Giving and Receiving

Oh what a week it has been!


Dreams vivid

Sleep poor

Heart screaming

*Limbs are soar  sore

Muscles on fire

Tummy rumble

Pain and agony

Keep me humble


If I can turn body misery into poetry, maybe I will survive after all!

Throughout all the medical madness I have been preparing and planning for the organization of my first Meetup group. It took place today and it was fantastic. I put myself through so much torture over the details. Finding the right room was an adventure that proved more challenging than I imagined.  Both of the spaces I was interested in were located in a church. The song Take Me to Church kept prompting me to survey the local churches. The names of the women in charge of rentals at the churches I visited are Angela and Angelique. Interesting, don’t you think? When I do what I am called to do and put the logistical cart before the horse, my ego screams in protest. The calling to speak about the mystical path has been growing steadily over time. I have been ready, but still frightened of the responsibility of leadership.  But it all worked out so well. Lovely space, beautiful people, and a sense that I am on the right path. I was called to create a structure that I wish was there when I was young and needed one.

When I return home there is a huge envelope waiting for me from a friend:




Now I knew the book would be coming at some time TBD, but the tarot deck was an unexpected bonus. I cannot wait to play with these, yea!

Life is back and forth, up and down, inward and outward, inhale and exhale, give and receive.

The timing of the gifts is exquisite: A reward for mobilizing through the physical pain and following through on my vision for starting a Meetup for Mystical Awareness.

If you are local and want to join the meetup, contact me and I will hook you up.

I have some of the best friends in the world. They are generous, kind, and have great timing apparently. In the larger picture I see that I am being watched over , throughout the periods of darkness and suffering. I still don’t know why my body goes off and does its own thing. It could simply be the aftermath of cumulative stress and worry over my unstable lifestyle. Or a distraction to tempt me to abandon my dreams. Or both, or neither..

Does that mean I must suffer in order to receive “rewards”? Hell no! I am just noticing the rhythm of this week. Today is Sun Neptune and I have this aspect natally. There is some glimmer of light a midst the haze.




* Postscript: After a chaotic week, I can report that I slept like a baby last night and I am so grateful. As I reviewed my minipoem here today, I noticed a typo. I typed soar instead of sore. That got me thinking, perhaps my body is soaring and I am experiencing growing   pains. Or maybe it was just a typo.


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