Musings ~ Waiting on the World to Change



I have been busy, mostly internally. I changed the blog look to mirror my emotional/astral body. I look to expansion and vast space in a sea of purple velvet and diamond skies. Here is where I find myself today:


I pulled a card from the Sacred Path deck for me ( and you) for 2015:



An 8 card for an 8 year, yes! I am ready for more clarity and light, but with kindness and care. Fires and shattered glass and electricity coursing through me is not my preference, just sayin’. We will be entering the Year of the Sheep in February. Not sure how that will play out, since this Year of the Horse was reigned in by Saturn and retrograde Mars, among other things. We only have one retro planet now ( Jupiter), so move forward quickly if you have plans to activate. Times like these are rare. Mercury begins its Retrodance in Aquarius on 1-21-15.

But I digress..

So how about a catchphrase?:

Keepin it green in 2015 or Make 2015 New and Pristine or See and be Seen in 2015!

Feel free to add your own to the mix!

Some recent encounters from last year are yet to be actualized. My Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve Eve were ripe with curiosity and excitement. Playing musical instruments and jamming to the 12 days of Christmas was so liberating and joyful. Reminded me of all the jam session gatherings I attended with my Anti-Nuclear Energy group back in  my college daze. Eclectic, creative and joyful. Movements can be political, physical, etc, name your dimension and fly..

Hanging with Sarah ( former blogger) and Tom ( current blogger?) and talking Ascension/ consciousness was so crazygood. My takeaways were not intellectual or logical, although my ego and rational mind were still hanging on, looking to grasp onto tangibility, bless their hearts!

So while I am not certain where I am on the 5d and beyond continuum, I am waiting on my world to change. From within to without, or vice versa. Any early romance I had with the vastness of time and space is still very much intact, day by day. The more I live with focus, the more I notice a morphing of past and present. Time also seems to be more bendable lately. I wake up frequently unsure what day it is or even what week.

Anyone else know what I mean?

Some cool experiences ~ Seeing red light on tops of trees; Dreams of brightly colored produce and festive salad served in lovely glass ( or crystal ) bowl; Letting go of disappointments with less resistance and more flow; Occasional bursts of silliness.

Really old memories continue to come back to awareness and I thought I saw an angel by my bed a few nights ago while half asleep. It was in “reality” some clothing on a chair, but they formed a profile of a divine figure at night.

Some new TV shows have returned and I love when a series introduces new characters who are familiar actors or the characters get involved in new settings. I see myself in those timescapes, navigating the old with the new. There is no distinction anyway, it is all about cycles and spirals.  Also I am noticing new shows on alternate realities/time travel like Hindsight.

While much of what I have read online seems to pointing towards a fast and furious warped speed transformation, mine is subtle and slow.

Please share with us your thoughts on 2015 catchphrases, ascension, expanded awareness, alternate realities, etc.

Call it whatever you like, I am waiting on the world to change: 

Waiting on the world to change. 


image credit: Josephine Wall