The Lament of Venus and Other Tales


Happy Saturday ( or Sunday) Litebeings!

I have been busy lately, constructing tales and allowing my musings to brew behind the scenes. Here are a few that are ready for consumption:

The Management Team 

Longtime readers know my frequent 11 sightings, typically arranged as 111 and 1111. Rarely does a day go by where I am not visited by numero uno in all its singular glory. I have been hoping to expand my repertoire by adding some new sequences to the mix. I am happy to report that 333 is becoming a regular fixture in my consciousness. I have been waking up at 333 am for several days in a row and also notice 333 pm with increasing frequency.

I recall doing some research on this sequence a while back when I had reached 333 followers. After a careful review, it is exciting to see how this new development will reveal itself. I know that the ascended masters are supposed to be close by during a triple 3 encounter. Does that mean that Jesus. Mary and Moses could be members of my management team? I have been seeking the identities of my guides for some time now. I have been patient with the process and have explored different techniques. I have made some headway with my power animals but they do not give me messages. They just show up and provide a safe haven. I am wondering if perhaps the 333 phenomenon is a hint that my team includes an ascended master or two. I honestly don’t know..


Which brings me to the next segment ~

Understanding is overrated

I watched the latest Matt Kahn video and it really was a head-scratcher. I did not like the central teachering and my confusion and resistance bothered me. I usually will listen to the video intently and let the energy wash over me. With Matt, the energetic transmission trumps the content. And yet…

all birth of venus by Odilon Redon via pub domainThis latest teaching emphasizes the freedom in letting go of the need to understand. He suggests that understanding can add to division and disharmony and also self-judgment. He encourages us to acknowledge what we don’t know and to be as honest as possible. I am a rather honest person anyway, so I could not really relate to this idea of becoming more honest. I admit, there are several levels of honesty. I rarely talk without a filter and say the first thing that pops in my head ( anymore). But honesty is not a foreign concept to me. It is not where I need to stretch. I abhor dishonesty and learned very quickly that uttering even a little white lie does not sit well in my body. I am hard-wired for honesty. I will, however, practice proclaiming some of the areas where I lack understanding:

I don’t know when I will work again.

I don’t know where my next job will be or if I will enjoy it.

I don’t know who will hire me.

I don’t know why Dexter had to leave me when he did.

I don’t know if he is safe or still in existence.

I don’t know when life will seem to be natural again.

I don’t know if I will have another diverticulitis attack.

I don’t know what caused the initial attack.

I don’t know if this spiritual exercise is in my best interest.

Wow, that was depressing! What I did like was his assertion that spiritual growth is not about discussing consciousness but being consciousness. Yeah, I can get behind that. I do aspire to live as love and consciousness. I have a stellium in the 9th house and Matt asks us not to seek understanding. C’mon, that’s crazy.

What do you guys think? I am up for discussion here. Maybe I don’t understand the teaching.


Venus, where are you?

the-birth-of-venus-2.jpg!LargeWe are in the midst of Venus retrograde in Leo. Since it is currently in my 7th house of relationships and in contact with my ruler Uranus, natal Venus, and my Descendant, I was looking for some activity. It has been rather quiet for me, except for some awareness of loneliness without Dexter. No ex boyfriend sightings or communications other than in dreams, which is pretty much same-old, same-old in my world. While it is true that major transits do not always manifest outside of ourselves, I am still surprised by the lack of activity. Not everyone will agree that Venus retrograde is major, but I typically will attract lots of ex activity during these cosmic events. I wonder how you are faring. Any unusual occurrences?

Venus rules art and I am hosting an art museum Meetup do-over tomorrow. Maybe this is a more subtle movement that Venus has in mind for me. I am glad a couple of people signed up and I have a second chance to organize events for my friend’s Meetup community. I miss honing my leadership skills and having a chance to facilitate spiritual movements in others. I feel a void with so much focus on me and my health. While it is necessary that I up my game in terms of health maintenance, it is boring and often frustrating. However, being a grownup requires doing what is necessary and so I will continue on this road. The 6th house ( health and routine ) leads to the 7th house ( significant others) after-all. So I am taking probiotics and resumed chiropractic care with a new practitioner. It is exciting to try new approaches that are natural and more holistic.

It is also exciting to discover a new artist. All these gorgeous depictions of the birth of Venus are by Odilon Redon. I like the fluid, dreamy vibrations of these pieces. They definitely complement my mood today.

Here’s to a consciousness – in – action movement for all. As the sun moves into Virgo on 8/23, let’s strive to serve each other by loving ourselves with integrity and truth.

image credits:, public domain