Our Quantum Heart

I discovered Michael , or he me, last year and his expressions are illuminating and love-centered. Please enjoy this precious poem.

Embracing Forever

What we are…
is invisible,
an incandescence
of possibilities
whirling through
the dark,
always one step ahead
of the pin—
from one instant to the next,
traversing chasms between worlds,
discarding moments
that flutter softly to the ground
like feathers
pinched in the closing doors
of our fractured timelines.

What we are…
is immobile
but forever growing,
forever reaching out,
fruit-bearing and
a tree whose
inner-and-outer limbs
snake through the
many-surfaced skies
of probability,
some here,
some there.

You and I,
we’ve looked right at It
without comprehending.
We’ve taken the quantum opiate.
We’ve heard about the particle
that became two
without ceasing to be one,
but still added up to none,
and we haven’t understood.
We’ve heard about the
spooky way realities collapse,
and doorways open,
but we haven’t realized:
every world spun off
from the spark-filled darkness
is a leaf blown free of…

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