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Coming out of the Dark: Saturn’s Voyage and So Much More

Now it can be told. Saturn in Scorpio teaches us how to survive what is impossible to survive, after which we end up one way or another on the other side of life. We learn how to heal ourselves as it teaches us healing power by revealing hidden metaphysical truths we need our courage to accept.

Everyone on Earth has been touched. It’s as if some creature has come along and slashed you with a big knife, and as it casually walks away, it casually tosses over its shoulder, “Grow up!”

How to live with that and go on? When it first happens, you find yourself crushed under a vast mountain of inconsolable pain. You are paralyzed under the weight of it. You despair of ever being able to move again. One day you wiggle your toes. After a while an inch by inch you crawl out from under the mountain of unbearable pain. Eventually (and it is inevitable) you set up a new life, away from the Mountain of Unbearable Pain, but not too far from it.

Close enough to feel twinges now and then, but mercifully far enough away so that the Mountain doesn’t block the light.

It’s inevitable.

This is where we are.

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There is way too much going on energetically for me to catch up, event by event. Astrology is very organic and intuitive for me. And experiential. My astrological wisdom grows leaps and bounds via client work and the life experiences of myself and my inner circle. Popular culture  also strongly informs my understanding , as many followers of this blog know well by now. So I am presenting tonight a fusion of Saturn’s travels, the recent Solar Eclipse in Virgo, Mercury retrograde in Libra, and today’s equinox ( Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring in the Southern Hemisphere).

Let’s start with Saturn who happens to also be my Traditional Chart Ruler ( much to my dismay, efforts to deny it are futile!) Michael Lutin’s interpretation of Saturn in Scorpio was  posted on September 11th. I see his contribution to be especially significant for this most recent re-entry into Scorpio and eventual forward movement back into Sagittarius. When I first read it, I got chills. I strongly relate to the mountain of pain and the surprising ability to end up on the other side of unbearable grief. This particular leg of the Saturn transit coincided with transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Saturn. Imagine Pluto Saturn squared.  This transit exacerbated illness , extreme physical pain, and grief compared with the last one about 29 years ago. The extra Pluto Saturn punch affected me profoundly in ways that I was not prepared for. Dexter passed away shortly after Saturn marched back into Scorpio and the losses keep coming. I just learned today that a family member tragically passed away. This happened about a week ago with Saturn still in the tail end of Scorpio. Thinking about how many lives have been affected blows me away. A little boy will grow up without his mother and my heart breaks for those who were closely connected to this young woman. I am on the other side of the mountain now, but still very close. I can see it across from me and occasionally I find myself back there.

But here’s the thing: I have no clue how I survived. Was I guided? Was I carried? I just don’t recall how I got here. Maybe this is what is meant by the phrase ” God comforts you while you are in pain.” Spirit does not lift it from you. But maybe Spirit simply allows you to make your way safely through.


I pulled this card from the Goddess Tarot for the New Virgo moon /Solar Eclipse and it is perfect for me:

Three cups have tipped over, spilling their magical water. But not all is lost—two cups are
still full.
Meanings: Disappointment with intimate relationships, disillusionment, sadness.
Concentrating on problems instead of assets. Desire to move on.

I truly believe that there were at least 2 cups filled throughout the recent past and they remain filled today. The woman in the card is still surrounded by sadness and disillusionment, but abundance is evident. I do have a desire to move on and I have taken steps to do so. It does seem like a push-pull phenomenon, yet it is better than moving backward  or staying stuck in quicksand. I still have some work to do regarding shifting my attention away from problems, but the word momentum has started showing up recently and I see that as a sign.

Before we can fully move on collectively, the retrograde requires our attention ( not to mention, but I will anyway, the Pluto station). Currently I am integrating the Libra energies currently strong with Mercury, today’s Equinox, and the upcoming Full Blood Moon/ Lunar Eclipse.

LIBRA = liberty, peace, justice, harmony, balance, negotiation, diplomacy, relating to self/other, liberation, beauty, romance, symmetry, grace, refinement.

I think I have the library concept down already, but the others deserve contemplation. Libra rules my 8th house and this is a house of mystery.   It keeps revealing more of itself to me as I move through time. Or time moves through me! I see Liberty, Justice, and Balance being played out on the world stage as well. The US presidential campaign, the Pope’s Cuba and US tour, the Syrian refugee crisis, and the transgender movement are just a few of the issues  and events that can benefit from the higher nature of Libra. Time will tell how conflicts are mediated and human rights are recognized.

This post is rather lengthy ~ 1111 words!, so I am going to wrap things up. I recently heard an old song on one of the TV music channels that gave me pause. I had not heard it in years and frankly forgot how meaningful it was to me at one time. Music never seems to fail me.

The song is Coming Out of the Dark by Gloria Estefan and it describes her experience of surviving and recovering from a major bus accident. It is an appropriate ending for this discussion on transformation and recovery.

I have faith that I am coming out of the dark ever so slowly. While there are still mountains to climb ( Saturn is always somewhere), I have a sense that there is a powerful shift coming.

Blessings on this Equinox to all and may we all shift towards global peace and harmony together.

Please listen to this uplifting song of healing:

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