Happy Blogiversary ~ Pieces of a Dream

What can I say?  litebeing chronicles is now 2 years old! This blog is now in the throes of toddler hood and enjoys establishing its power by saying no and occasionally running a muck. It is ever-changing and developing. I understand this platform better than when I started, and have a more nuanced appreciation for the impact of online communication. No terrible twos for me. Well, maybe an occasional rant…

While I am not changing the direction of litebeing chronicles, I am making a few changes.

New look, New tagline

I already altered the look a bit to reflect my current muse: the universe. My world view has slightly been impacted by the enormity of the unseen. More and more I enter the void. This happens on multiple levels and I hope to describe my experiences throughout the course of this year. Considering the power of mother Earth has been mind-blowing and I continue to sort this out. The documentary Grounding made a huge impression on my understanding of our home. This introduction of the unrealized power potential has really opened many doors for me. One portal that I have accessed is a more organic conceptualization of astrology. It is one that is less theoretical and intellectual for me and this is BIG. While the idea As Above So Below continues to resonate, I have a larger sense of why we are so intertwined with the cosmos. While I find that using words makes this challenging to explain, I will try:

We are no different from the planets.

I invite you to reflect on this and come to your own conclusions. It certainly is worthy of lengthy contemplation. We can do this together. Do we have a deal? Both of these ideas will continue with me into my 3rd year of blogging, no doubt. Which brings me to the next change, the tagline.

I am retiring The adventures of a part-time mystic atleast temporarily. It is time to try something different. One reason is that I am not really a part-time mystic. I just thought that I was. We are all mystics and we have access to other realities all the time. This is because there is no time and because we all are part of one Source. The expression and experiences will vary, but the moniker part-time mystic seems limiting.

The new tagline is Pieces of a Dream. Every single post is a representation of my journey. The journey is always informed by my dreams.  Lately my dreams seem to be more real than my waking life most of the time.  This includes while asleep, in  meditation, daydreaming, or while engaged in imaginative play. Essentially each post is a snapshot of my dreamscape, a piece of the dream. Honestly, the phrase recently popped in my head ( as often happens) and I liked it. Don’t most of us aspire to be living the dream ?

I will continue to blog on what inspires me without a master plan.  I am intrigued by doing more interviewing in the future and hope to have more opportunities. Let me know if you would like to be interviewed or have some prospects. I am also bringing forward radical gratitude practice, pronoia ( the world is conspiring in your favor), and sheer curiosity and awe.

I also am intrigued by intentionality and have found a  prompt that I want to share with you. When I first saw this commercial, I was hooked. I was instantly transformed to a blissful innocence. Could it be the promise of coffee? Or perhaps the catchy tune? Watch and tell me if it alters your frequency.

Signs of the Times

wikimedia.org public domain

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By Alexandre Buisse (Nattfodd) (self-made (http://www.alexandrebuisse.org)) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Allow me to introduce you to my 3 power animals in training: Owl, Tiger, and Deer. I am drawn to all 3 ( 111)  and I plan to see which of these are my guides for 2015 ( or longer). Owl symbolizes an oracle of secret knowledge, Tiger symbolizes illumination and wealth, and Deer symbolizes the Easterly directions and faerie realms. If you have read my last few posts, you will see why these particular symbols are meaningful for me.

All 3 have appeared to me strongly in a variety of ways. Some I have seen in my backyard, in dreams, or in some other guise such as in the media. I am excited to discover if they are my guides and will let you know as soon as I do.

For more information: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/index.html

I hope to continue to inspire and be the kind of writer that I like to read, one who is informative, clever, imaginative, and authentic. I welcome your feedback, suggestions, and comments.

When I chose 1-11-13 as my start date, I did not realize that I would continue to see these repetitive numbers for 2 more years. I also did not foresee that this would be an international phenomenon. At this juncture I get that both my desire to blog and the numerical sequences were indeed linked. Like many of us, I have been called to communicate this way and connect with others of the light. Welcome to all the new followers and readers. Thank you all for being so much more than readers. You have become my community of light.

You are litebeings.

Thank you Matt Mullenweg for being born on 1-11 and creating WordPress. I wish you a blessed birthday and hope you have a sense of the role you have played in facilitating this network.

Cosmic update: According to my stats, this is my 222 published post. ( I have published more, but some have reverted to private status).

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