Edward Snowden ~ Astrological Alter Ego or Something More?

I have been thinking about Edward Snowden and the HBO Documentary Citizenfour a lot lately. Did I mention a lot lately?

Since the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Scorpio today, I thought it was high time I do a little piece on Mr. Snowden. Now I am not very political and rarely write about politics here, but I will venture a bit out there for the potential spiritual evolutionary merits at play. I once was more driven politically, especially in terms of societal issues, but my focus has shifted. I continue to be fascinated by those who do take the public stage, mostly for the astrological implications.

Snowden really caught my attention once I read the TMA article about him. I blogged on it here as an example of the Scorpio Gemini signature. Then I took a closer look at his chart:


Our sun/moon positions are almost opposite. My MH, Ascendant, and Descendant are closely aspected by his Jupiter, Uranus, MH, and IC. His ASC/DESC axis squares my nodal axis and his nodal axis closely aspects my Moon Venus opposition. There are many more contacts, but you get the picture. So no wonder I was so intrigued and mildly attracted to him while viewing the documentary. Mind you, I was not going to even watch it, because I did not want to fill my head with negativity. But watch it, I did, and months later, I find its impact strong and a bit alarming.

For those who may not live in places where this story was repeatedly emphasized, Snowden is a former NSA employee who leaked federal documents to the press in order to expose widespread surveillance undermining the privacy of US citizens and countless others. I am a big believer in privacy, while realizing that this value has  increasingly eroded and is speeding towards irrelevance in this digital age. Having said that, I still was startled by both my personal reaction to the documentary, and how the establishment reacted to Snowden’s revelations.

I am very happy to report that the US Federal Appeals court just ruled that the NSA’s surveillance program is illegal. Here are Snowden’s reactions :



My heart goes out to Mr. Snowden and his remarkable ability to do the right thing. I see this as the best expression of the Mercury Pluto archetype. I honestly don’t think I possess that level of bravery, but I have been embroiled in ethical dilemmas in the workplace that often came back to bite me whenever I chose to speak out.

While I cannot seriously compare myself to Mr. Snowden in terms of heroism or sacrifice, I understand how fervent curiosity paired with frenetic paranoia can take over and hijack one’s sense of peace and safety. Watching Citizenfour somehow led me on a path towards darkness and undoing. Shortly thereafter I was led to read Wingmaker’s material that led me further and further into despair. More and more information continued to hold me hostage and subsequent events led to a massive pile-on that helped orchestrate the trigger of my diverticulitis. The majority of blogs on this journey appear between here and  here. I am not ready to reach any conclusions about this dark night episode. It is still in process and I am slowly and gently opening myself up to receive guidance and take action towards clarity.

I am not blaming anyone or anything. I take full responsibility for what led to my current set of circumstances. My continual battle with paranoia and thoughts of oblivion is my battle. No one is at fault ultimately. When we find ” external ” events to justify “internal” programming, we are the ones bringing the events to us. Healing is always a choice and I am sensing that I am moving closer towards healing.

Regardless of one’s politics and belief systems, Snowden’s chart is fascinating and his story is very timely in the wake of potential planetary awakening. The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius strongly aspects Snowden’s chart so it will be interesting to see if any new actions are taken to rectify past injustices regarding rights of privacy. The clock is ticking as the deadline to prevent expiration of three provisions of the Patriot Act is tomorrow ( May 31st) at midnight. How’s that for Divine Timing, ( Sun Gem, Moon Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini) and the debate on protection of civil liberties versus security? Spying, intelligence, terrorism, misinformation, transparency, surveillance ; these all comprise the Scorpio Gemini signature.  As a Scorpio Gemini, I want to be in the know regarding access to my “private” information. Edward Snowden may not be my Astro alter ego, but he surely has garnered my respect, admiration, gratitude, and awe.

Introducing Libertine Chronicles

Hey litebeings, or should I say libertines?

I was using my random post oracle to review some old posts during this Mercury retrograde season. I landed on Ego trip from 2013 and began watching the video. It was an excellent take on the ego and still holds up well today. You know how at the end of a YouTube video other video choices appear on the screen? Well I saw some very interesting options. One was a Matt Kahn video and the other was a video by The Libertine Chronicles. Sounds familiar, right?

What is the Libertine Chronicles? 

It is the name of a video series by unASLEEP. unASLEEP is the creator of the video on  relationship with ego that was featured on the Ego Trip post.

Libertine and litebeing are almost the same word, just substitute an R for a G and voila we go from lite to liberation! I found the similarity uncanny. What are the odds?

This synchronicity really got my attention so I watched the first video on intention:


Please watch and let me know what you think. I continually am astounded at the rate and intensity of synchronicity in my life. I felt compelled to share this here. I plan to watch more of the series and see where it leads.

Give me liberty, liberation, and lite for all beings!