Full Scorpio Moon ~ All or Nothing

Here we are upon the precipice of another full moon. This one is a fixed, second decan doozy with Sun at 13 degrees Taurus, Moon at 13 degrees Scorpio and Jupiter squaring at 13 degrees Leo. This is the second leg of the fixed Scorpio Taurus tour that occurred on November 6, 2014 ( my birthday).Where have you been in the past six months? What have you stretched beyond the limit? What have you acquired and what have you discarded? The relief from this T-Square is 13 degrees Aquarius. Since I have my Ascendant and Ceres nearby, I feel incredibly qualified to weigh in on how to navigate all this fixed second decan drama.

Embrace the natural and the ethereal together or apart, apply an extraordinary amount of faith ( Jupiter in Leo) and shower your neighbors with love ( Aquarius).

Even with Scorpio at its most powerful, it is continuously recovering from the desire to take life to the extremes. Scorpio types know there will be more  boundaries to test and buttons to push over yonder, long after one decides to climb off of the latest ledge; but not without a price. Faith is inevitably risky, but so is living on Earth. There really is no way out but through. As many students of A Course in Miracles know, duality is an illusion. Taurus and Scorpio archetypes are staged as opposites, but they are the same. What separates humanity from the astral? Is there not any of the cosmos in the flesh? Can one really subtract sensuality from sexuality? The oppositions are here for just for the human rodeo. But the real trick is how to embrace the duality without divorcing oneself from the Divine spectre of consciousness.

Some answers include holding it lightly,to practice observer consciousness, or to be in the world, but not of it. I really appreciate the Aquarian outlet for this lunation because it nicely provides a mechanism for existing within the paradox. Lavishing generosity on the “other” is another way of loving your true self. There is no other, yet in this realm we operate as if there is…



The Scorpio signature is so prevalent in popular culture lately with transgender identity being examined due to Bruce Jenner’s ( Scorpio Sun and Ascendant) recent televised revelation. We get to consider what is male or female,where do we fit on the continuum, and how do we express our true selves in a human form? I have always had plenty of Scorpio Moon people in my life. Without exception, the person always appeared before their birth data.

I was so taken with Bob Marley and Warren Beatty in my youth. Later I became enamored with Bono and U2. Bono and I share lots of fixity and Neptune magic.  I like my men with plenty of sensitivity and water. With my Gemini moon, I prefer to discuss my emotions and feel yours rather than mine. The Scorpio moon men who became my partners were wonderful mirrors for my emotional fragility. Alas, these mirrors no longer reflect who I am now, but I am grateful for the gift of blending the yin and yang into the ONE..

Speaking of ONE, Bono is such a great representative for this lunation with Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Uranus in Leo. So many of the U2 song titles come to mind as symbols of illusory duality such as With or Without You, One ,  Desire, Even Better Than the Real Thing, and All I want is You.

However, this particular track really jives with the suggestion to combine earth and spirit with abundant faith, while practicing brotherly ( and planetary) devotion. My favorite lyrics in All Because of You really break it all down to the basics:

Some people get squashed, crossing the tracks
Some people got high rises on their backs
I’m not broke but you can see the cracks
You can make me perfect again

All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
I am, I am

please listen now

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