litebeing’s Re-decorating


New month, new Earth, new blog format, why not?

Just a quick post to invite you over to see my new place. I have gone more minimal; streamlining the widgets while giving the images more pop. There are quirks to be found, so bear with me. If I was waiting for perfection, you wouldn’t be reading this because I would not have a blog. Mercury is still quite retrograde so I seized the chance to play with various themes and settings. So here we are. I like to create a pleasant environment for my readers.

Speaking of which:

Who reads this anyway? If a tree falls in the forest but does not like nor comment, can anyone hear it? I sorta figured that only the folks who like and/or comment read my stuff. And as all bloggers know, liking does not equal reading. I do occasionally discover, typically via email, that there are amazing seemingly random people who read this blog. And they are not contractually obligated.

I received an amazing email recently from a wonderful woman who reads my blog but contacted me for another reason. Who knew? Then today I learned that my cousin who I have not seen in many years, finds my blog interesting. So when I heard I have a blood relative on-board, I thought I better get my house in order. So voila, I cleaned up and redecorated.

For the rest of my readership who are WP bloggers, the challenge starts today. Amy’s post is first and is ready for viewing. Yes! Her story reaches us all the way from Australia. Wouldn’t it be cool to have at least 1 blogger from each continent? We have Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia covered. So that leaves South America and Africa. There is also Antarctica, but I ain’t pressing my luck. But hey, anything is possible..

There are still many dates available so please, if you are on the fence, get off it and sign up!