Pass the Jesus, Please

pure genius, fries optional!

Embracing Forever

is a condiment
you can sprinkle
onto any moment,
to give it life.
This is, I think,
his greatest miracle.
While most condiments
come in glass jars
or plastic bottles,
Jesus comes
inside of people.
He’s a salt
that melts the ice
around the heart.
He’s a sauce
that turns every pain
into delectable mystery.
When you dunk
those french-fried ideas
of who you are into him,
they become something
else entirely…
Lotus blossoms.
Sea glass.
Abandoned buildings
filled with columns of moonlight.
Cello music over the water.

Like that.

There was a man
who took a breath, held it,
then Loved so completely
he became a tear.
He fell into the world,
diving down and down
until he reached the point
where every being merges,
and there the tear landed.
Now something is growing there,
spreading its roots through everyone.

I kept wanting to heal specific things.
To mete out my…

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Say Something

longwood62015I’ve got 5999 comments and am looking for just one more to put me in the 6 zone. That is the love zone and 6 is one of my fave numbers.

Venus is giving me some much needed support right about now, as Jupiter is back in my 7th house and transiting Mars is opposing my natal Venus and transiting Uranus ( my chart ruler) is exactly trining my natal Venus.

Could mean sudden love, sudden cash, cashing in on love, lucky partnerships, who knows!

longwood32015If you comment, one thing will be certain:

I will be in the love zone on this moon in Pisces void of course, rainy, zany, Tuesday in June. While I am rarely certain how many posts I have published, I think the comment counter keeps chugging along, unfettered by outside influences..

But in any case, I love the comments and I particularly the people who make the comments reach this page from all over the planet ( or perhaps from a galaxy far far away… )

So pretty please with sugar or honey on top, say something!

Moon in Pisces Kinda Mood

Photo812While watching a retrospective on David Letterman ( a very Mercury retro activity) the song Changes by David Bowie was playing during the final montage. Tears of joy and sadness were streaming down my face and I felt flooded with energy. The song is one of my all-time favorites and it triggered an emotional frenzy. I went with the tide and let the various colors of moods flow through me. I was enjoying the moment, drinking it in and letting it be.

Then I had an instant realization arise in me. I was aware of the gift of being so emotionally receptive AND having a place to express all my colors. I can use my sensitivity as a canvas for the world to paint on. Or just gaze at in wonder. Gratitude was dancing within me and I was on cloud 9.

Photo814Self-expression is a topic I write about often on this blog. The ability to communicate is precious and often obscured or underutilized. Society often frowns on self-expression, either directly or indirectly. Fortunately forums like this make it possible and affordable for virtually anyone ( virtually, get it? ) to drum up the courage to write a poem, post a photo, tell their story, create a recipe, tell a joke. In some ways, the product is less important than the process. The act of typing is so therapeutic in itself. Some have told me that I am so brave to have a blog. I don’t agree. I think it is bolder to hide oneself and take a chance that all will turn out alright in the end. It is so unhealthy to hide and pretend that living safely is enough. Bold is not always smart in this instance.

Boy will I miss David Letterman. But that is a subject for another time. No point in waiting for sharing this video though: changes

Funny how I hated changing when I became enamored with this song. It became my theme song, if people actually have theme songs. Now I am more at peace with change. It really is the only healthy way to do this beinginabody thing.

If you wonder what a moon in Pisces feels like, I would suggest you reread this post, listen to the video link, or gaze upon another photo, like the one below.