Mutable Love ~ Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune Venus in Pisces

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I recently blogged about Saturn square Venus.  Tomorrow ( or today in some time zones) Neptune joins the party as Venus meets Neptune at 6 degrees Pisces. This is auspicious as 6 is the number that’s correlated with Venus. It is the love number! All this occurs at my midheaven so it makes sense that I communicate about this planetary configuration publicly. I had to take a quick break from typing as I spotted a critter within my sight. I went to the window and saw 1, then 2, then, 4…  I had to go on the terrace on this bitterly cold day to make contact and count. I observed 6 deer in my backyard area. This is a record for me and totally underscores the power of 6 and love!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Here is the transit potential summarized  in a tasty morsel:

Ethereal transcendent love ( Neptune Venus in Pisces) challenged by a crisis of faith ( Saturn in Sagittarius).


The lovers drink a Neptunian elixir.


Everything gets fuzzy and slightly out of focus.


The couple is blissfully ecstatic.

But then ideals are challenged and fear looms large.

Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs and mutability means flexibility, flow, and movement. This mutable square is less challenging than most because there is room to maneuver, make errors, and course correct. We are facing  the clashing of dreams versus reality. What is reality? Saturn aids our abilities to manifest and in Sagittarius we are challenged to open ourselves up to new ideas and new beliefs about expansion and abundance. In this case we are talking about spiritual love and divine blessings.

This can mean soul mate pairings, transitory romance, and/or involvement with chameleons who morph and shape-shift before your eyes.

We are everything and nothing and all we will ever be has already happened.

Think about this and feel free to comment.

I continue to awaken and as I do, I notice how little I know and also how everything is within my grasp. Yes, this is another paradox.

I have been playing with the notion of love in my mind for a few months. I am beginning to consider that my life’s mission could be more easily advanced if I lived within partnership. Don’t worry, Dexter is still here. I am thinking about what it might be like to embark once more in a romance.

I will be more than okay either way. Just wondering if there might possibly be someone who would also benefit from partnering with me. The me of today, not of the past. After meeting James , I could not fathom a higher love for me. But that was not romance between a man and a woman. It was not practical or based on everyday human day-to-day living. I really thought that I have been rather content without all the baggage and drama that often accompany the forming of a relationship. It seemed to be a done deal.  Now I am not certain.

I do not want to close the door to someone wh0 perhaps has been waiting for me to evolve and grow and decide I can try this once more. It is also not in my best interest to close myself off from a partner who may propel me to accomplish more here for the planet.

Just sayin’

I have included two links of songs that I enjoyed when I was in love that elegantly highlight the easily malleable Neptunian in all of us. One is male centered and the other is female centered. These songs suggest that we often attempt to be everything in order to please the other. Having dated so many Piscean types, I have seen this in action more times than I care to remember. I’d suggest instead that we allow our own  internal diversity and creative process to come to the fore as we tap into more of who we already are. Let’s play with freedom and whimsy.


Finally, here is a video that is about transcendent love , soft and ethereal as a fluffy cloud…


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Happy February!! Why Astrology Works 3.0


Happy February tomorrow ( or today depending on your timezone)  to all my radiant litebeings! I thought it would be worthwhile to re-post my first astrology post from 2 years ago. Retrogrades are great for re-posts, re-blogs, edits, and re-invention. I am still a couple of days away from my Ascendant return, ( the day that the sun reaches the degree of my Ascendant) but excited about the fresh influx of energy! Please enjoy this re-view and let me know how the current retrograde is treating you.

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This brief  “rant” is to help the uninitiated understand why I love astrology. This love is illogical, unscientific, and 100 percent biased. Long before I owned an ephemeris or even knew such a thing existed, February was my favorite month of the year. Even though I don’t particularly love winter. Even though I was born in November. When I was a kid, most of my close friends were born within a few days of each other during the beginning of February. I met my teenage crush on February 1st and for a while considered it an unofficial holiday.  My first serious boyfriend was born on February 5th and one of my most magical romances began on Thursday, February 4th. (love the phonetic symmetry)

Once I began taking formal astrology classes and attending astrological lectures, I learned how to properly calculate my astrological chart ( the days before we had computers!!) . Then I discovered that I am an Aquarius Rising. It basically means that the sun enters my first house every year approximately between February 4th and February 6th. For the astrologers reading this, I approximate because I have altered my documented birth-time by a few minutes to correspond better with life events. No one is usually born at 1:00 pm on the dot!!

Why I am posting this ” rant” ? Because I am feeling the pre- ascendant energy take shape! I love the electricity that accompanies the transition from the 12th house to the 1st, the darkness to the light, the hidden to the brightly illuminated. It is truly a rebirth.


constellation Aquarius

Happy Birthday to all my  February Aquarius friends . Come celebrate the coolest shortest month on our calendar. And to those who don’t get astrology, pay attention to when you come back to life. It may surprise you!

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Saturn Square Venus in Pisces – Bare Bones Bliss






I am really drawn to these stunning Gustave Dore paintings I found today while looking for art to support Venus’s entry into Pisces. But I am a color girl, so what gives? There is a strong, vital beauty in the stark muted hues. Black, gray, and white are more than enough to transport the viewer to the higher realms. Saturn brings simplicity and form to the ethereal pastel sensibility inherent in Venus in Pisces.

When Saturn transited my natal Venus, I was not expecting love. Rather, I anticipated lack of love. What transpired was a love unlike any other, with depth, soul, and endurance.

Saturn will be forming an exact square to Venus on Friday. Bring your creative visions into form. Imagine Divine love into being…


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Somewhere In Time

wikimedia free domain

Planetary retrogrades are absolutely wonderful for re-watching ( retrograde) old films and re-exploring familiar concepts (airy Aquarius). I did both while watching Somewhere In Time yesterday. I have seen it numerous times, but noticed some details I may have overlooked before.

Backstory: This is more of a back paragraph… Through my teens and young adulthood, I was fascinated with eternal love. I also fancied myself a budding writer. I journaled regularly and would occasionally jot possible story lines on a notepad. I had an amazing idea for a book/movie. Two people would alter time to be together for eternity. No obstacles could defer them from realizing their fate. Every great love is timeless!  Then in 1980 Somewhere In Time was released. I must admit I was quite angry, realizing my idea was already taken and it was too late to do anything about it. I did not know then that ideas can be received by many people simultaneously, and that an original idea may not be so original after all. Eventually my envy turned into appreciation.  When discussing movies, I would declare that this was my all-time favorite film. Immediately a palpable mystical glow would follow whenever I met another who felt the very same way.

Growing older has made viewing this treasure even more fulfilling.This movie has an incredible score, lovely use of color and cinematography, and the considerable acting abilities of Christopher Reeves. I give a mini review of this now classic tale here. I noticed how primitive the late 1970s look in retrospect. The typewriter and clunky desk phones were commonplace items when the film was created. Now they seem almost as dated as the horse-drawn carriages and photographic equipment which were characteristic of the turn of the century period featured in this film.




This phenomenon reminds me of one of the themes in Cynthia Sue’s Larson’s book Quantum Jumps. She discusses how you can go back in time and influence the past by your current perception of your memories. Noticing the names of popular actors in the credits, for example,  can prompt you to realize that once unfamiliar faces are now fixtures in some of your favorite weekly TV series. When you come to that realization, you may view these actors differently.




I am still a newbie at this process, but am enjoying the ride. I do have more experience with this through the lens of past relationships. Last night I planned on setting an intention before bed to imagine how I would feel having attained a particular goal. Lately I have been having some difficulties falling to sleep easily. I lost focus and my mind just drifted off. I forgot to follow through. I did , however, have a dream about a past love. I woke up thinking about him, Paris, and pastries. I have never been to France, but would love to travel there. Even now more than ever, after having seen another time travel masterpiece,  Midnight in Paris.  My ex and I used to speak to each other occasionally in French and he was smitten with Paris, so..   Mais oui!

I wished to return to the dream and quickly set this intention. No biggie as I have done this many times successfully. I was only partially successful last night. The dream plot continued with my ex, but no Paris or eclairs. In the interest of full disclosure, I really was more interested in the pastries than my ex or Paris. It is likely that these dream trips were connected to watching Somewhere In Time. I have felt such a strong initial connection in a few of my romances and often wondered if we were together before in some fashion.




Have you noticed that time travel is making a comeback? The makers of cheesy flicks like Hot Tub Time Machine are advertising sequels. My cable network is featuring time travel films this month. Unfortunately I did not notice any good ones. I am faithfully watching a new series on VH1 called Hindsight. I mentioned  this show here. While I find the show to be childish and superficial, I do enjoy how ripple effects occur when the main character makes different choices while visiting her past. There is also a mysterious character who appears both in the present day and the 1990s. I am curious what role he will play. I also like to see what devices are used to aid the transformation between realities. In Hindsight the elevator is primary. I have noticed elevators being used in this way before.

Now that the idea of simultaneous points in time sits rather well with me, I am much more open to seamless time travel being more and more feasible. Pop culture often reflects what is possibly about to become the next big thing, so perhaps we are getting closer.


What are your thoughts on time travel, reincarnation, simultaneous time?

What techniques or portals are best used to move through different dimensions?

Are reincarnation and time travel different? How?


Aquarius rising and like time travel?


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Many forms of divine guidance

I eagerly invite you to meet this wise newish blogger from Germany. Karin’s post is so well written and chock full of helpful information on spiritual discernment. She blogs on personal experiences and references outside sources and does not sugarcoat. 🙂 Please read this post and follow her. I hope many people will benefit from her insights and truth as I have.

Spiritual Awakening

How can we figure out what Source wants us to do, especially if we cannot hear the inner voice yet?

I was surprised to find out that divine guidance can come in many forms.
All we need to do is ask.
The following list contains examples  (and is by no means exhaustive).

Inner guidance:

  1. Visions
  2. Dreams with literal or metaphorical meaning
  3. Songs that are stuck in the head which have meaningful lyrics
  4. Inner voice (voiceless or audible)
  5. Blocks of thought (i.e. sudden mental insight without any formulated sentences)
  6. Inner knowing (wordless gut level feeling)
  7. Inner urge to do something (for example, the urge to turn to the alarm clock in the morning and switch it off just one minute before it would go off by itself)
  8. Physical sensations (like a tingling feeling, muscle twitching, or seeing a tiny visible spark of light)
  9. Emotions (for example, feeling guilty or discontent when we are disobeying divine guidance vs. joy when we…

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Right place, wrong time? pub domain

Lately I have been thinking about the origins of thoughts and ideas. Does the brain recognize and record impulses from collective consciousness or the Divine Mind? Is there really a difference between human/ego thoughts and spiritual knowing? When I say this idea came from me, what does that really mean?

I do not plan to solve this conundrum now. It is merely a prelude to today’s post about two subjects perfect for Mercury retrograde in Aquarius: society and memories.

It continually amazes me how certain childhood memories have such strong significance decades later in life. Here is one that is ready to leave the draft folder and make its debut.

When I was 10 years old we moved to New Britain, Connecticut. It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been to in the United States, at that point in my life. Our apartment was an end unit and had three levels so it was closer to an actual house. This was a first for me, having lived only in apartments. The buildings were indicative of Shingle style architecture and were quite lovely. We lived in a rather undeveloped, highly wooded area and there was a brook in the backyard. Most of the complex was still under construction.  I could not find an acceptable image of the area but the painting above provides a similar flavor.

I met a neighbor boy from my apartment complex and we took a long walk on the property. He was older and had dark hair. He was not a classmate and frankly I have no clue how we met or why were together. All I know is that this memory has remained ” on the front burner” throughout my life. We talked about subjects that were foreign but fascinating. The most intriguing idea he discussed was bartering. He told me there was a time when we did not have actual money and a totally different system of exchange was in place. As we moved through the woods immersed in nature, I tried to visualize this novel way of living. My mind was flooded with such exciting information. It was so exotic and sophisticated. To me the notion seemed futuristic.

As I reflect on the 21st century society I find myself in, I keep asking myself if the past was in many ways so much more progressive than the present? I also wonder if my love for my Connecticut home led me to live near the edge of the woods as an adult? Such magical notions arise in me when in nature. Some of my best conversations happen in the natural world.  Who was this boy and why was he interested in talking to this young girl? I will probably never know, but I believe the barter system is making a comeback and will eventually replace our current system.

My mother repeatedly told me I was born too late. She meant I should have been born early enough to have been a hippie. Sometimes I think I would have preferred to have been part of a self-contained society where life was simple, natural, and rich with authenticity and meaning.

Are we heading in that direction?

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Pieces Of My Dreams – Third Piece

get-attachment (75)

Here’s another gem from the circle of life..

Piece 3

People may wonder why I keep an email account on AOL. I know it is so 1990s but part of me resists the work involved in letting all my old contacts know I have a new address. Actually I have many email accounts with different providers but I like the AOL home page.

Stuff happens here on my AOL home page that is unexpectedly wonderful. The Waking and Sleeping Worlds Collide.

Most readers know I changed my tagline on 1-11-15 to Pieces of a Dream. It is also a name of a local band, but I did not recall this when I made the change. I just knew I heard the phrase somewhere before. While visiting AOL on Wednesday I looked at the local news  headlines and found this article:

The title reads Curio Philadelphia – pieces of dreams.

Here is an excerpt from the owner of the Curio Shop that I found quite inspiring:

“I like to take compromised things and not let them go, not let them end up in the trash,” said Taft, protectively. She rescued the forgotten carousel horse, reposed in dirt, at a sale in an old hotel in Schwenksville. She spoke of this prized fellow and all her “found, redefined and repurposed” treasures with the eyes of a child and the loving whisper of a mother. “Have nothing in your home that you don’t love.”

Again, like a dream weaver or fortune teller looking into the future, Taft sees things no one else sees.

“Every object has a story,” Taft said. “While in Italy I see fragments of the Roman Empire coming out of the earth. All the things here in the shop are fragments; what represents me or someone else.”

With the heart of a self-described “survivor,” Taft is called to see the potential of the whole, where others see the uselessness of the broken.

I believe I found confirmation that my new tagline is a keeper!

update: The address of the Curio Shop is 8113, which equals 1111.

image credit: tree by litebeing chronicles © 2015

Pieces Of My Dreams – Second Piece

Piece 2

On Wednesday I went downtown to apply for my pension. I am taking the money early as it seems like the only available remedy to my financial situation ( Uranus transiting 2nd house squaring both natal Saturn and Mars). It is not enough to live on, but I am grateful it will help pay my bills.  I had arrived early for my meeting so I decided to hang out in the train concourse. I had worked downtown for so so many years and have spent countless hours down here. It is such a gritty Plutonian environment and I love it even when it becomes mundane or slightly menacing. Two former coworkers/lovers took the same train with me for many years. One of my former loves lived just one train stop away from mine. Looking back, it seems like we were forever finding one another on the train or waiting for its arrival on the concourse.  The song Downtown Train comes to mind as a perfect soundtrack for my archived trips on the memory train.  It is like an old shoe that still fits but the sole is worn and the laces are about to break off. So on my stroll I saw a group of people gathered holding religious pamphlets. I immediately walked the other way because I did not want to be bothered. So I found a pretzel stand and bought a few small warm pretzels. I was eating one of the pretzels on a bench with two other women. They seemed to be minding their own business so I figured I would plant myself there for a while.

The woman to my right said hello and smiled like she knew me, but we were not acquainted. I liked her energy, but preferred to eat in silence. A few minutes later, she began to engage me in conversation and began pulling out a pamphlet from her purse. At a different point in time I would have been annoyed and walked away. But instead I turned the conversation around. I spoke from the heart about the right to believe what you want and to respect difference. I also spoke about how I do not force my views on others. She tried a few times to analyze me and question the origins of my statements, but I was not very open to this tactic. Yet I sensed she was sincere and did not want to “throw out the baby with the bath water”.  I spoke about leading by example and almost choked on my pretzel as I finished my sentence. I have so many old notions about people who preach ” The truth”.  It is still such a trigger for me.

As we were in the midst of this discussion, a man approached us and asked us to buy his paper. Then he asked me to buy him a pretzel. Don’t you just love urban transit stations? I noticed that my companion did not buy his paper or give him any money. I used this ” teachable moment” to illustrate how it can feel to have someone try to sell you something you do not want. I also told her these types of synchronicity happen to me all the time. Turns out we both once lived near Penna Dutch country and her self- disclosure shifted something in me. I began talking about my blog. She was interested in learning more so I gave her the web address. This surprised me as I doubted a devout Jehovah’s Witness would be interested in metaphysics. But in a world of illusory duality, there is room for the unexpected to appear. Who knows, could she be reading this post?

Then I went to the Pension Board office and it was such a beautiful place. It had huge signage in bold gold letters, comfy maroon furniture and a fabulous panoramic view. I made a joke that this must be City Heaven. Everyone within earshot laughed. The people around me all looked content. They did not remind me of my former colleagues.  It was like one small cocktail party without the booze. People were in good spirits. They were all there to either get money or talk about getting money. I kept glancing over at the Golden letters.  It was like we are all part of this club where you get money. It was Cheers where everyone knows your name: retiree.  I was left waiting there for over an hour past my appointment time and I considered leaving more than once. I felt too young to be here. Not too young for CityWorld. But I left CityWorld 9 years ago and in litebeing world I am still a child.  I am not a retiree either. I am someone who is living with a challenging transit.

Then a woman sat down and she said hello. Even though I was not in a chatty mood, I responded to her kindness. What was so graceful about this particular woman was that she was light-hearted and open. She asked about me and I felt very comfortable talking. Without me realizing it, she led me though a summary of my tenure as a City employee. We talked about when I arrived, where I worked, the political climate, why I left, and what I learned. I did not divulge details, but shared my general observations and impressions. Her company made my wait worthwhile. She is still working there and was inquiring about retirement. I am glad we met and that she allowed me to express what led me here.

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Pieces Of My Dreams~ First Piece

The clock just turned 4:44 pm as I type this.

I will take this as a YES to publishing this post. I have been laying low since Thursday, nursing my wounds and honoring the Mars Neptune in Pisces flow. Moving slow and low, like the method for cooking barbecue so it becomes falling off the bones tender. I am becoming more tender as well.

I have divided up the original post into 3 smaller morsels. Enjoy with a cup of tea!

Piece 1

I had a very short lucid dream last night. It was tucked inside of what seemed like a much longer dream. I was unaware of my dream status until I entered this place that was over the top strange and cheesy. In the background I heard a faint voice over a loudspeaker. It looked like I landed inside a water slide park without the water. It was very bright with huge slides or lanes. There were 2 stuffed large pink bunny rabbits on top of 2 of the slides/ lanes. I initially wanted to get out of this bizarre place and felt frustrated. Then I had this thought ” This must be a dream with these bunnies and all.  This is a lucid dream.” I gathered the 2 rabbits together and they looked at one another. Before long, I was right back into the unconscious dream scape. It is cool though to report any lucidity at all since I have not had a lucid dream in several weeks or more. public domain

Rabbits are a great symbol and while they did not end up on my 2015 list, they still have messages to impart. Here are some associations with a rabbit dream, via

To see a rabbit in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize abundance, warmth, fertility and sexual activity.


I certainly am all in for luck, magical power, and success. How about more a -bun-dance?

Now we’re talkin’!


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Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces: You Can See The Dream


wikiart public domain ( all seurat)


While in the shower, a few lines from Neil Young’s song There’s A World popped into my head. Such a haunting melody with wise words that still hold up today. In fact, they may be more relevant now than back in the early 1970s.

So evocative of the Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune ethers we find ourselves in. Here’s to  shower power and classic Neil Young.

Are you seeing, being, and living the dream?



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