Sisterhood of the Traveling Business Cards

Miracles happen in my world.

I have had some recent conversations with a diverse group of people this week. Spirituality was discussed with family and friends and I was enriched by each encounter. Conversations such as these often help me clarify my opinions and refine my worldview. Miracles were on the menu and here is my current definition. A miracle is an experience that totally surpasses the limits of my wildest imaginings. Let me tell you, my imaginings are quite wild so the bar for miracles is set very high.

Here is an example of what I would call an everyday miracle. An under the radar, subtle occurrence that defies logic or my wildest imagining. It happened a few weeks ago, but I held off on sharing it here. With the Pisces Full Moon approaching and Neptune opposing Jupiter adding significant woo-woo to the mix, the time for sharing this nugget of magic has arrived.

I have a friend who I met in 2002 when I first started practicing Quakerism. We will call her Mary. Mary and her husband are lovely, kind, generous people who made me feel at home immediately. While Mary’s husband is on Facebook, Mary is not so inclined. Mary and I began to drift apart once I stopped attending Quaker worship. My separation from the faith slowly drove a wedge between us. No one is to blame. It was a natural progression.

So I was very surprised to receive an email from her right after Dexter died. We have been out of touch for over a year, maybe longer. The content of this email blew me away. I will share the miraculous portion of the communication here. I know Mary would approve.



Around the time I started this blog, I had ordered new business cards. This was a big deal for me as I was beginning to shift my focus to metaphysical services. I historically have had poor success attracting business with cards. Yet many people, like my late friend Robert, would ” nudge ” me to be more proactive in marketing myself.  So I created these new cards and began handing them out as Spirit dictated. I tend to display some cards at local businesses that have a positive vibe. The Night Kitchen is a popular local bakery ( see above) that had an assortment of cards and brochures from local artisans and healers and other business people. I have left a few cards there on occasion. Just to be clear, I have never received a phone call or email as a result of leaving my cards on display. NEVER. I have been much more likely to receive referrals by word of mouth or via the internet ( this blog, Facebook, etc,) That has not deterred me from leaving cards, but I want to be clear that I have wondered if anyone has ever picked up one of my cards.

That is, until now.

On the morning that Dexter became ill, Mary and her husband traveled to my neighborhood to attend Sunday meeting for worship. They went first to the Night Kitchen to get some coffee and treats. This was prior to the 10:30 AM services. Mary noticed my business cards because she liked the design and the font. She picked one up and saw it had my name on it. She decided to keep it with her and contact me later on. She thought of me during the worship service. The service was between 10:30 and 11:30 AM. This was the exact time period when Dexter woke me up and I prepared to get him to the vet. I was frightened and prayed I could keep it together to get both of us out the door and to the vet as soon as possible. I was barely awake and feeling very disorganized. While I was getting though this difficult day, she was praying for me. Quakers call it holding one in the light. 

Around this time that the service would be breaking up, I came home briefly to update people on Facebook about Dexter. I was informing my friends that we were heading to the veterinary hospital because his condition was very serious. Later that evening I updated Facebook again to let everyone know that Dexter had passed on. Mary’s husband is a Facebook friend and he informed her about Dexter. Both Mary and her husband have house sat both of my cats. They also are cat people and have had to put down one of their precious babies around the time I lost Jasmine. They took great care of Jasmine and Dexter when they lived nearby. Mary emailed me with her condolences and informed me about the events of that day.

This event is a miracle in my book. What seems like a string of random events were perfectly orchestrated to give me strength when I desperately needed it. Remember, no one before has ever contacted me to say they found one of my cards. Also keep in mind that I was no longer in touch with Mary or her husband ( except for a very loose Facebook connection). I did not even know he read my Facebook updates. When I read her email I was shocked by its contents. But on another level, I was soothed by her words. I was being taken care of by Spirit in a way that defied explanation. I was being lifted up, unbeknownst to me.

Jupiter and Neptune together are all about faith, miracles, and over the top outcomes. Fortunate encounters, fortuitous fortune, shimmering exuberance, playful joy, expanded perception, etc..  I especially like and would add the phrase ethereal voyage. On one of the worst days of my life, there was an ethereal voyage taking place behind the scenes. It was a voyage that reignited the sisterhood of two dear friends (spiritual sisters) via the magic of a single business card.

Wishing everyone an ethereal voyage on this upcoming Pisces Full Moon.

She who can master, does. She who cannot, studies forever.

While doing some blog maintenance, I noticed that I never replied to any of the comments here. Since I posted this the day before Dexter’s passing, I can see how I overlooked this important blogging task (and joy). I am reblogging it because it coincides well with my latest post, particularly my reaction to Matt Kahn’s most recent video. I also hope to promote more views and dialogue to my final post with Dexter at my side. I remember writing it filled with ideas and plenty of energy. Forgive me for not replying to all the thoughtful comments. I will respond soon.


litebeing chronicles


It took some time, but I was able to cultivate my entry for Ka’s 3 day quote challenge. Thanks to the awesomely kind and creative Ka of Fiesta Estrellas for nominating my blog for this project. I am not in the proper head space to nominate other bloggers, but if any of my readers feel inspired, please join in and add your mojo to the party!

This post came together this weekend as I began to review my extremely busy week. The topic of teaching and learning is not a new one for me, but recent face to face discussions, media, and other factors created a ” perfect storm” for me to marinate in.

When contemplating my fervent interest in the work of Matt Kahn, a little birdie landed on my shoulder and squealed ” be careful.” This birdie knows me well and reminded me of an old tendency to…

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The Lament of Venus and Other Tales


Happy Saturday ( or Sunday) Litebeings!

I have been busy lately, constructing tales and allowing my musings to brew behind the scenes. Here are a few that are ready for consumption:

The Management Team 

Longtime readers know my frequent 11 sightings, typically arranged as 111 and 1111. Rarely does a day go by where I am not visited by numero uno in all its singular glory. I have been hoping to expand my repertoire by adding some new sequences to the mix. I am happy to report that 333 is becoming a regular fixture in my consciousness. I have been waking up at 333 am for several days in a row and also notice 333 pm with increasing frequency.

I recall doing some research on this sequence a while back when I had reached 333 followers. After a careful review, it is exciting to see how this new development will reveal itself. I know that the ascended masters are supposed to be close by during a triple 3 encounter. Does that mean that Jesus. Mary and Moses could be members of my management team? I have been seeking the identities of my guides for some time now. I have been patient with the process and have explored different techniques. I have made some headway with my power animals but they do not give me messages. They just show up and provide a safe haven. I am wondering if perhaps the 333 phenomenon is a hint that my team includes an ascended master or two. I honestly don’t know..


Which brings me to the next segment ~

Understanding is overrated

I watched the latest Matt Kahn video and it really was a head-scratcher. I did not like the central teachering and my confusion and resistance bothered me. I usually will listen to the video intently and let the energy wash over me. With Matt, the energetic transmission trumps the content. And yet…

all birth of venus by Odilon Redon via pub domainThis latest teaching emphasizes the freedom in letting go of the need to understand. He suggests that understanding can add to division and disharmony and also self-judgment. He encourages us to acknowledge what we don’t know and to be as honest as possible. I am a rather honest person anyway, so I could not really relate to this idea of becoming more honest. I admit, there are several levels of honesty. I rarely talk without a filter and say the first thing that pops in my head ( anymore). But honesty is not a foreign concept to me. It is not where I need to stretch. I abhor dishonesty and learned very quickly that uttering even a little white lie does not sit well in my body. I am hard-wired for honesty. I will, however, practice proclaiming some of the areas where I lack understanding:

I don’t know when I will work again.

I don’t know where my next job will be or if I will enjoy it.

I don’t know who will hire me.

I don’t know why Dexter had to leave me when he did.

I don’t know if he is safe or still in existence.

I don’t know when life will seem to be natural again.

I don’t know if I will have another diverticulitis attack.

I don’t know what caused the initial attack.

I don’t know if this spiritual exercise is in my best interest.

Wow, that was depressing! What I did like was his assertion that spiritual growth is not about discussing consciousness but being consciousness. Yeah, I can get behind that. I do aspire to live as love and consciousness. I have a stellium in the 9th house and Matt asks us not to seek understanding. C’mon, that’s crazy.

What do you guys think? I am up for discussion here. Maybe I don’t understand the teaching.


Venus, where are you?

the-birth-of-venus-2.jpg!LargeWe are in the midst of Venus retrograde in Leo. Since it is currently in my 7th house of relationships and in contact with my ruler Uranus, natal Venus, and my Descendant, I was looking for some activity. It has been rather quiet for me, except for some awareness of loneliness without Dexter. No ex boyfriend sightings or communications other than in dreams, which is pretty much same-old, same-old in my world. While it is true that major transits do not always manifest outside of ourselves, I am still surprised by the lack of activity. Not everyone will agree that Venus retrograde is major, but I typically will attract lots of ex activity during these cosmic events. I wonder how you are faring. Any unusual occurrences?

Venus rules art and I am hosting an art museum Meetup do-over tomorrow. Maybe this is a more subtle movement that Venus has in mind for me. I am glad a couple of people signed up and I have a second chance to organize events for my friend’s Meetup community. I miss honing my leadership skills and having a chance to facilitate spiritual movements in others. I feel a void with so much focus on me and my health. While it is necessary that I up my game in terms of health maintenance, it is boring and often frustrating. However, being a grownup requires doing what is necessary and so I will continue on this road. The 6th house ( health and routine ) leads to the 7th house ( significant others) after-all. So I am taking probiotics and resumed chiropractic care with a new practitioner. It is exciting to try new approaches that are natural and more holistic.

It is also exciting to discover a new artist. All these gorgeous depictions of the birth of Venus are by Odilon Redon. I like the fluid, dreamy vibrations of these pieces. They definitely complement my mood today.

Here’s to a consciousness – in – action movement for all. As the sun moves into Virgo on 8/23, let’s strive to serve each other by loving ourselves with integrity and truth.

image credits:, public domain

Leo New Moon ~ Creative Wisdom

There’s a new moon tomorrow at 21 degrees Leo. It is supported by Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. It is challenged by Saturn as well. There is an abundance of fixed energy which can translate to big rewards in exchange for follow through and tenacity. Creative wisdom is the theme to keep in mind as you hold your intentions for this new cycle.


I enjoy playing with the metaphors when it comes to interpretation time. Inspiration finds me and the words begin to flow…

Please patiently read along and stick with the story. The astrological reveal will follow! I am a huge fan of computer games. I love to get entangled in the fantasy scenarios and compete to attain the next level. It rarely gets old and I tell myself that this obsession keeps the mind sharp. Ever notice that with many of these games, new images appear as you start to level up? For example, a new house appears on the once empty plot in Farmville. As you move further along, the unseen becomes seen. I relish the element of surprise and awe.

I think living is also similar. The more we move, the wider our scope.

I was chosen by Deer, Owl, and Tiger to watch over me for 2015 ( maybe longer, we’ll see). I have read that is good practice to obtain an item with the animal’s image to acknowledge its role in your life. I have considered finding items for my totems, but I got distracted by other things.

Well today life became a bit less fuzzy and I responded in kind by getting out of the house. The moon in Leo felt warm and cozy. I visited Cracker Barrel and recalled some enjoyable times here. While waiting for my table, I perused the store and let myself mindlessly be led. I saw some lovely Owl items and remembered Owl is one of my peeps! I wondered if the owl knick-knacks were always in stock or if they were new acquisitions. I knew I wanted to bring an owl home and so I did!

Creative wisdom is finding what you seek when the time is right. I was not looking for any gifts, just a good lunch. I highly recommend the turkey special with whole cranberry sauce and stuffing that tastes homemade. Yum!

I envision this new moon to be of a similar vibe. Let Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus guide you in the moment. While Jupiter is now in Virgo, it is still keeping the Leo planets company and encouraging play, spontaneity and boldness of heart. Saturn can either cool off the enthusiasm or bring wisdom and manifestation to the party. You decide which direction to take. Owl is a great symbol for Saturn in Scorpio, wisdom combined with mystery.

Look for 21 degrees of Leo in your natal chart to see which area(s) of life are emphasized. For me, it’s all about the 7th house and my chart ruler. I do not know what will materialize, but I am grateful my moods fluctuate and offer me different perspectives to contemplate.

May we all visualize stunning new vistas where an abyss once stood.

Bouncing Back


2015 has been a very intense year, full of surprises and obstacles. I came into the year full of excitement and hope. Saturn was leaving Scorpio and moving up towards my Midheaven. Time to manifest and rebuild.

Or so I thought. Taking my pension a bit early was much more of an adjustment than anticipated. I figured that having some monetary security would actually build my confidence once I resume my job search. I also thought that taking my time would allow for some truly necessary relaxation and self-care.

Apparently the Universe had other ideas. The acceptance of having nearly approached government-employee retirement age proved very difficult. Old stuff came to the surface in a variety of unusual ways. I experienced bodily sensations and dreams that put death and mortality on the front burner once more. Strong themes of mortality were rising to the surface and were beginning to become a preoccupation. Having a medical emergency and then needing to put Dexter down gave more power to old fears and worries about the unknown.

Due to all the obstacles of the past few months, I did not get back on the horse. I have not looked for work. Saturn fell short of hitting my Midheaven , but it will arrive there in a few short months. With mars in Leo and the transiting sun on my Descendant, I feel a bit more momentum, but there are still many loose ends that need to be addressed and losses to mourn.

Those who read here regularly know I am a dreamer and a dreamworker. My dreams are easily recalled and typically powerful. While I do not always attend to their symbology, I am fortunate that they are available to me.


I had a powerful dream recently that is worth documenting here.

In my dream  I find myself behind the wheel sleepy and with poor vision. I do not have control of the car and I am damaging the side of one parked car. I am moving faster and faster and am about to drive smack into the middle of a house. I tell myself ok this is it and I am feeling relieved and ready. I am ready to leave this world. The car begins to make impact and crashes straight into the house, but then miraculously bounces back and richochets backwards! Both myself and the car are intact. It was as if the crash never happened. I am amazed and try to reach for the emergency brake. Then I wake up.

I have had many many dreams in the past where I was behind the wheel, out of control and mercy to whatever situation presents itself. This theme of powerlessness is not new to me and I understand its ramifications. I have also had dreams where I almost had an accident or that I survived unharmed.

This was not one of those times.

This was a new reality where actions were reversed and my welfare was fiercely protected. I have not given the dream a thorough analysis, but woke up the next morning with a sense of excitement and awe. Perhaps I can bounce back from all the hardship and pain. Perhaps I can survive the fear and lack of control over my destiny. There are so many miracles seen and unseen.


What do you think is possible?

US public domain wikipedia

Simple Things


Whenever I would journal or recite my daily gratitude practice, I always included Dexter. Whenever I prayed, Dexter was always a prominent part of the proceedings. Truth be told, Dexter really gave me a reason to breathe, live, exist, especially during the dark times. And there have been some dark times. 

So how do I go on without a strong compelling reason?

I’ll tell you how.

By looking for and appreciating the simple things and maintaining some semblance of routine.

Lofty aspirations do not apply. Neither do high expectations.

So let’s roll. Here’s some simple things that keep me incarnated:

Chocolate covered waffles at Whole Foods ( where have you been all my life?)

Meeting new bloggers like Rara and Wolfie who are full of vitality, passion, and humanity in the best way.

“Random” people who seem to be in the right place and time, like the cool lady at Target who searched for me all around the store after finding one denim jacket she thought I might like. I did like it and it fit like a glove.

After I was sad about the ending of the Nurse Jackie series, I decided to binge watch back to the very first episode. New motto: After the ending, revisit the beginning. I am currently at Season 3. Noticing nuances I have missed the first time. Kinda like cable series reincarnation. Or Edie Falco shows reincarnation. I like to revisit the Sopranos too. I miss James Gandolfini. He is dead and so is my dad. He reminded me of my dad. No, my dad was not in the mafia. But he was an actor ( amateur) and he liked my mom’s baked ziti. And he was also a complex character.

We will leave it there.

Thanks to the cable guy who gave me Showtime for free so I can binge watch Nurse Jackie.

Free Netflix trial so I can learn why orange is the new black and other cool stuff.

More foods I can eat again; say hello to tomatoes, raita, salad, beans, cabbage, and strawberry preserves. Welcome back!


The radiant August sun, both relentless and nurturing as it showers me with warmth. I love my Leo gals as well. Here’s a shout out to Deb, Renate, Ka, Julie, and Tamrah Jo.

Deepak and Oprah’s Meditation series on Grace. It is over now and I missed a few, but I relished the chance to reflect on Grace.


Afterall, without Grace, how else would have Dexter found me?

As like most scenarios, we have come full circle. I am grateful to have come full circle. I take comfort in this fact.  I appreciate circles too. Why?

They are simple things…

circular header image:, US public domain
pink hydrangea: litebeing chronicles © summer 2015
cabbage: public domain

Wanna Play? Color Outside the Lines

8-18-15 UPDATE: I just bought an “adult” mandala coloring book at Barnes and Nobles. I found it right in the entrance-way where I had a cosmic collision involving mortadella very early in my blog history. Some random woman said hi to me with a big smile and then I remembered the event. I intuited that I ought to peruse the shelves here for signs. The coloring books were there smiling at me with glee.

Hey litebeings,
I know it’s been quiet here but I am taking life day by day. Found this fun post that fits in well with Sindy’s challenge . She is seeking offerings geared towards the inner child. My inner child misses my inner cat child who taught me about spontaneous play.

Art of all kinds brings out my inner child. Feel free to copy the drawings for your own use. Let’s all remember that living contains potential for joy.


litebeing chronicles

This weekend is an Astrological vortex of intensity with Sun square Uranus and Sun conjunct Pluto today. Then tomorrow’s Full Moon in Cancer engages Pluto and Uranus once more with Moon opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.What a power-packed weekend!

I have been spending my time doing intuitive readings on my FB page and working on astrological chart interpretations for real-time ( in person) clients next week. This is work that ain’t really work and it helps redirect my stubborn thought forms.

Life has been stranger than usual lately and I will get to that later. Still gearing up for my 2 year blogiversary and integrating all the newness. I am putting it all aside for another time and another post.

Because now it is playtime!

Please print out these poetry coloring pages. I found them here and want to share them with all of you!




I know that getting…

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