She who can master, does. She who cannot, studies forever.

While doing some blog maintenance, I noticed that I never replied to any of the comments here. Since I posted this the day before Dexter’s passing, I can see how I overlooked this important blogging task (and joy). I am reblogging it because it coincides well with my latest post, particularly my reaction to Matt Kahn’s most recent video. I also hope to promote more views and dialogue to my final post with Dexter at my side. I remember writing it filled with ideas and plenty of energy. Forgive me for not replying to all the thoughtful comments. I will respond soon.


litebeing chronicles


It took some time, but I was able to cultivate my entry for Ka’s 3 day quote challenge. Thanks to the awesomely kind and creative Ka of Fiesta Estrellas for nominating my blog for this project. I am not in the proper head space to nominate other bloggers, but if any of my readers feel inspired, please join in and add your mojo to the party!

This post came together this weekend as I began to review my extremely busy week. The topic of teaching and learning is not a new one for me, but recent face to face discussions, media, and other factors created a ” perfect storm” for me to marinate in.

When contemplating my fervent interest in the work of Matt Kahn, a little birdie landed on my shoulder and squealed ” be careful.” This birdie knows me well and reminded me of an old tendency to…

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