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We are interrupting our regularly scheduled post ( which is a goodie I promise) to bring you a very important post that must be published now. That’s because the deer are back!

On my blogiversary I mentioned a trio of possible animal guides to accompany me throughout 2015 or longer. They are tiger, owl, and deer. I will conclude that all three have been showing up while awake rather consistently. I am not aware of any recent dreamtime sightings at this point.

Some readers might recall that I had an extraordinary deer sighting in January that was rather unprecedented. I spotted 6 deer in my backyard during the light of day. That was wild and very exciting. This memory stayed with me strongly and powerfully.

Well, what about today, you ask? Well it has been weeks since I took a nature walk in my neighborhood due to the extreme cold and icy/snowy conditions. Today it was sunny and in the fifties so I decided it was time to head out and clear my head. I forgot to take my phone and I did not expect to need it anyway. I am taking my time, enjoying the trees and the fresh air. I held on to a few branches for a while just to take in their energy. It was wonderful. So as I head back I notice a large dog crossing the road and moving towards me.

Well it was not a dog after all. It was a small deer. It began to slowly walk towards me. It was moving towards me unafraid , approximately 40 feet away.  I was delighted but very surprised. Eventually it moved behind some houses. As I moved up the hill I noticed it was gathered with a few more deer next to one of the houses. They were all standing still and looking right at me. I silently sent out love to them and smiled. While walking further up the incline I noticed another small group of deer on the other side of the house. So I was in contact with approximately 6-8 deer in bright daylight. We were just a few yards away from one another. It was a revelation! This lasted maybe a minute or two and then a car drove up the hill. Then the deer fled back to the woods as quickly as they could. I began to briefly wonder if I even saw them at all. That thought receded back into the ethers. I rather quickly regrouped and realized that I am being guided in a very dramatic fashion. After such an isolating period , it seems as if nature is carrying me and protecting me.

I learned from research online that deer signify the Easterly direction in Native American culture. So I searched some more to discover more about the Eastern direction. I found this description  here.

East (Yellow) – The direction from which the sun comes. Light dawns in the morning and spreads over the earth. This is the beginning of a new day. It is also the beginning of understanding because light helps us see things the way they really are. On a deeper level, East stands for the wisdom helping people live good lives. Traditional people rise in the morning to pray facing the dawn, asking God for wisdom and understanding.

Then I perused the sacred internet highway for more deer symbology. I “stumbled ” upon some information that really rang true. Here are some excerpts that resonated for me. I highlighted some of the most charged passages in italics:

By observing the ways in which deer behave, it is possible to see what amazing qualities – or powers – they possess. From the deer we can learn that the gift of gentleness and caring can help us overcome and put aside many testing situations. Only love, both for ourselves and for others, helps us understand the true meaning of wholeness.

If a deer crosses your path, this may show you that you are a very compassionate, gentle and loving person. If you don’t have these qualities, then consider if you have a problem that needs addressing. Are you facing a challenge in your life, whether with a fellow human being or a delicate situation? If you are feeling negative emotions such as anger, try letting go. Think about whether a gentler and more loving approach can sort the issue out. It may be necessary to speak the truth, this is best done with kindness and from the heart, this will generally give a better result.

Deer teaches us how powerful it is to be of gentle demeanour, to exert keen observation and sensitivity. Deer’s are in tune with nature and all it comprises. They are sacred carriers of peace and show those with this power animal how to open their hearts and love unconditionally.

Deer has entered your life to help you walk the path of love with full consciousness and awareness, to know that love sometimes requires caring and protection, not only in how we love others, but also in how we love ourselves.

A deer’s senses are very acute and they see extremely well in low light, giving them the ability to understand the deeper symbolic meanings of things. They can hear a twig snap a very long way off. People with this power animal are often described as being swift and alert. They are intuitive, often seeming to possess well developed, even extrasensory perceptions. Sometimes their thoughts seem to race ahead, and they appear not to be listening, to be somewhere else. Anyone with power animal has latent clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. They can see between the shadows, detect subtle movements and hear that which is not being uttered. Ask the deer to help you develop these true gifts.

Deer teaches us to be gentle, to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are in our lives. Don’t push people to change, rather gently nudge them in right direction, with the love that comes from deer. Love and accept people as they are. The balance of true power lays in love and compassion.

When a Deer totem enters your world, a new innocence and freshness in about to be awakened. New adventures are just around the corner and there will be an opportunity to express the gentle love that will open new doors for you.

To read the full article, please visit

This deer encounter literally stopped me in my tracks. I am so in awe that I was able to commune with these un-deerlike deer. They were not afraid or squeamish. If that car did not show up, we may still be hanging out together now!

I am excited for new beginnings and a heightening of my gentility and loving nature.  Less and less judgement to be replaces with increasing compassion and forgiveness. I have been around the block long enough to know as above so below and without is within. The bigger questions is, can I implement this practice as we navigate these currently choppy waters?



Update 3-13-15: While visiting the Wikiart site, the featured painting happens to be The Wounded Deer by one of my fave artists Frida Kahlo. Apparently the deer is an ancient Aztec symbol. To view the painting and learn more:


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