Venus Conjunct Moon in Gemini ~ Expressions of Spring

Today Venus gently embraces my moon in Gemini. I woke up this morning in a good mood ( no small feat lately) and was greeted by some great news on my computer. This vibe followed me as I met with my Spiritual Director and ran some errands today. There were some snags and I still find myself quite easily irritated.

However, I accomplished all my small goals for the day and was able to stay out for several hours without noticeable fatigue. I was also pleasantly surprised by some symbols; I discovered a lovely peacock decorated welcome mat for my home and was greeted by my college magazine dotted with owls on the cover.


Additionally I noticed numerous magnolia trees, sparrows, and assorted natural delights during my travels. Spring has sprung in the Delaware Valley and I am taking in the sweetness of glimmering greens and persistent purples!
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I am also poised to share some Bach, my favorite classical composer, with you today. I opted for Concerto #5 because 5 is a Mercury number and this blog today is a celebration of Gemini:

behold Bach. public domain

Aging is Optional: Goddesses Never Age

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Behold the beauty of Ceres. I am featuring her today in the companion art for today’s blog.

I was not going to write about aging today. I was heading in an entirely different direction. But tuning in to the Oprah Network set off a spark. The spark sent me on a mission to come to terms with my body and our human journey through time.

Martial_Reymond_-_Ceres_with_torch (1)

One of the things I actually enjoy about ” crises” ( and I have had my share) is that they allow me a break in the action. I feel relieved that during this opportunity ( definition of crisis), most of my problems take a back seat to resolving the matter at hand. It takes most of the pressure off. This is a very good thing.

So I am starting to take a closer look at what my body is telling me now in the wake of diverticulitis.  Until today, I was too frightened to even consider communicating with my physical form. While watching Dr. Christiane Northrup today on SuperSoulSunday, I am receiving insight after insight. I am truly grateful for the timing of today’s episode. I feel empowered and supported. God bless Oprah!

Ceres_c1800_ubs_G_0874_III (1)

I feel so hopeful and grateful for the first time in a great while. I desire there be lessons in living, and that meaning is always possible. I can see that I can look at my health without blame and/or shame. I did not make myself ill.

Many spiritual platforms, including the Course, can be misinterpreted in this regard. I have had many conversations with people about causality and un-wellness. The ideal attitude is to accept your situation, feel it, but not dwell on it or turn it into another toxic agent in your system.


Theodoor_van_Thulden_and_Alexander_Coosemans_-_Double_Portrait_of_a_girl_and_a_girl_as_Cupid_and_Ceres_next_to_a_Stil_life_of_fruits_and_flowersHere are some quotes from the program:

” Own the pain but do not dwell in it.”

” Health is contagious.”

” Getting older is inevitable. Aging is optional.”

” Our culture tells us how to move through time. Chronological age means very little.”

 Some other key points include:

surrounding oneself with positive people

build a village that supports agelessness 

enjoy pleasurable activities, but not in the form of addiction

celebrate birthdays, but not milestone birthdays

do not focus on chronological age: look to the part of you that is timeless

live in ways that feel right for you; do not embrace the idea that you are “too old” to do something or be something.

This post is really for women and men, because the principles apply to all humankind. I cannot wait to read the book, but in the meantime I feel motivated to promote more healing and shed accumulated attitudes and paradigms that were nothing more than faulty cultural programming. Be part of my village so we can create a new paradigm together.

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Art is My Medicine ~ The Sequel

Hey litebeings,

I am still on meds and feeling better today. One of them was discontinued because of side effects, but the remaining antibiotic seems to be helping. My doctor is also very encouraged by my blood test results. Yet, this health challenge has triggered so much old sludge.. More on this later.

So why not share some more art, I say? While I do have plenty of tales to tell, I need more time to sort out the details. Let the paintings do the talking on this Flowing Friday. These gems from Monet are ready for launch.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLASTOFF!!


impression-sunrise.jpg!HD (1)




 Have a whimsical weekend!

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Earth Day 2015: Savor the Splendor

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My love affair with Gaia has intensified this year. Immensely..

How? An enchantment with animals, communion with plants, discovery of earthing, and the epiphany as to why Astrology operates so seamlessly: We, Gaia and the Divine Source are intertwined and created from the same “stuff”.

Maybe many originated from another galaxy, but we are embodied here. This is home, and I love Earth with all that IAM. 

Let’s heal ourselves so we can heal all consciousness. Haven’t you heard, Gaia is alive!

wikipedia public domain

May we remember we are interconnected and responsible for one another today and always!

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By U.S. Department of Agriculture (Hapgood Pond) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Road to NO-where

I have noticed lately how bored I am with this “recovery”. My pain returned somewhat dramatically today, so the doctor put me back on 2 antibiotics. Good times, not! I am curious to see how long my body will tolerate them. So far, so good, for all of 8 hours.  The pain has already decreased, which leads me to think my infection has returned or I have succumbed to the placebo effect. When I had lyme disease many years ago, it was an extended odyssey into the world of multiple medications, hives, assorted side effects, and old-fashioned misery. Eventually I healed, but my fear of ticks persisted. So tired of fear!

Also, I am quite tired of putting plans aside, especially those that are rare and sacred, like my friend’s recent Quaker Wedding. My friend has waited so very long to find her mate and I could not be there. It would have also been my first Quaker Wedding. I was very excited to witness her joy and bask in the love and light.  She was very gracious about my absence, but that is not the point. The point is I am being forced to narrow the playing field in this game of life. It seems like more and more of my choices are being eliminated and I don’t like it.

Yes, I am venting, but this is not a pity party. I will accept what I cannot change. But in the meantime, I want to go to Longwood Gardens or Pendle Hill or the arboretum. Even a car ride out in the country would suffice. It is so beautiful outside , but my body has other ideas. It wants to rest, and stay close to the bathroom. I recently declared that I would only do what is essential or enjoyable. Sometimes what is enjoyable is also essential. The longings of the soul are what is of one’s essence.  .

When I became lactose intolerant, it was a long and unpleasant journey of experimentation. I eventually learned which foods I could consume and which were off-limits. Today I want to reminisce with you and pay tribute to some favorites I can no longer enjoy: public domain

Pepperoni_pizza (1)



So long cheesy lasagna, gooey pizza, decadent fettuccine alfredo, and yummy ice cream! It was great while it lasted.. Will these seedy treats be added to the gone- but- not-forgotten list?:




Let’s not even consider abandoning pecan pie, or dare I say it, German chocolate cake?

I know I will adapt, and that time moves very slowly when I don’t feel well. Funny though, it has been almost 3 weeks and I can barely remember most of it! I am not happy with the prospect of giving up more and more of what I enjoy. Food is comfort and it is natural to seek comfort. It is part of the human experience, particular when one is in pain. When I was in the hospital, they put my treatment plan on the board in my room. I was not actively consulted, but the plan was accurate and quite amusing. It said Less Pain, More Comfort, and Better Explanation.

Who doesn’t desire less pain (contentment), more comfort ( peace) and adequate understanding ( closure) ? These states of being are basic human needs.  It is all about removing the obstacles to love ( fear) from the equation.

While I continue to juggle antibiotics, dietary restrictions, and other details. let me know which fattening and unhealthy foods are your favorites. You can even include pictures!

While you are considering which culinary delights are to “die-for” ? ( no I have not lost my sense of humor!), please listen to The Talking Heads road to nowhere

Maybe I am ascending after all, if I am no-where and arrived in no-time. I have heard we can ascend without leaving the body, but frankly I might prefer trading up for a newer model. On a more positive note, I am closer to recognizing that there is no reason to rush. At a certain age, I became obsessed with living my life now and putting my ambitions into action. I grasped tightly onto a ” now or never” attitude, as time slipped by drop by drop. I am rethinking this philosophy as I have arrived at the realization that there is nowhere to go. My soul is eternal and I have probably  already experienced most of the things I dream about in this incarnation. I sense my ego was having a field day with this midlife race to complete the bucket list. When in doubt, look to the ego!

Maybe all consciousness is perpetually on the road to no-where. I just hope I can grab one last slice of German chocolate cake and take it to go.


header image credit: By U.S. Department of Agriculture (Hapgood Pond) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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Behold Aries New Moon ~ 2015 has arrived!


This purple hydrangea was recently planted by my neighbor in our front yard. She does not know purple is my color or hydrangea is my flower. My mother also gave me a get well card at the hospital. It is a purple card featuring white, pink, and purple hydrangea. Coincidence? I do not think so. I blog about my Gravatar flower here. This flower has come to be a powerful symbol for me, rich with beauty and wisdom.

As far as I am concerned, 2015 starts now. Today marks the first new moon after the Spring Equinox ( Autumn Equinox for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere). So it seems natural that today is New Year’s Day! I am all for starting fresh, how about you?  I reviewed many of my 2015 posts and it seems like the past few months have been one ginormous blur. Most of it I would rather forget, and just move on.

I pulled a healing card today for this lunation from the Caroline Myss deck. This beautiful deck was gifted to me many moons ago by a dear friend. Here are both sides of the card:

1952ba57230c9199560a3157690de3a0 (1)


I love the green mermaid imagery and the message that my body can heal via the Divine as the body is part of the Divine. As I am presently finished with the harsh medications, I am praying that my body can finish the job. My doctor is quite conservative and traditional but very caring and determined. He said something recently that was uncharacteristic of him, but quite provocative and wise: All medications are poisons, but the side effects of these poisons can be helpful ( such as killing off harmful bacteria). I was amazed at this disclosure and knew I wanted to share it here.

I later pulled a spread from the Goddess Tarot for the new moon, but it did not sing true. I will try later or use another deck. My abilities are a bit off while my body is recovering, or so it seems. Some things cannot be rushed, despite my inclination.

Update: Pulled 1 card today ( 4-20-15) and it rang true:


The seven of pentacles indicates promise of reward or harvest to come. Very Springy and hopeful. Today is another day and with every moment comes infinite possibilities.

 Michael has created some mind-blowing poetry, which has inspired me to find a gem from Love Poems From God. Today seemed like a good time to transmit some ” random poetry.”

I found this somewhat randomly, and it fits both literally and metaphorically:

I Had To Seek The Physician by Kabir

I had to seek the physician

because of the pain this world



I could not believe what happened when I got there –

I found my


Before I left, he said,

” Up for a little homework, yet?”

“Okay,” I replied.

” Well then, try thanking all the people

who have caused

you pain.

They helped you

come to me.”

There are 4 people who I have to let go of with love. They are not bad people, they just do not possess the awareness I need to be in my life. Three of these people I chose consciously to be in my life, the other is kin. They all have brought some positive energy to my life in one form or another. I will let them be transformed so they can return to me another time, or not. It is really fine however it turns out.  Holding on is too high a price for me to pay.

As Pluto moves back into my house of friends, some house- cleaning will prevail. Severe illness brings me to my knees and also makes the bare basics essential above all else. Anything or anyone that is not healing is part of the “problem.” And that includes my messed up thinking ( was gonna use another word!). It simply has to go.

While I have plenty to ponder while I recover, a few issues have become clear:

I am not looking for work for the foreseeable future. I have enough to live on and this obsessing has almost killed me.

I am also taking any plans off the table that are not essential or enjoyable. I will resume non-essential and non-enjoyable activities when I feel ready.

I am going to treat myself like a goddess and rebirth myself into being.

I am seeking NO-thing. I am complete as is and am going to give up the search for purpose, meaning, anything. I am whole and Divine. I have everything I will ever need and always have.

If I have not learned my lesson by now, these years on Earth were indeed futile. I do not need a bigger boulder to hit me upside the head.



Thank You for your kindness and well wishes.

I feel your love and I am touched by your concern and care.

I am taking it one moment at a time.

Letting Go, and Be Happy!

Sue may not be an astrologer, but her intuition is impeccable. This post is wonderful for Pluto retrograde time. Thank you Sue for offering practical ways to let go and let God.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary


Letting Go.


I’m going to start with a short story from a book

  [“Called 15 ways to be a Happier You.”.Tia –Chi  Chi Kung]

By Peter Chin Kean Choy.


Feeling bad may not have been a conscious choice, But what about feeling bad, about feeling bad?

A businessman came to see me and shared how everything around him had collapsed. He was financially bankrupt, his relationships had broken up, bills and debts flooded his desk. On top of that he was an alcoholic and his health was poor.

As the seconds ticked by, John recounted his miseries again and again. It was like a vicious wheel, everything he thought he shared revolved around the centre of his suffering. As he talked, I pointed to my watch and commented, ‘John, no one could deny you the right to feel that you are in a bad situation…

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All is well

What a difference a year makes? When someone mentioned that today is free coffee day I recalled the events of 4-16-14.I felt an exquisite peace all around me and through me that afternoon that I can still recall now. It felt like Grace in all her glory. Shortly thereafter I received a phone call for a second interview that ultimately landed me a new job and a promotion. While that particular job was not what I hoped it would be, the dawn of peace was Spirit at work.  All was well then and I want my body to feel well NOW. Hope all is well in your universe. Please enjoy this uplifting post on this Throwback Thursday.

litebeing chronicles

The dust is beginning to settle, finally!! Could it be the movement of the moon post-eclipse? Is it the amazing array of creatures out and about relishing this bright sunny sparkling Wednesday? Maybe its the new meditationI started recently.  It could be the free WAWA coffee day. Walking into WAWA and custom designing a large cup of dark brew/kona/ french vanilla  coffee and leaving without paying was liberating. Yet it was more than that somehow.

I really do not know the answer.

What I do know is that I had a lucid dream two night ago. It was a wee one, tucked at the end of a longer dream, right before the beginning of my day. I was so excited and it seemed so unexpected. I have not been sleeping well this week and have not put out requests lately for anything in particular in the dream department. The dream…

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Jupiter trine Venus – A New Painting by Caryn

Caryn sent me copies of her 2 newest pieces! I am excited to share them with you. Art is my medicine and it is just what I need now to aid my healing.

litebeing chronicles

UPDATE: Caryn was inspired and created 2 new pieces.  I added them at the bottom. What a nice surprise for me and my readers! 

Scroll down this post for the big reveal! Caryn, if you are reading this, please do more, your fans await your next masterpiece.

Hey Litebeings! Not only did Mars march into Aquarius today, Venus ( 22 Sag) and Jupiter ( 22 Leo) are kissing at 22 degrees of Fire. Can we hear a woohoo? Jupiter trine Venus is abundant love and beauty and fortune. I definitely got a hit of this transit today and it feels good.

Enough about me; I have other business tonight. Those who have been reading here lately know that my friendships are the gifts that keep on giving. Old , new, renewable, whatever; these remarkable souls have graced my existence. I cannot stress this point enough. Please consider how precious are…

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