Gratitude on the Move

Update 6-2-15:  A few hours after today’s full moon I saw a bunny and it was hoppin’. Not sitting still like a bump on a log, not this critter. He (or she) was gray and white and on the move. Seems like a good sign to me!

With the help of some friends seen and unseen, I uncovered some pre-weekend gratitude for your enjoyment and inspiration: public domainRandom rabbit sighting

Linking Grateful Dead with gratitude for movement between liminal states

Finding inexpensive phone charger online for my “antique” cellphone

Avocado adds such a yummyness to an ordinary sandwich

An explosion of transformative material on WP today

Completing my art project ( which will be uploaded upon receipt of said phone charger).

An opportunity to finally try the magic elixir called apple cider vinegar in a simple pasta salad., public domain

 New ways to look at not so new situations

longwood172015The generosity of May’s bounty

Effortless divine encounters with former strangers reappearing as friends ( or angels).

Dexter blissfully passed out on a chair

Hay House Summit material 

Today is the final day of the summit, but there is still time to take in some lectures or videos or purchase a package here


While I am still finding my balance, my roots are firmly grounded in Gaia

I continue to make my way across a new threshold, guided by the seen and unseen, one breath at a time..

Blessings to you on this woolly wild thankful Thursday.

image credits: rabbit and apple cider vinegar ~, public domain
remaining images from litebeing chronicles © 2015