Joan Rivers – Gemini and Scorpio together

Today is Joan Rivers’ birthday so I am reblogging this in her honor. It also ties in nicely with my piece on Edward Snowden. Happy birthday to all those born today 🙂 June 8 is a great mix of Mercury/ June, Venus /6, and Pluto/ 8.

Happy Transits, Linda

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Intense Scorpio and flippant Gemini are so antithetical that they might as well be from two different planets, if not two different dimensions altogether. They do,  however, have one thing in common. Both signs possess excellent situational awareness.

Matt Savinar ~ Watching the Watchers – The Cryptic Charts of the NSA and Edward Snowden, The Mountain Astrologer Magazine



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I find my Sun/ Moon combo to be elusive. I have my Sun in Scorpio with the Moon in Gemini in a biquintile aspect. The biquintile is 144 degrees and is defined as a double quintile ( 72 degrees) A quintile takes the 360 degree wheel and divides it by five so the biquintile takes up 2/5ths of the wheel. The quintile family is purported to be the aspect of gifts and talents. Perhaps it is so. The biquintile probably functions most of the time in my life like an…

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