Roger and Me

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As Saturn makes its way out of Scorpio and we head towards a New Virgo Moon/ Solar Eclipse this Sunday, I find myself slowing down, taking stock, and listening deeper. While I consider myself a good listener, I still prefer talking. But talking rarely reveals spiritual secrets. Deep listening is one part of deepening awareness. Meditation, Dreamtime, and nature time are where I tend to uncover more. Music, art, and being in or near water also work well for me. Another surprising vehicle is popular culture. Reality TV shows, computer games; at times they play an important role in my development. Call me an atypical lightworker ( or liteworker) and you would be correct!


While I am not a medium, I do appreciate the gift and the huge responsibilities that go along with it. I can easily imagine how they go through life. It seems like this particular type of sensitivity is becoming more mainstream. Mediums are trendy now in the US, with shows like The Long Island Medium and Monica the Medium. I really like this new show about Monica who is a college student at Penn State. I have observed her demeanor as rather compassionate and she appears to be quite gifted. As an empath myself, I enjoy seeing how she navigates between the physical and the spirit worlds. This young woman seems to be very authentic and I appreciate that distinction. Not everyone turns out to be what they call themselves. Discernment is critical for those on the path.  For local readers, the State College location is ironic. Happy Valley, as they call it, is a fabulous campus, out in the rural mountainous splendor of Central PA. I can report it is beautiful and a great place to be young. But it is as conservative as the day as long..

But I digress.. You are probably wondering at this point who Roger is and what is he doing Bernhard_Plockhorst_-_Schutzengelwith me. I am getting there, I promise! The last week or so my sleep has been disrupted. I have been bothered by lots of outside noise and lousy weather. Thunderstorms have left me on edge recently. I have had more nightmares and unpleasant dreams. This is atypical for me. I am no stranger to dubious recurring dreams or a spell of insomnia, but I rarely have nightmares. I have been waking up in the middle of the night screaming. I am now seeing odd objects and figures upon awakening. Not just in the dream, but upon awakening! Fortunately they fade almost instantly, but are disturbing nevertheless.

One object I saw the other night was pleasant though. It was a large red and green wreath. It reminded me of what people display at Christmas. I wonder if I am witnessing a bleeding of realities or dimensions. I know it is unique for me. Let me repeat, I do not recall ever experiencing this before. But I will not over-analyze. We are living in different times on this planet. Plus my life has been traumatic lately, and some of the trauma is worked out while in non-waking states. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen to them upon awakening?


The night before last, I was given spiritual guidance. Messages were being channeled into my mind. Could I be listening to an angel?  The phrasing was poetic and the content seemed important. I do not remember one word of it though. I wish I could recall, but figure the information is safe inside of my being.  What I do remember is asking for the name of my guide. I have been fixated on identifying at least 1 guide. I have been told the guardian angel is the best place to start. I finally received a name: Roger 

Who is Roger? The only Roger I know is Mr. Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. So I consulted Google and found some sites that define names.  I liked this site especially. Roger is defined as a fighter or spearman with an 11 Soul number. Hmmm, I am partial to 11s.  I am not certain that in fact I have a guide named Roger, but this is the closest I have gotten in this process.  I do trust that what occurs between 2 and 4 AM to be more spiritually telling than at other times of day. More movement flows when the veils are thinner.

I also had a Dexter dream the same night. I have had 3 dreams so far,  one with me petting a  miniature Dexter and  two others featuring life-size Dexters on my bed. I felt at peace with him there, as natural as can be. During one dream he tilted his head back, signaling me to rub his head more.

I also had a dream of a tiger biting me, but Tiger is one of my Power Animals so that is different. Dexter did not bite, but my first cat Jasmine certainly did. Jasmine was quite feisty.  I have not had any visitations, more memory residue than anything else. I am fine with this for now.


But the name Dexter has been showing up in strange places. I play a game on Facebook called Farmville 2. Please don’t judge me, hehe! Anyway, you can buy animals for your virtual farm. Just recently the store has been featuring miniature Dexter Cows! Of course I bought one! I don’t know what a Dexter cow is and I did not research it online. I was just tickled by the prospect that one exists.

Dexter also showed up on a cooking show. I was watching My Grandmother’s Ravioli yesterday and the host was cutting some meat. It was part of a Chinese recipe and as he is cutting he blurts out ” How do you say Dexter in Chinese?”  He was referring to the TV character Dexter, but the timing of this made it special for me. I have heard that your pet is trying to contact you if you begin to see his or her name several times. I have been thinking more of my first cat Jasmine since Dex died. I called her Jazz for short. A new TV show popped up recently about a transgender teenager that I began to watch. The show is called I am Jazz. This was funny since I do not know of any pop culture characters who go by Jazz.

EDI81383 The Guardian Angel with a Garland, 1892 (gouache on plaster) by Filiger, Charles (1863-1928) gouache on plaster 36x71 Private Collection French, out of copyright

What messages have you uncovered by deep listening?



image credits:, public domain