Cardinal Cross, Uranus-Pluto square, Saturn in Scorpio, Mars retro in Libra, yada yada yada.  I certainly would agree that I have been challenged. But I also was gifted in some extraordinary ways.


How About You?


first 2 images courtesy of, public domain

 3rd image By Tanemori (HatenaFotolife) [CC-BY-2.1-jp (], via Wikimedia Commons

last image by Josephine Wall

Nep-Tunes ~ Feel the Muse-ic

wikimedia free domain

Free association could be a Neptunian phenomenon. After communing today with orange and red leaves in the ‘hood, feeling them crunch under my feet like cocoa crispies, I am inspired. Listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza discuss how to create new realities was also a mind blower. This guy speaks in a way that is simple to understand, yet with excitement and flair. You might want to check out Gaiam TV to see him in action or watch What the Bleep? or go to his website. I like his brand of Law of Attraction, which is similar to Wayne Dyer’s philosophy.

You may know how I feel about Mr. Neptune himself, Pharrell Williams. I first noticed Pharrell in a Mariah Carey video back in 2006 where he portrayed her love interest in Paris. There was this sparkle in his eye that made me take notice. He is incredibly subtle, letting the larger egos dominate. It does not matter, as his genius cannot be denied. Mr. Williams continues to rise to the forefront with his gig as a coach on The Voice. His behavior as a mentor and coach really embody his ideas about creativity. This dude seems to walk the talk and be successful, hmmm. I see him as an enlightened player who is modeling a paradigm shift in awareness. He was born in Virginia Beach, home of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, just sayin’.   I discuss his chart here.  Maybe he ought to team up with Dr. Joe?

So here’s some uni-versal muse-ic for the imminent Neptune move forward. Hang onto your muse, go to a muse-eum, or just chill and let your spirit muse, don’t matter as long as you amuse your Self today and every day!


One of my favorites from the movie Fame, Ascension circa 1980:


The title features Jupiter but I am certain Neptune was also involved:


Listen for the cosmic reference. I was going to use this anyway, but it all colludes in my favor, Neptune style:


neptune courtesy of wikipedia public domain

A Lovely Day

Thanks to Pearl Girl for honoring litebeing chronicles with this One Lovely Blog Award. Pearl Girl is one of my newer followers and a fellow INFJ. Please check out her blog. It is written with integrity, passion, and care. While I rarely blog about my Myers Briggs type, this classification fits me like a glove and informs how I express myself. People I know with this signature, along with INFPs, are some of the most gentle, sensitive, value – driven and creative people on the planet. Perhaps this is why I am humbled to receive this award. I may also write some future posts about living as a human being who is INFJ and HSP, in order to illustrate how expression through those lenses can impact one’s journey.


one-lovely-blog-award (1)


 Rules for One Lovely Blog Award

Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
Share 7 facts or things about yourself.
Nominate 15 or more bloggers you admire and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog.


Seven Soulful Self Realizations

1- I soak up much more from my environment than I sometimes realize. Neptune is such an awesome yet slippery companion.

2- Taylor Swift songs snap me back to life and get me moving.

3- I have lived such an eventful life that many memories seem unreal. When they are triggered I sometimes wonder ” Did that really happen? “. ( see #1)

4- As much as I defy categorization, I am a fool for Facebook quizzes! In fact I enjoy most personality tests.

5- I tear up on a daily basis and seem to cry much more than some infants! The tears are usually a sign that my soul is smiling brightly. ( see #1)

6- Some of my best ideas take shape in the shower, my car, or while walking outside.

7- I am a complex individual, often difficult to understand and teeming with contradictions. As I grow and evolve, I let go of more self-judgement and appreciate my uniqueness.


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rose on fire by litebeing chronicles © 2014


Please listen to Bill Withers sing about his Lovely day



I want to take this opportunity to invoke the practice of radical gratitude. I’ll explain. I have done gratitude work for a few years and my practice has become incredibly stale. We are talking 3-year-old bag of cookies stale! I plan to step it up and really appreciate all that I have with the gusto of a small child. Let’s try this exercise as I present my nominees. Remember the first time you won a prize or you aced a test? How about unwrapping Christmas or birthday presents when you were 5? I notice this effortless joy in my nieces and want to invite you all to consider the blessings bestowed upon you. Cynicism is so last millennium.

 In the spirit of innocence and wonder, I present my seven nominees. Their artistry makes my days brighter, richer, and lovelier:


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Paula helps the outsiders come into their own with wisdom and humor

sophia’s children

 Jamie’s blend of mythology, astrology and the divine feminine is sublime

ghost talk blog

Bev’s take on otherworldly matters makes them relatable, insightful, and fun

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of bitching and complaining and feeling sorry for myself. Time flies by so fast and I do not want to waste any more time grieving over what could have been. I have such a blessed existence.  At the end of the day, life is truly a miracle. Every single moment is precious, in spite of losses, disappointments, inconveniences, etc.   It is simply about attitude and choice.

Every day can be a lovely day.



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Emerging frequencies

Here’s a gift to commemorate the double elevens  1111:

a bonus post!  2 posts in one day, enjoy!

Have you heard? Neptune will be moving direct on November 16th. We have had little forward movement in this Year of the Horse, but perhaps with Mercury leaving its shadow and Mars, Saturn, and Neptune humming along, we may experience more clarity of action, thought, purpose, and vision.  At least for a little while.

Neptune is my go-to planet. It is home. I have a stellium that includes  Neptune conjunct Sun conjunct Mercury and Pisces intercepts my 1st house. My south node is in Pisces. Neptune squares my Ascendant and trines my Mars.  Get the picture? Read Liz Greene’s sumptuous book on Neptune if you long to swim among the sea nymphs for an extended stay ( link provided at end of post).

In honor of the pending Neptune station, I am presenting the collaborative artwork project introduced on Fill in the Blanks, Literally. I invited readers to finish the drawing  I began while on retreat in 2005. The energies of 2005 and 2014 are reunited in the NOW. This was a very enlightening time for me and my art was one method I used to bring forth my inner mystic. Thanks to Sue Dreamwalker and Sarah of Seize One Day for participating and bringing their unique love and brilliance to life. You both raised the vibrations of my unfinished dream by joining forces and creating exciting, new dreams. I honestly do not remember if I had an actual intention for my original drawing.  It does not matter now. A treasure chest brimming with symbols have made their presence known and are summoning us now: a mermaid, DNA strands, squirrel, sea anemone, crab, spirals, pin wheel, seahorse, shark, arrow, caterpillar, fish, waves, triangles,  and more. What has evolved in the present moment is a divine partnership of the ethereal and sublime ~ slightly elusive inner – worlds; out of focus and yet, with a stroke of grace, clear as a bell. We are so much more than the sum of our parts. Neptune leads us by blurring the edges between fantasy and reality. Which is which anyway?

Neptune requires no words.

It seeks an oceanic refuge, an effortless floating and blending of energies,

delightful e-merging of the IAM.

Let the art on this page commune with the artist within you.

Welcome to the depths of your being ..

get-attachment (27)

 my original piece, July 2005

Sue's collaboration

 Sue’s creation


 Sarah’s creation


Neptune’s in the house! let’s dive further below the surface.. US public domain

wikimedia public domain

all these coral reef and underwater series are wikimedia public domain

public domain


holy communion, Neptune style

bathe in the frequencies

what do YOU see??

Neptune is also associated with music and video, so swim along with me:


resources :

The-Astrological-Neptune by Liz Greene

 2014-planet retrogrades

all non- credited images courtesy of wikimedia commons, public domain

Shine a Light on 1111

Monet public domain

Update: Yesterday ( 11/23/14) I took a trip to meet up with a friend that I have not seen in about 20 years. We were looking at art and I had to go to the bathroom. We were headed towards the restrooms when I noticed a room filled with beguiling paintings that we may have missed. So we made a quick detour and lo and behold, what did I find staring right in front of me? This masterpiece by Monet which is the image for my 1111 blog post!

Seeing Poplars, Four Trees in person for the first time was exciting and we both were taken with it. The meeting of the physical world with the cyberworld was intensely gratifying. Seems the Elevens are always waiting for me to discover them and remind me that all is well.


Guess what, it is 1111 time once more. For myself, every day is 1111 time.  I cannot remember even one day going by that I do not see this sequence. I researched to see if I could discover some new information on this phenomenon and stumbled upon a very powerful truth.

Eleven is the number of Light.

I could just end the post now and call it a day. What could possibly follow such a profound statement?

Well, remember when I mentioned that I changed my original blog name from lightbeing to litebeing ? Well Renate over at Pisces looked into the numerology and uncovered that litebeing equals 11.

How about that for a little synchronicity? I wonder if my habitual attention to all things 11 had somehow influenced my decision to alter the name? We know so much more than we can ever consciously access at any one time. In fact, I still believe that we spend our life here continuously uncovering what our soul holds for us eternally. Imagine a cosmic storage bin with your name on it.

So if eleven equals light, than double eleven is the duality of light, or light in relationship perhaps? It is interesting that November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the US. Where is the light in combat? What is the point of violence and destruction? Maybe the duality resides in the sacrifice that those in the military make to defend the lives of others. Or perhaps it shows up in the throes of darkness, emerging as bravery and loyalty to country and freedom at any price. I abhor war, but am no stranger to conflict in my own life. Whatever lies within is projected without. Until conflict is eradicated from humankind, war will prevail on the world stage.

“There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” This is one of my favorite Quaker sayings. It stops me in my tracks and gives me great pause.

Peace IS the way. I hope that I shined a huge spotlight on this truth today for all to take to heart. It is interesting that I did not intend to write about Veteran’s day or peace. I am grateful that my writing is often orchestrated by intuition. I hope that readers will consider their positions on the nature of darkness and light. Many wise individuals have said that the dark is necessary for contrast so that we can truly understand the light. Others assert that light cannot exist without dark. I recently read that the universal ideal of Peace on Earth is just the beginning of a New Earth. Apparently, when permanent peace prevails,  the party really gets rolling. I have attempted visualizing what life would look like at this juncture. What do you see at the rainbow’s end? Tell me all about it in the comments section.

I wish you PEACE and LIGHT.



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Monet courtesy of public domain

Wikimedia commons public domain

Pink Sky Desires


I had a totally different post in mind for today, but it just ain’t ready and I am not going to force it. I am led to write today since the transits mimic my own: Sun in Scorpio / Moon in Gemini.

It is my time and the sun is about to set, my favorite time of day. The sky is a flush with pink streaks gliding upon a greyish blue backdrop. So here we go:

My heart has been opening more to the notion that life can be fun. No more small Saturn living for me, it is all about my solar return MH exactly conjunct my natal Jupiter! Double wow since Jupiter rules my natal MH. For the non astrologers, I am choosing to focus only on the exuberant, loving, benevolent, generous energies. They are extraordinary and so are we. Living is miraculous and this truth is often overlooked or minimized. My desire to travel has been on hold long enough. I wrote a poem in  1897 ,  no I meant 1987 ,  about Peru and Morocco. I have been imagining visiting  these places for even longer than that. My soul requires adventure and exotic locales.  I spent my birthday this year near Delaware at Longwood Gardens ( post in pre-production)  and making that short pilgrimage moved my Solar Return MH just  close enough to kiss natal Jupiter. I did not plan for that to happen, but my desire to travel on my birthday created a new energetic reality.

So what else is on the agenda?


How Good Can It Get?


I am in Mexico City and the surrounding regions ~ the land of the Aztecs, Frida Kahlo , and Diego Rivera. Ancient ruins and MesoAmerica, woohoo!

I am awestruck in  Machu Picchu, Peru. ( no words)

I am dancing in Morocco, celebrating the wonders of Marrakech.

I am embracing Brazil, especially Rio and Sao Paulo.

I am ” back home” in India, gazing upon the Taj Mahal once again, and consuming more Indian food than deemed possible.

I am hanging out with my circle in Bali.

I am drinking so much coffee in Seattle and meandering about the glorious Pacific Northwest. Tacoma, Portland ( Portal – land), check!

I am grooving in Sedona with all sorts of litebeings.

I am rocking the Grand Canyon.

The South has been calling my name and the livin’ is easy in Atlanta, Asheville, Savannah, San Antonio, Houston, Charleston, and New Orleans. I am also back in FLA, digging all things Disney , South Beach, and savoring Key Lime pie ~ where else but Key West!

I am thrilled to be in Chicago, a city that has eluded me for too long.

I am castle and cathedral hopping throughout all of Europe, including France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, and all of Scandinavia. Barcelona, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Brussels, I am so there!

I am chasing windmills in Amsterdam.

I am revisiting California, Hawaii, Jamaica, Italy, Switzerland, and Canada because I have so much more to explore and people to see!

I am digging the vibes on Malaysia.

I am savoring sushi in Japan.

I am prayerful in the temples throughout Asia and the Middle East.

I am checking out my Eastern European ancestral roots in Germany, Belarus, Poland, the Ukraine, Russia, and wherever else I am from.

I am communing with nature on safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

I am grooving in Pittsburgh because I can! So cool to traverse the entire state of Pennsylvania.

I am writing for TMA so I can hang out with all my astrology writer friends in print and celebrate the synastry of TMA’s chart and mine!

I am finally chatting with Oprah outside of Dreamtime. She really loves my book on mystical experiences and is interviewing me about it on Super Soul Sunday.

I am marveling with delight at Stonehenge, the great Pyramids and Niagara Falls! ( not necessarily in that order.)

I am immersed in knowledge at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach.

I am meeting all of my blogger friends near and far in one big global party.

and, I totally rocked my job interview tomorrow.

And that’s just for starters!


feature image by Josephine Wall

header image from wikimedia commons, public domain

Black Squirrel Morning

Now that we are in the thick of the liminal season, I know Where the Wild Things Are. They are in my backyard and in my dreams. While I continue to seek the identity of my permanent animals totems and the rest of my ” Team”, I can always rely on the natural world to provide temporary guidance. With Dexter by my side and Jasmine before him, I am more solid, more kind, and more engaged in general. Creatures make me a much better person.

So I present you with a few recent sightings that come to bring me blessings, which I in turn, will share with you :

On a mid October Friday morning the energy was quite vivid, with plenty of animal magic. Every morning one of the first things I do is draw the shades in my dining room. They open to my backyard which is an extension of the Wissahickon woods. This is part of our phenomenal Fairmount park system. Oh how blessed I am to live in such a gorgeous place.

There are always stirrings of some sort each and every morning. I often ponder if these creatures are all standing still until I wake up, ready to scamper about as soon as I give the go ahead! Reminds me of quantum theory that says objects are not in sight until the observer is viewing them. hmm?

So the first creature I notice is a very rich black. Is it a cat? No. What then? It is a dark black squirrel. What??


"20121110-IMG 6495" by Marc Steensma - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -


Isn’t he a beauty? I do not ever remember seeing a black squirrel before, so I researched to see if they even exist outside of my imagination. This is what I found:

Black. The color of mystery and the unknown. The color of trust. Squirrels can be one of the more trusting of wild creatures and will sometimes come and take food from an open hand. Trust. So the black squirrel comes to tell me to trust that I am in the right place, doing the right thing.

This is so comforting to me as I have felt quite lost and disappointed after not being hired for the research program. Black squirrel was waiting to tell me to trust my path.

A few minutes later  a bird ricochets against the window. I walk over to see if the bird survived, when I spotted 2 small deer slowly cross my back yard. I was surprised by their relaxed demeanor. Here is what I discovered :

The deer is linked to the arts, specifically poetry and music in ancient Celtic animal lore due to its graceful form. The Celts also believed that deer were associated with the fairie realm, and would lead troops of fairies – hundreds of them trailing behind them as the stag cut a path through the forest.


I see this as in invitation to allow more fantasy and childlike wonder into my life. Why not fairies? Why not be more open and consider that imagination and creativity can unleash infinite worlds into existence ? Since there were 2 of them, perhaps that could signify embracing the duality inherent in the arts and the natural world. Or it could mean to use creativity in relationship with others.  Here’s to an extra ladle ( or 2) of Neptune soup!

I am including my darling red cardinal because he has been a loyal visitor for years. He even inspired my poem on Grace here.

The cardinal’s bright red plumage also calls you to open yourself to creative energy. Have you been feeling blocked or dull lately? Are you looking for a new way to express yourself? Call on the cardinal to help you open up and get your creativity flowing again. The red feathers link it with fire, the element of activity, vitality, and passion. If you are feeling lethargic, the cardinal may lend you its energy to help you get back on your feet. Likewise, it can be a good bird with whom to work if you are struggling to handle depression. If you are having difficulty dealing with anger, however, seeing a cardinal may remind you to take a step or two back.

Red is the color of the root chakra, the energy center associated with stability, survival, and security, and feeling unsettled in any of these areas may be influencing your anger issue. Examine the areas of your life connected to these subjects for clues to the source of your emotional state, and move to make them better.


I can definitely relate to periods of time where vitality was low and sadness was prominent. I also know that my root chakra is in need of some extra healing and balancing. I think the cardinal could come in handy when faced with writer’s block as well!

This past Monday night I had a dream where a few people were in charge of many animals, They were mainly cats, dogs, and rabbits. I was instructed to  move some of the animals. I went immediately to lift this guy! public domain

Once I got hold of him, he scratched and bit me on the hand. I then woke up shortly thereafter. Since I rarely dream of rabbit and am a definite bunny fan, I wanted to discover any  and all possible messages. Here are some highlights:

To see a rabbit in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize abundance, warmth, fertility and sexual activity.

If the rabbit is hopping in your dream, then it indicates fertility. You will be surrounded by children. Alternatively, the dream may be analogous to your lack of commitment and how you jump from one thing or another. If you dream that the rabbit scratches or bites you,  then it means that you need to pay more attention to your personal relationship or love life.

I am very intrigued and excited by Rabbit medicine. Success, abundance, and romance have not been on the menu lately, or at least not in a form that I would consider consistent. I do feel hopeful about my future as I embark on yet another Solar return. In my experience, the symbolic always trumps logic. This realm has the ability to cut through the crap and fully engage the soul.

Here’s to more Black Squirrel mornings, where the impossible is real and rarity is revered and appreciated.


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 first image by “20121110-IMG 6495” by Marc Steensma – Own work. 

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111 and November 1st : Behold the power of 3

Happy November to all the litebeings! Last year I posted on 11-11 and today I am honoring 11-1, or 111. I still see these sequences daily, with the occasional 222 and 444.

In honor of 111, I offer 3 topics today ~

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1 Update: If you would still like to participate in my art project, there still is time.

I have received one entry and would welcome a few more. Please submit them to me via email by Sunday November 9th at the latest. Many thanks to those who already submitted or are in the midst of creating their contribution. Yea!

As some of you know, I am not big on Holidays ( except my Birthday and Thanksgiving) and I am at odds with Halloween as it is celebrated in America. Yet I met a wonderful friend 1 year ago today and have many people in my life born in late October through early November. The 14 -16 degrees of fixed signs ( Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo) figure prominently in my life and originally Samhain was celebrated around 15 degrees Scorpio, November 6th.

While I am certainly no authority on these holidays ( except my birthday November 6th), here are some links that spoke to me: ( The Atlantian Origin of Halloween , shared by a friend who was born on Halloween)

2 Gratitude and encouragement: Thanks to those who have generously commented on my last 2 posts about Ascension and Gaia. These were soulfully imagined and created for your enjoyment and inspiration. I really encourage you to use my blog, and presently these last 2 posts, to dialogue, express yourself, and raise questions. All comments are always welcome when offered with respect and honesty.  My moon in Gemini gleefully responds to these precious conversations.

3 Protect yourself with love and light: Today I had a collision experience I was not expecting and it was horrific. This was not like those I typically blog about. But important enough to mention now: I was getting out of my car to enter Starbucks. It was rainy today and the parking lot was decorated with wet leaves. I felt concerned while taking this brief walk through the lot. I imagined ice and expected to slip and fall on the leaves. Within seconds I hear a deafening crash. I see one car careen into a telephone pole and another car ram into the first vehicle. This occurred  just a couple of yards from me at the Starbucks driveway.

I felt the impact in my body and trembled in fear. I looked over and sent white light to the people involved in the crash and to myself. I sensed the accident before it happened and that frightened me. I physically felt the impact as it happened. Is this typical because I was traumatized by what I witnessed, or because I have intuitive gifts, or both? I saw a mother and child , who were among the crash victims, enter the Starbucks. They were shaken but not injured. I could not speak or offer them help. I was frozen. But I visualized them in a while light bubble. It could have been me as I expected to fall on the ground. I have been in more accidents than I care to remember and have the scars to prove it.

Why am I writing about this? Please stay in your body while driving.  Protect yourself with white light, especially if you are a ” sensitive “.   A conversation with a psychic medium came to mind after the shock wore off. We were discussing why she does not want to know all about the future. She said that she sees so much  and knows so much and that it would be incredibly boring to always know everything before it happens. I would not want to be constantly bombarded with seeing accidents before they happen. I think I have a better understanding now of what she was getting at. Maybe I am better off with some filters in place. We don’t know what we do know or what we don’t know, until we do.

Something to chew on.

 Speaking of light ( or lite) , white or otherwise : if you live in the US, turn back the clocks one hour before you go to bed. Or you will be more out of synch than you think! Welcome to Standard Time ( whatever that means. )


Power to the three and power to thee! 

Love and light to you during these liminal times.


By 4028mdk09 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


3 candle photo by By 4028mdk09 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons