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I don’t know what to make of 2015 so far. My Sun is now in the 1st house, yet I did not feel the usual Ascendant return bounce. My body is ailing and I am just going with the flow, letting it ride.

Time Warp

Time speeds up, then it slows down. The slowdown is not the kind you notice in the middle of a boring staff meeting or while sitting in traffic. It is when time appears to stop and you wonder if perhaps your clock needs a new battery? It has become commonplace for me to look at the clock and say ” How can it still be 2:00 PM? It seems so much later.” This is kinda new to me, not like the sensation of the years quickly racing by. I have acclimated to that by now. This experience is unique. Sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes it freaks me out a bit. Anyone else have this happen to them lately?

I Get So Emotional Baby Every Time I Think of You

I am releasing emotions in a way that seems to be healing. Waves of sadness wash over me and occasionally the inner observer will appear and watch it all unfold. I have been thinking about Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina. Reflecting on how astrology can assist me in predicting probable outcomes I rather not see. When I first discovered Whitney was a Pisces Rising years ago, I thought to myself ” problems with addiction.” Yet when I watched her interview on TV, this young Whitney seemed so confident and in charge ( Leo Sun, Aries Moon). I am not saying that one particular chart placement causes a definite outcome. When someone becomes so famous so quickly, they are more susceptible to negative outside influences. Frankly I think I just had an intuition about her.

When I saw Bobbi Kristina with her parents on a televised performance, I looked at her intensely  for some time. I asked myself ” What will become of her, who is raising her?” This is before news of Whitney’s addiction became public knowledge,  So here we are and this poor young woman is in a coma 3 years after the tragic loss of her mother. It is fascinating to see that both Whitney and Bobbi had Chiron conjunct each other’s Sun. This double Chiron whammy may help shed some light on their relationship and why I wondered who was raising her.

I was listening to Whitney perform ” Didn’t We Almost Have It All” tonight and thought about many things at once. I thought about how one of my favorite singers once had it all and she lost it. I thought about how I lost so much over the past few years and don’t know what is in front of me. Mostly I remembered first hearing the line ” A moment in the soul can last forever.” I was intensely in love at the time , and also knew the relationship was not going to last very long. But it would live in my soul forever. Forever is a long time!

So here I am wailing away on my couch, knowing that most of this emotion has nothing to do with anything I listed. It is all about this moment. Dexter slowly gets up from his corner, saunters up to me and jumps on my lap and climbs up on me. I felt his love and marveled at the exquisite timing of this moment. What a blessing he is, that Dexter.

Chicken And the Egg

Dreams are popping off the charts with rich meaning in some novel ways. Tons of creature dreams: owls are making a decent showing, along with squirrels and more. I also recently dreamed I went to a healer who had a huge butterfly on her office wall and it was in motion. The header and post images are paintings that match the bounty of nature in all aspects of my consciousness.

The art of cooking has become therapeutic for me lately and the end products are really good. Since I am not a good cook typically, I am in awe when a few simple ingredients come out so delicious and bright. Speaking of food, I have become obsessed with eggs. Cooking them different ways, noticing oddities in the yolks, even dreaming about them. Eggs are about life and promise.

Action is Evident ” Backstage”

There is an enormity of movement within the confines of stagnation. The big picture seems so far away and I am letting my job search go for a few months. I just need a break. Yet I have been blessed with some new astrology clients and when I conduct the sessions, I am thrilled to be in that moment. I feel so lucky to be able to work this way with people and offer them some new insights into their life journeys. I also marvel at how great new people show up out of nowhere. Some readers may recall that I have an interest in genealogy. I have done some preliminary research but have not made much headway. Well a few evenings ago I met with a genealogist and we are bartering genealogy research for an astrology consult. We met at a party of a mutual friend and made a nice connection. While sitting with her at the meeting, I thought to myself, how exciting it is when my desires come to fruition without me even trying. I will keep you updated on my progress, but I expect this research will be a lengthy project.

While this post is a bit all over the place, there is a solidifying theme: within the stagnation, much is at work behind the scenes ( Mercury retrograde in my 12th house). Most of the symbols in waking and dream time are elusive, but a few are beginning to provide some clues. I am now noticing 222, 333, and 444 regularly with the occasional 555, 666, and 777 ( jackpot!).  My meditations have been interesting as well and I plan to post some art I am creating in a later post that will illustrate a rather memorable inner adventure.

Is is possible that the Universe is conspiring in everyone’s favor even when we may appear to be restricted or confined? Could it be that we are being slowed down so we can integrate and assimilate more of the new experiences that are being introduced through the new energies?

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