all 5 by Gustave Klimt

Art is My Medicine

If I could go to an Art healer, perhaps my health issues would evaporate. But in the meantime, my new book on Gustav Klimt is salve for my wounds. This book is just what the doctor ordered, figuratively speaking.

Did you know Klimt is a mosaic artist? Now I know, and my heart sings with glee. Mosaics delight me in a way my brain cannot comprehend. I am currently delighting in Klimt’s landscape series. He was influenced by Seurat to a degree. You know Seurat, the master of pointillism and my favorite painter. Here are some of Klimt’s landscapes. Go ahead and dive right in. The water is fine!





Perhaps I will eventually compose my post on the Barnes Foundation. But please take your medicine in the interim. Neptune insists that we do so now. Love is my religion and art is my medicine. A spoonful is never enough, and no sugar is needed to help the medicine go down.


image credits:, public domain