Shades of Awakening Summit: Spirituality and Mental Health

Hello litebeings,

While many of you know I have been a practicing therapist with a strong transpersonal orientation, most do not know about one of my pet research topics ~ spirituality and psychosis. I did some research in grad school on the psychosis process from a micro to macro perspective and emphasized both the intersection between psychosis across cultures and how mental health symptoms intersects with mystical experiences. I was hungry to do more and a few years later I partnered with a psychologist to edit and complete a book on spiritual emergencies. The book project was permanently shelved but my passion for the topic has only increased over time.  I have intended to blog on this topic, but have not really done so as of yet.


However …….

I want to inform those who are curious about how Chiron ( the wounded healer) operates in one’s life that there is an excellent free online summit happening this weekend. I just finished listening to one of the interviews and was quite impressed. I plan to listen to more of the speakers and invite you to check this out.

Here is the link:

Let me know what you think of the series and the topic in general. I would love to hear from any shamans ( part-time or otherwise) to get their take on this material also.


15 thoughts on “Shades of Awakening Summit: Spirituality and Mental Health

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    Thanks for sharing this, Linda. I checked it out and signed up, but will only be able to catch a couple. Major other stuff going on this weekend. A lot of it looks really good. I have a spiritual psychology counseling practice as well. Nice to have that in common with you. Thanks again.


    1. Hi Mary,
      It is great to learn we have that in common. I hope you enjoy whatever portions you listen to during the summit. I have a feeling many of my ideas will be expanded upon and validated. 🙂

      peace, Linda


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