J2P: The Oneness and Energy

You may have noticed I have been doing lots of re-blogging lately. But here’s the thing ( gotta love this phrase) : If I discover material that is either better crafted than anything I can attempt and/or is such a perfect fit for my blog’s mission, it will be re-blogged. Leigh’s explanation of unity consciousness is beautiful and supports my journey. so enjoy….

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Even though it’s not Monday, I wanted to give some background to consider in the challenges I’ve started (see Monday’s post for the first) posting.  I’ve mentioned these ideas at scattered times in the past but not for a while. They’re important to understanding why I believe that healing within yourself helps to heal the world.


Oneness (Carlos Santana album) Oneness (Carlos Santana album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We’re all one.”  It’s practically a mantra in the New Age/Spirituality movement but it’s hard to really comprehend.  We’re so tied to the image of ourselves as meat suits who end at the skin and are separate from one another.  The oneness arises, though, because we are so much more than the physical bodies with which we identify.

We’re really one.  Each and every one of us as integrally part of the whole as a twig or branch is part of the tree.  Just as interconnected…

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