Edward Snowden ~ Astrological Alter Ego or Something More?

I have been thinking about Edward Snowden and the HBO Documentary Citizenfour a lot lately. Did I mention a lot lately?

Since the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Scorpio today, I thought it was high time I do a little piece on Mr. Snowden. Now I am not very political and rarely write about politics here, but I will venture a bit out there for the potential spiritual evolutionary merits at play. I once was more driven politically, especially in terms of societal issues, but my focus has shifted. I continue to be fascinated by those who do take the public stage, mostly for the astrological implications.

Snowden really caught my attention once I read the TMA article about him. I blogged on it here as an example of the Scorpio Gemini signature. Then I took a closer look at his chart:


Our sun/moon positions are almost opposite. My MH, Ascendant, and Descendant are closely aspected by his Jupiter, Uranus, MH, and IC. His ASC/DESC axis squares my nodal axis and his nodal axis closely aspects my Moon Venus opposition. There are many more contacts, but you get the picture. So no wonder I was so intrigued and mildly attracted to him while viewing the documentary. Mind you, I was not going to even watch it, because I did not want to fill my head with negativity. But watch it, I did, and months later, I find its impact strong and a bit alarming.

For those who may not live in places where this story was repeatedly emphasized, Snowden is a former NSA employee who leaked federal documents to the press in order to expose widespread surveillance undermining the privacy of US citizens and countless others. I am a big believer in privacy, while realizing that this value has  increasingly eroded and is speeding towards irrelevance in this digital age. Having said that, I still was startled by both my personal reaction to the documentary, and how the establishment reacted to Snowden’s revelations.

I am very happy to report that the US Federal Appeals court just ruled that the NSA’s surveillance program is illegal. Here are Snowden’s reactions :



My heart goes out to Mr. Snowden and his remarkable ability to do the right thing. I see this as the best expression of the Mercury Pluto archetype. I honestly don’t think I possess that level of bravery, but I have been embroiled in ethical dilemmas in the workplace that often came back to bite me whenever I chose to speak out.

While I cannot seriously compare myself to Mr. Snowden in terms of heroism or sacrifice, I understand how fervent curiosity paired with frenetic paranoia can take over and hijack one’s sense of peace and safety. Watching Citizenfour somehow led me on a path towards darkness and undoing. Shortly thereafter I was led to read Wingmaker’s material that led me further and further into despair. More and more information continued to hold me hostage and subsequent events led to a massive pile-on that helped orchestrate the trigger of my diverticulitis. The majority of blogs on this journey appear between here and  here. I am not ready to reach any conclusions about this dark night episode. It is still in process and I am slowly and gently opening myself up to receive guidance and take action towards clarity.

I am not blaming anyone or anything. I take full responsibility for what led to my current set of circumstances. My continual battle with paranoia and thoughts of oblivion is my battle. No one is at fault ultimately. When we find ” external ” events to justify “internal” programming, we are the ones bringing the events to us. Healing is always a choice and I am sensing that I am moving closer towards healing.

Regardless of one’s politics and belief systems, Snowden’s chart is fascinating and his story is very timely in the wake of potential planetary awakening. The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius strongly aspects Snowden’s chart so it will be interesting to see if any new actions are taken to rectify past injustices regarding rights of privacy. The clock is ticking as the deadline to prevent expiration of three provisions of the Patriot Act is tomorrow ( May 31st) at midnight. How’s that for Divine Timing, ( Sun Gem, Moon Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini) and the debate on protection of civil liberties versus security? Spying, intelligence, terrorism, misinformation, transparency, surveillance ; these all comprise the Scorpio Gemini signature.  As a Scorpio Gemini, I want to be in the know regarding access to my “private” information. Edward Snowden may not be my Astro alter ego, but he surely has garnered my respect, admiration, gratitude, and awe.

Introducing Libertine Chronicles

Hey litebeings, or should I say libertines?

I was using my random post oracle to review some old posts during this Mercury retrograde season. I landed on Ego trip from 2013 and began watching the video. It was an excellent take on the ego and still holds up well today. You know how at the end of a YouTube video other video choices appear on the screen? Well I saw some very interesting options. One was a Matt Kahn video and the other was a video by The Libertine Chronicles. Sounds familiar, right?

What is the Libertine Chronicles? 

It is the name of a video series by unASLEEP. unASLEEP is the creator of the video on  relationship with ego that was featured on the Ego Trip post.

Libertine and litebeing are almost the same word, just substitute an R for a G and voila we go from lite to liberation! I found the similarity uncanny. What are the odds?

This synchronicity really got my attention so I watched the first video on intention:


Please watch and let me know what you think. I continually am astounded at the rate and intensity of synchronicity in my life. I felt compelled to share this here. I plan to watch more of the series and see where it leads.

Give me liberty, liberation, and lite for all beings!

Gratitude on the Move

Update 6-2-15:  A few hours after today’s full moon I saw a bunny and it was hoppin’. Not sitting still like a bump on a log, not this critter. He (or she) was gray and white and on the move. Seems like a good sign to me!

With the help of some friends seen and unseen, I uncovered some pre-weekend gratitude for your enjoyment and inspiration:

wikipedia.org public domainRandom rabbit sighting

Linking Grateful Dead with gratitude for movement between liminal states

Finding inexpensive phone charger online for my “antique” cellphone

Avocado adds such a yummyness to an ordinary sandwich

An explosion of transformative material on WP today

Completing my art project ( which will be uploaded upon receipt of said phone charger).

An opportunity to finally try the magic elixir called apple cider vinegar in a simple pasta salad.

wikipedia.org, public domain

 New ways to look at not so new situations

longwood172015The generosity of May’s bounty

Effortless divine encounters with former strangers reappearing as friends ( or angels).

Dexter blissfully passed out on a chair

Hay House Summit material 

Today is the final day of the summit, but there is still time to take in some lectures or videos or purchase a package here


While I am still finding my balance, my roots are firmly grounded in Gaia

I continue to make my way across a new threshold, guided by the seen and unseen, one breath at a time..

Blessings to you on this woolly wild thankful Thursday.

image credits: rabbit and apple cider vinegar ~ wikipedia.org, public domain
remaining images from litebeing chronicles © 2015

The Patience of God

To quote a Quaker phrase, this lovely poem speaks to my condition.

Source of Inspiration


I put my life
in God’s hands
but then take it back
again and again.
How patient God is with me.

I live one day at a time
then I don’t
worrying over every little thing.
How sweetly God reminds me
that He is near.

My faith is strong
except when it’s not.
I cry out in fear
suffering needlessly
for God guides and protects me
even when I foolishly forget him.
How patient God is
with his foolish child.

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wikipedia.prg public domain


wikipedia.org public domain

While I have not been actively pursuing dreamwork, my dream life has been rather active. The evening of 5-21-15 ran the gamut from sheer horror to sheer delight. Here are the dreams I recall from evening 5-21-15 through morning 5-22-15. I call them dreamsicles.

Or dream-cycles

Why dreamsicles? My inspiration was taken from the simple creamsicle; a vanilla ice cream pop, cloaked in orange sherbet. While drinking liquid barium for my CT scan, I used my imagination to transform the chalky liquid into this childhood treat. When I had to drink this stuff in the ER back in April, it was orange flavored. It was not exactly yummy, but tolerable. This time when I drank it at home for my test, there was no flavoring as promised. I knew I had to devise a way to drink this concoction so I imagined the orange ice to complement the ” vanilla” liquid. I was somewhat successful since I finished the entire thing.

So here we go…

5-21-25 first 2 dreams were horrific:

1- I was sitting inside the driver’s’ seat of a car, losing consciousness, fearing death, preparing for death. I woke up terrified, afraid to fall back asleep.

2- I was struggling to stand in my bathroom and I was losing consciousness. I kept trying to keep upright, afraid of falling. Attempting to grasp the door jamb, I called out for Jesus. This really surprised me as I called out to him. Looked for him in the hall to appear, losing consciousness, fearing death. Yet again I woke up, really confused about what was going on with me. Really tired so I fell back asleep.

And now for something completely different:

3- Went back in time to the 1970s. Lots of teens around, big crowd. I run into a friend.We will call him “Sam.” He used to be my dream prompt. Seeing him meant I was dreaming. He has not appeared in years though. There was to be a 1970s party. I was excited about this. My friend “Sam” said I would like to dance with you , big smile. I was so excited and I typically don’t like to dance. Lots of love between me and Sam, unlike real life where we were longtime yet intermittent, platonic friends. I knew him from when I first moved to NJ in the middle of 6th grade through the summer after HS grad when our families vacationed at the same hotel down the shore. At the party, there was such a joyous atmosphere. The room was dark and the music was psychedelic. Sam and I hit the dance floor and did our thing. We were both young but I danced with the confidence of a more mature person. In high school I would have not felt as eager to express myself this freely.

When I turned around I saw a young Bob Weir singing Grateful Dead music.It was a big surprise. I have dreamed of Bob and Jerry( Garcia) many times before over the years. Sometimes while dreaming I talk with them. In this dream I did not know Bob, nor did I interact with him. I was so excited and remembered Sam was there at my first Grateful Dead concert in 1978. The same day he and his band performed a concert at the high school. A group of us began to chant the date of that concert 5-13-78. ( later I checked and that was the actual date of the concert. How did I remember that?) It was wild. I said to him “You were in a band!” I think he was the lead singer. My friends who attended the concert with me were at this party or at the very least I mentioned them to Sam. Some of Sam’s friends were also there. Sam and I were becoming a couple and were very happy. I felt loved and adored.

4- I was back with Sam telling him about dream #3. He may have been sitting on a bench outside with me standing across from him. Other people were around us. I cannot recall anything else. This often happens with me where I will go back to sleep and repeat the previous dream to the subject of that dream. Not the same as rejoining the dream in progress, but, a variation on that theme.

Now the even cooler reveal:

Per usual, I wake up and power up the laptop. I log onto Facebook and one of the first items that appears is a trailer for Bob Weir’s documentary that debuts today, yes today ( 5-22-15, the day I wrote this post) on Netflix.


BTW I knew of the documentary but not that it was on Netflix and certainly not that it was debuting today. When I watched the trailer and saw old footage of Bob, my dream was rebooted in all its glory.

Dreams of dying do not surprise me as mortality has been a close companion this year. I much preferred the joyous almost epic dreams that led me back to my former dream prompt and a pre-cognitive event. My theory is that the past, present, and future are malleable and equally available in other dimensions. The image of a cosmic Rolodex comes to mind, where all timelines are available in some circular file, aka the film Interstellar. If you haven’t seen Interstellar, please submit to me a 1000 word essay on why not. Just kidding, but please see it if you can.

Find out if the theater has any dreamsicles before you go, or just bring your own!


image credits: wikipedia.org, public domain

Light Blue Visions ~ A Cezanne Sampler

Greetings litebeings,

The past few days have been a wild ride. CT scans, IV dye, drinking chalky barium, and more. Sometimes I wonder if all this illness blogging is detracting from my blog’s point of view or mission. Then I gently remind myself that my health is part of my journey so it is all worthy of examination and contemplation.

So I am incorporation art and healing. While I continue to work on my latest drawing, I offer you some Cezanne that strike a positive note. Color is quite powerful and light blue symbolizes health. Blue is also associated with the throat chakra where communication is paramount.

I am introducing some Cezanne pieces that include light blue and exude wellness, expansiveness and gentility:


wikiart.org pub domain cezanne


cezanne wikiart.org pub domainrose-bouquet-1884


While life still seems more chaotic, painful and arduous than I would prefer, I sense that my soul is growing and that Grace has returned. Blessings on this luminescent Saturday to you. May your souls be stirred and visited by light blue visions.


image credits: wikiart.org, public domain

Always in Style

Here is my Linda post from 5-28-13, nearly 2 years ago, re-packaged for Sindy’s Let’s Go Retro challenge. Funny, this reminds me of my Cosmic Retrograde Challenge back in the day… But I digress.

I chose this particular post because it is still relevant today. I am currently learning more about my ancestors with a genealogist friend and it is quite exciting. Hopefully I will gain more insight into some of the themes explored in this story about identity and history.

What is interesting to me is the relationship between current stirrings in pop culture and trends that are reconfigured from a different slice of time and space. My girl Taylor Swift illustrates this well in her song Style.

Reviewing the past and shifting one’s perspective can alter both one’s perception of the past and the future. Self development will never go out of style because love of self is classic.

By Alvesgaspar (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)], via Wikimedia Commons
Linden Tree


My experience as a blogger has been incredibly organic. Things just occur in their own way and time. Today I found myself at the Daily Prompt and noticed today’s assignment –  Daily Prompt: Say Your Name  Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

I read this and thought ” Oh yeah I’m doing this!” So my first name is Linda and I had read years ago  it was Germanic in origin and meant pretty or beautiful. I later learned it was also Spanish , which made more sense to me considering how it is spelled. Then I researched a bit more from Wikipedia: 

Linda is a female given name.

  • The name might be derived from the same root as the linden tree, from Germanic lind meaning “soft, tender” ultimately from a Celtic root. The image of the tree is used to indicate a gentle personality.
  • It may also come from the neo Latin language (Italian, Spanish or Portuguese) word linda, which is the feminine form of lindo, meaning “beautiful, pretty, cute” or “cleaned” (Spanish).
  • Alternatively it may be derived from the mythical creature/concept known as ouroboros, in the variations “Celt Lindworm” (a wingless bipedal dragon) and “Scandinavian Lindworm” (a seaserpent).
  • Muchalinda, Mucalinda or Mucilinda is also the name of the naga (snake-like being), who protected the Buddha from the elements after his enlightenment.

In some languages, such as German, the name is frequently used in combination with another name, using the suffix “-linde”, for example in Sieglinde or Heidelinde.

Lynda is a common variant spelling of the name in English. Among other names in use in English speaking countries that include the -linda suffix are MelindaBelinda, Celinda, Rosalinda and Mirlinda.

It can also be a related name for Lindsay.

The name days for Linda are on September 1 (Czech Rep.), June 20 (Sweden), April 15 (Finland/Germany), February 13 (Hungary, Poland), September 2 (Slovakia), September 4 (Poland) and August 21 (Latvia).

I like the linden tree definition as I would describe myself as someone with a soft and tender heart. Then there are the ouroboros and naga interpretations involving wingless dragons and snakes. The serpent is represented in the glyph of the Scorpio zodiac sign. Well, I am a Scorpio and since these creatures conjure up of the lower leanings of those with scorpionic tendencies,  perhaps my parents knew what they were doing!

I was named after my paternal grandfather Louis who died tragically as a result of a car accident when my dad was still a child. By tradition I was named by choosing  the First letter of a deceased relative’s name. I have several older cousins who were given other female L names before I was born, but I am glad they weren’t named Linda. I would have been named Louis if I was a boy , but then again only if my older cousins were all female.

But why Linda? Louise, Louisa, Lenore, Laura, Laurie, Lana, or Lorraine were all available. My dad said he really loved this song called Linda and would sing it to us from time to time. I just learned, sigh! the power of the internet, that it was written for Linda Eastman aka Linda McCartney. Didn’t realize that we had so much in common…….



I would not change my first name. It means beautiful and I need to be reminded that we are all beautiful on occasion. I also believe that my grandfather’s passing defined my father’s identity, and some of that grief and pain was transferred to my DNA. I wish I could have met him.  I know much more about his impact on my family then about who he really was as a person.

In addition, although there are no known Latin roots in my father’s lineage, he looked Spanish and people would often speak Spanish to him when we visited Florida. Strangers thought he was Cuban. Ironically my Latin ancestry is on my Mother’s side and she does not have any indicative Latin features. I, on the other hand, resemble both my father and grandfather in appearance. See how this all ties together.

This multicultural theme brings me to the my final point. While growing up I thought Linda was such an ordinary name. So many of my peers were also named Linda. Yet when Billy Joel came on the scene, I discovered that he also had a multiethnic background similar to mine. Then I heard his song Rosalinda which was written about his mother. The song details his longing for Cuba and seeing his past in his mother’s eyes. I immediately became enchanted with it. On some visceral level, I thought he had written it for me.  I could clearly see that my name is an integral part of my own unique story.



image by Alvesgaspar (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)], via Wikimedia Commons

J2P Monday: Ho’ oponopono to heal your world

Leigh’s post is so “timely” for me personally and for the condition of our planet. Please read on and you will see!

peace, Linda

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

I’m still hanging out with my “don’t beat the drums” thing (see last week’s J2P post).  It’s led me to think about Hew Len and Ho’oponopono.  Long ago I wrote a post about it.  This time I want to switch the emphasis a little to really focus on the well-known story of Hew Len’s work at a ward for the criminally insane at the Hawaii State Hospital.

This ward had become a terrible place.  Inmates attacked each other and the staff.  The staff had a big turnover and those who did work there called in sick regularly.  The grounds and ward had become run down.  Hew Len was a psychologist who followed a long line of others assigned to the ward.

He never saw a patient.  He sat in his office with a pile of files, periodically asking someone to bring him more.  He read each file and then he…

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An Extra Serving of Gratitude

Ready for some more gratitude?

Saw 2 deer this morning from outside my window

I am really diggin’ Matt Kahn. It has been quite some time since my mind has been blown in a good way. His take on Atlantis and Lemuria answers questions he has no way of knowing I have been asking.  I gave up expecting an answer, so this information transmission was truly out of left field.

I have been virtually pain-free today in my lower right abdomen, such a blessing.

I do not have to obsess over every punctuation mark, this is blogging not Shakespeare!

Speaking of blogging, this is my 333rd post!

Speaking of blogging part 2, Sindy had started a new blogging challenge and I am so excited, yea!

I made an extremely difficult phone call today and I am still alive to blog about it. As far as I can surmise, this interaction did not go well, but I am proud of my ability to do what is necessary to take care of me and Dexter.

Another new moon ushers in another beginning..

And finally ~




I have many more photos to share with you!


header image credit: wikipedia.org, public domain

Grateful for Gratitude

I rather be grateful for gratitude than cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, or would I?

Humor is one of the many things I am grateful for today. I have received plenty of wonderful suggestions and resources recently in response to my appeal for help. Resuming my gratitude practice was one of the ideas that rang true for me. In light of the fact that I have to deal with a very scary and upsetting conflict this week, I am jumping back to gratitude with abandon, using this platform as a way to document my notice of what brings me joy and peace.

Please continue to think of me and walk with me through the storm, now more than ever, so that I feel less alone and more grounded in love.

So as a nod to David Letterman’s final days on late night television, I have created a Top Ten List:


Photo72810 Awesome images from my neighborhood.






longwood1620159 Awesome images from my recent trip to Longwood Gardens. 

8 Finally learning how to wrap images around text!

7 Birds aplenty ~ singing in the morning, chillin’ on the grass nearby, and surveying the terrace for birdseed and a glimpse of Dexter ( and myself.)

The color green

5 Recent discovery of dark chocolate sauce that goes with just about everything

4 I was on the Washington DC to New York City bound Amtrak train in November, but not on Tuesday.

3 My odd, sarcastic sense of humor

2 Seeing my sense of humor and irony reflected back to me while watching David Letterman on TV off and on over the course of 33 ( yes 33) years.

And the Top Thing I am Grateful For:

1 Being led to the teachings of Matt Kahn. Where have you been all my life? The messages that arise from Matt are provocative, reassuring, and utter nourishment for the soul. Visit him here and decide for yourself. A few noticeable synchronicities occurred for me while watching 2 of his videos. They added another layer to my awareness that his particular style is a good fit for where I am in my development. Thank you to Barbara for introducing me to this amazing teacher that has given me a sense of hope and a new way to see my Self.



PS I am not planning a Mercury retrograde post, but if you want the real lowdown, check out Mike Lutin’s site here.