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Cookies and Collisions – A Holiday Tale

I am republishing this old post today.  After reviewing it yesterday I noticed an essential theme that I am carrying into 2015. Please read along and let me know which theme I am carrying forth! Have fun finding the thread.

1-16-15 Update: The answer is provided in the comments section. Did you guess correctly??


I have not written a Collisions story lately so I am very happy Spirit graced me with one that complements this Season of Miracles. Frankly I have had a rough few months and the stress has affected my outlook. I have been feeling weary with a decreased energy level. Saturn transiting all my Scorpio planets in the 9th house (beliefs and expansion) has taken its toll. However, Jupiter just retrograded back on my Mars, giving me the ” bump” I need to weather these challenging times.


This past December 13th, Friday 12-13-13, began like any other. It started off rather mundanely , but I am happy to report that I did not succumb to the negative hype of Friday the 13th. Thank you Sindy and others for enlightening me about the majesty of the number 13. I spent some time online before making a run to get some holiday cookies. I decided that day (on impulse) to indulge in some sugar at Bredenbecks. I love this bakery that has gorgeous gingerbread houses. scrumptious pies, and delightful sugar cookies! Prior to my outing, I heard from my pal Heidi. She contacted me to let me know she included me in her group  Reiki healing! I was truly grateful that my friend decided to include me in this way. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

So I traipse off on this cold and snowy day to get some cookies and perhaps a slice of chocolate cheesecake. As I drive up the hill, I consider the icy conditions and the cobblestone street. I quickly and quite unceremoniously wish to find a spot with some time left on the meter.  I prefer to avoid going through the snow and ice and up the cobblestones just to get to the meter. This was just a fleeting wish; I was not really expecting anything. Then I find a spot near the bakery. It is by an expired meter but I am cool with that. Before I can begin to parallel park, a woman motions me towards her. I pull over to find out what she wants. ” I have 35 minutes left on my meter so come with me!”  I am thinking, ” Wow, can she read my mind?” So I drive up to her spot. Not only does she offer me her spot, she begins to direct traffic and guide me into the vacant parking space. I kid you not!

Now here is the really interesting part of this tale: I have this flash about the Universe while all this is going on. While I am attempting to parallel park ( not my strong suit I’m afraid!) I being to imagine a world in which everything conspires in your favor. Where all possible and unimaginable resources operate seamlessly and automatically.  All you  have to do is align yourself and cooperate with the flow!” I promised myself I would remember this , because I sensed it was important.

After I got out of the car, I asked this angel for her name and I shook her hand. I wanted to make sure she was real.  She told me her name was Cynthia. She just radiated kindness and love. I shook her hand and thanked her. She then told me that I should get the snow off the roof of my car because it was dangerous and that I might get a ticket. I saw her again after I left the bakery. I waved at her and she waved back . She was helping a woman in a wheelchair. I wondered if she knew the woman or was just extending more generosity to others.  I thought about Heidi’s healing and my impulsive decision to get cookies. I wondered what universal laws were in operation. I also hoped I could keep this epiphany alive within me.

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I am not typically on board with this recent talk of immediate manifestation of abundance. Apart from finding a parking spot in  a crowded lot a la Parking God, I have not been much of a manifest-er. I like the idea of it. I have created a vision board and tried some other practices designed to counteract poverty consciousness and other self-defeating beliefs. Maybe its my current state of weariness or plain old-fashioned cynicism. I have not had much experience with this particular phenomenon so I have no ” hard evidence.” Well this past Friday the 20th ( a week after my Divine collision) I had a medical appointment. The medical practice moved to a larger office space. It was decorated with stunning artwork that was simply breathtaking. On the counter were several small, sparkly, purple Poinsettia plants. I had not seen these before and I was in love… I asked the receptionist about them and she said that they were painted. She inferred they were painted for the medical practice. I told her ” I want to get one!” I did not really hold the thought. In fact, I quickly forgot about it. 

Fast forward one day ahead to Saturday. I go to the supermarket for a few items and hope to purchase a small Poinsettia as well. The pickings were slim and I told myself to accept what is. I was a bit disappointed, but would not buy an unhealthy plant just to appease my desire to uphold my yearly tradition. On the way home I decide to go to one more store. I recalled that they have had a large selection of plants and flowers in the past. I take a quick survey of their holiday plants section.  I notice they are also practically sold out. I am about to leave the store empty-handed when I see a row of small purple Poinsettia. They were identical to those I saw at the medical office! There were only a few left but I found one that was in good condition. I was almost in shock because I believed that the ones I saw were specially made for my doctor’s practice. Did I misunderstand the receptionist? Did it really matter? Just like with the meter, I briefly held a thought without expectation and look what happens….

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Am I participating in this mass Awakening/Ascension that is being discussed online? Is the key to success what Buddhists call non-attachment? In both of these situations I desired the unexpired meter and the unusual purple plant.  Yet I was not feeling dependent on, or even particularly invested in the outcome. I am utterly amazed and quite baffled by the turn of events. Let me know what you think happened here.  I could really benefit from your experiences with intention.

Please listen now for Divine enjoyment:    The voice of an Angel

I got goosebumps the first time I heard this on the radio.



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