By Anne Dirkse ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

How Am I Doing? Part 2


I would suggest you read this series in order, so start here.

When I was relatively new to this spiritual odyssey, I had an important insight. I realized that once you are on the train, you cannot stop it. Once you pursue what is beyond the 5 senses ( 3D world), it is on. At the time, I was fine with it. I was exhilarated by the ride and had plenty of support. You cannot go back to not knowing.

Fast forward to now: There are many moments when I wish I could see the chair as just a chair, the window as the window, the floor as solid. Years of studying A Course in Miracles helped me exit the world of duality and separation. I have no regrets about The Course. I love what I have learned and the timing of my introduction was perfect. I just am at a place where it gets to be too much. I would not say that ignorance is bliss, but I would say that with knowledge comes responsibility.

Having gifts or abilities does not eliminate loss, sadness, confusion, or fear. If anything, my sensitivity can often heighten my emotional experiences. Love is stronger than fear and it is close to impossible to be in love and fearful simultaneously. Yet love does not eliminate all the pain and suffering on the planet ( within and without).

I offer another song from the same time period as the last couple posts. Another haunting melody with powerful lyrics and a message that is up for interpretation. Let the music take you wherever you want to go…