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Tangled Up In Blue

Tangled up in Blue is one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums ( Blood on the Tracks) by one of my favorite artists, the enigmatic poet Bob Dylan. As I deconstruct my dream life, alternate lives, and this present waking state in preparation for my challenge contribution,  this phrase presented itself. The song is a gem and conjures up many memories for me. It would be prominent in the soundtrack of my life if my life was a feature film. Clearly it would be independent and somewhat artsy…


Tonight I literally feel tangled up in blue so I will let my art selection express my narrative for me. Immersing myself in time travel and the Mercury retrograde in Libra re-entering my house of partners ( which is currently quite crowded with Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) has resulted in minor melancholy, stormy seas, and iridescent sky scapes.

deauville-the-beach-low-tide.jpg!Large (1)camaret-the-jetty-1873.jpg!Largetrouville-1864.jpg!Largeunloading-the-newfoundland-fishing-boat-1873.jpg!Largereturn-of-the-terre-neuvier-1875.jpg!Largebeach-scene-trouville-1863-1.jpg! pub domain

Enjoy the water even if it is a little chilly. Let the clouds guide you as you sail to mysterious ports of call. Remember you can never go off course.

tangled up in blue

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