Art Therapy ~ A Thousand Points of Lite

As I continue to be holed up here in the frozen tundra, I  heal myself with art therapy. While I have several worthy drafts in several stages of completion, I do not feel compelled to write. But I do feel compelled to share beauty and light.

Today’s post is devoted to the technique of pointillism. This technique was developed by Seurat and Signac in 1886, according to Wikipedia. While pointillism has not been widely used by many artists, I am showcasing works by a variety of those that heeded the call. Feel free to comment on your favorites. Also share with us ( me and Dexter and fellow litebeings) which types of paintings make you swoon or break out into a state of bliss.






1925_Klee_Oriental_pleasure_garden_anagoria (1)

all these pointillism by wikimedia pub domain

 How many stars adorn the sky? How many cells divide within one day? How many rays of light are contained within one drop of paint? How much love is possible?


 image credits:, public domain