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A True Story

longwood142015Yesterday I was on the phone with my mother. We were discussing the mail. I was telling her that most of my mail has been comprised lately of bills. She agreed with me. I then replied ” It would be nice if instead of receiving requests to take my money, I would receive something telling me that I would be given money.” She responded “That would probably only happen if you won the lottery.”  I replied  ” Yeah, you are right.”

longwood12015While we were chatting, I went to the my mailbox and took my phone with me. As I opened up the mailbox, I looked inside and retrieved two envelopes. One was from a credit card provider and the other from my health insurance company. The health insurance company has been consistently sending me copies of claims since my discharge from the hospital. I told my mom “I got 2 more bills!” I went back inside and went to the table. I opened up the envelopes: One contained a bill. The other envelope had a fat check in it with my name on it. It was written out to me. “I gotta go now. Goodbye.”

longwood72015Let me clarify that the check was from the insurance company for me to use to pay a medical provider. It was very odd and I called them to verify that it was not a mistake. They assured me that it was not a mistake and they directed me to use the check to pay for part of the service rendered. But what was wild was the timing. I cannot remember receiving a check from my health insurer in decades, not since  I had a major medical plan. It was so long ago I barely remember it, at least twenty years ago. So imagine my surprise with the timing of my phone call and receiving the check! Was it an example of psychic ability or something more? Could it be that I am beginning to turn events around? I am not depositing the check yet. I am holding onto it as a symbol of positive manifestation.

Now if it was from the State Lottery…….

Musings ~ The World is Conspiring in Your Favor

Hello fellow litebeings,
I used my random blog oracle just now and arrived here. This particular post really encapsulates many of the concepts and attitudes that I am currently examining. I invite you all to read again and join in the discussion.


PS: Just visited twitter and today is Ascension Day. Happy Ascension Day!

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UPDATE: As often happens in my world, synchronicity abounds. I just discovered today ( 11-2-14) that my local meetup group is having its monthly Saturday Discussion on Ascension. The leader said they have never covered this topic before and is bringing in a special speaker. If you are local and want to know the details, please email me. I hope to attend and gather more information and engage in some meaningful discussions. I am so grateful that my life is so graced with synchronicity, especially when the big questions come to me without any easy answers!

As a recovering paranoid pessimist, I work very hard to “re-frame” my thoughts and my expectations. This is much easier to for me to do with others in my role as a therapist than for myself. I was raised with the motto ” Never Trust Anybody!” and I began to internalize it early…

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