Mutable Love ~ Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune Venus in Pisces

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I recently blogged about Saturn square Venus.  Tomorrow ( or today in some time zones) Neptune joins the party as Venus meets Neptune at 6 degrees Pisces. This is auspicious as 6 is the number that’s correlated with Venus. It is the love number! All this occurs at my midheaven so it makes sense that I communicate about this planetary configuration publicly. I had to take a quick break from typing as I spotted a critter within my sight. I went to the window and saw 1, then 2, then, 4…  I had to go on the terrace on this bitterly cold day to make contact and count. I observed 6 deer in my backyard area. This is a record for me and totally underscores the power of 6 and love!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Here is the transit potential summarized  in a tasty morsel:

Ethereal transcendent love ( Neptune Venus in Pisces) challenged by a crisis of faith ( Saturn in Sagittarius).


The lovers drink a Neptunian elixir.


Everything gets fuzzy and slightly out of focus.


The couple is blissfully ecstatic.

But then ideals are challenged and fear looms large.

Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs and mutability means flexibility, flow, and movement. This mutable square is less challenging than most because there is room to maneuver, make errors, and course correct. We are facing  the clashing of dreams versus reality. What is reality? Saturn aids our abilities to manifest and in Sagittarius we are challenged to open ourselves up to new ideas and new beliefs about expansion and abundance. In this case we are talking about spiritual love and divine blessings.

This can mean soul mate pairings, transitory romance, and/or involvement with chameleons who morph and shape-shift before your eyes.

We are everything and nothing and all we will ever be has already happened.

Think about this and feel free to comment.

I continue to awaken and as I do, I notice how little I know and also how everything is within my grasp. Yes, this is another paradox.

I have been playing with the notion of love in my mind for a few months. I am beginning to consider that my life’s mission could be more easily advanced if I lived within partnership. Don’t worry, Dexter is still here. I am thinking about what it might be like to embark once more in a romance.

I will be more than okay either way. Just wondering if there might possibly be someone who would also benefit from partnering with me. The me of today, not of the past. After meeting James , I could not fathom a higher love for me. But that was not romance between a man and a woman. It was not practical or based on everyday human day-to-day living. I really thought that I have been rather content without all the baggage and drama that often accompany the forming of a relationship. It seemed to be a done deal.  Now I am not certain.

I do not want to close the door to someone wh0 perhaps has been waiting for me to evolve and grow and decide I can try this once more. It is also not in my best interest to close myself off from a partner who may propel me to accomplish more here for the planet.

Just sayin’

I have included two links of songs that I enjoyed when I was in love that elegantly highlight the easily malleable Neptunian in all of us. One is male centered and the other is female centered. These songs suggest that we often attempt to be everything in order to please the other. Having dated so many Piscean types, I have seen this in action more times than I care to remember. I’d suggest instead that we allow our own  internal diversity and creative process to come to the fore as we tap into more of who we already are. Let’s play with freedom and whimsy.


Finally, here is a video that is about transcendent love , soft and ethereal as a fluffy cloud…


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Happy February!! Why Astrology Works 3.0


Happy February tomorrow ( or today depending on your timezone)  to all my radiant litebeings! I thought it would be worthwhile to re-post my first astrology post from 2 years ago. Retrogrades are great for re-posts, re-blogs, edits, and re-invention. I am still a couple of days away from my Ascendant return, ( the day that the sun reaches the degree of my Ascendant) but excited about the fresh influx of energy! Please enjoy this re-view and let me know how the current retrograde is treating you.

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This brief  “rant” is to help the uninitiated understand why I love astrology. This love is illogical, unscientific, and 100 percent biased. Long before I owned an ephemeris or even knew such a thing existed, February was my favorite month of the year. Even though I don’t particularly love winter. Even though I was born in November. When I was a kid, most of my close friends were born within a few days of each other during the beginning of February. I met my teenage crush on February 1st and for a while considered it an unofficial holiday.  My first serious boyfriend was born on February 5th and one of my most magical romances began on Thursday, February 4th. (love the phonetic symmetry)

Once I began taking formal astrology classes and attending astrological lectures, I learned how to properly calculate my astrological chart ( the days before we had computers!!) . Then I discovered that I am an Aquarius Rising. It basically means that the sun enters my first house every year approximately between February 4th and February 6th. For the astrologers reading this, I approximate because I have altered my documented birth-time by a few minutes to correspond better with life events. No one is usually born at 1:00 pm on the dot!!

Why I am posting this ” rant” ? Because I am feeling the pre- ascendant energy take shape! I love the electricity that accompanies the transition from the 12th house to the 1st, the darkness to the light, the hidden to the brightly illuminated. It is truly a rebirth.


constellation Aquarius

Happy Birthday to all my  February Aquarius friends . Come celebrate the coolest shortest month on our calendar. And to those who don’t get astrology, pay attention to when you come back to life. It may surprise you!

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