Here is a wonderfully unique meditation experience I had the day of the Leo Full Moon. It was a vivid bright day, all aglow with Jupiter in Leo sunshine. I closed my eyes and immediately saw bright red light. Gradually the colors began to evolve.  The image above is very close to a warm orangey yellow vision that was very potent with possibilities.

I felt inspired to recreate this vision in a drawing. This is partially because I could not find anything online that came close to what I saw with my third eye. Then yesterday while over at Soul Fields I saw my image. Imagine that, just when I had stopped looking! Thank you Deelia for facilitating yet another synchronicity. Since I had already started my piece, I decided to complete it. In characteristic Mercury retrograde style, I restarted the project and find this new version to be closer to my intention:

my version of the innervision

 I  remember asking for love for to reach all my friends and family. This intention expanded to include everyone and everything  I breathed in love, visualizing elves entering my being.  I began to laugh so joyfully. It was so unexpected and amazing. Never have I  felt that intense joy before in meditation. I sustained it for what appeared to be a couple of minutes. The inner-scape was a lovely shade of red.

Throughout the process I saw most of the color spectrum. Waves of color starting with bright red, orange, blue, green, purple emerged before me. It was very beautiful and natural. I was amazed by the whimsy of the elves and realized I have used them in healing many years ago with the help of a friend. She took me through a series of guided imagery exercises where elves would heal my earache. Why we chose elves , I have no recollection, but I find it all very fascinating.

Medicine Bowl

Later that day I drew a card for the full moon. Apparently I have more healing to do for myself and others. This card is one I have pulled many times for myself. I see it as important now as the full moon highlights my 1st and 7th house axis. I do have some 7th house projects in progress and they do involve healing.

As I blogged recently, my emotional life has been activated. It was such a nice surprise to be in such bliss during this meditation. Typically I feel very little emotion when I sit and go within, with the exception of some worry over “doing it correctly”. I am humbled by the possibilities that await me. 

image credits: header and first image