The new charger for my not so smart phone arrived today. As I began shooting photos again, I realized my camera somehow changed its resolution to the smallest setting.

How did that happen? It explains why all my recent Longwood photos are so small. It might be a memory thing?

Anyway, I figured out how to switch it back so I can show you a decent size image of my latest healing art. I call it healing art as it describes my intention. I basically imagined what was lurking inside my colon and intestines:


When I began working on it, I took a glance at my healing card box and was astounded:


Doesn’t the red swirl resemble her arms around her heart? I swear this was not pre-meditated, just a cosmic wink from Source.

Now for a much larger reveal:


Try to ignore the limits of my camera phone and let your imagination soar as you gaze at the inner world of my “organs” ! I ‘ll give you my impressions after you all weigh in. I will say now that it was a challenging assignment, but worth the discomfort. I did not rush the process, just took my time and added more movement and color bit by bit.

I prefer colon-artistry to a colonoscopy, but it is likely I will need to have both!

Feel free to analyze away, my healing is a collective effort. I truly do not know where I would be without you.